Sunday, January 16, 2022

Grand River Enterprises (GRE)

It costs less than 24 cents to make a pack of 20 cigarettes which sell for 50 times that.
Ken Hill, father of Josh Hill, was the co-founder, along with Jerry Montour and his father Peter, of Grand River Enterprises in 1993. They turned GRE into a global player in the cigarette trade. By 2004 sales were $202m. 10 years later it exceeded a billion. The company is the largest employer on the Six Nations reserve. Tobacco is a $10b a year industry in Canada alone. The key to GRE's success is Section 87 of the Indian Act.
Goods made and sold on reserves, including cigarettes, are exempt from tax. This lowers costs, giving those who sell Indigenous cigarettes a huge financial advantage.
According to court documents Ken Hill paid no income tax on his self-reported income of $5.3m in 2013 because of Indian Act exemptions. Brittany Beaver, mother of his son who received child support of $33k a month from Hill, was trying to determine his considerable wealth. Hill eventually revealed his car collection was valued at $5.58m, his 2010 Lazzara 76-foot yacht worth $2.76m and his Sea Ray Sundancer, $939k. He had a private jet leased, naturally. Hill had five other children by four different women — Joshua, Ryan, Jasmine, Gabriella and Jordan. Ken Hill died suddenly in January 2021 at age 62.
Jerry Montour held the greatest share of GRE at 30 per cent. In 1988, Peter and Jerry Montour were convicted of conspiracy to import pot and were sentenced to jail in Canada. The father and son were described as the key players in a drug smuggling operation that arranged to have 37 kg of pot transported from Mexico to Canada. Peter Montour and another man were also charged in 1988 with attempting to import marijuana but the charges against Montour were dropped when the other man offered to act as a police informant to help solve a cold case murder. Peter Montour was convicted of cigarette smuggling in 1997 and fined $640k, believed to be the largest penalty ever for smuggling in Ontario.
In 1997, Peter Montour and two other men were charged with extortion and uttering death threats in an alleged attempt to extort $4m from a former Oakville businessman. The charges were eventually stayed.

GRE and four of its shareholders pursued a $3 billion lawsuit against Ottawa for forcing them to incorporate and lose their tax-exempt status. Ultimately, the partners decided they wouldn’t risk prison. GRE agreed to incorporate and pay excise taxes, and in 1997 it received its licence.
The State of California sued GRE in 2017. The state alleges GRE failed to comply with tobacco sales laws and illegally sold cigarettes. The lawsuit is the latest in a list launched by U.S. states against the company. GRE was sued by Ohio — a lawsuit that ended in 2011, when GRE paid close to $1m. New York also sued GRE.
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HA that piss together - Dwayne Patrick Smith - Update

HA Dwayne Patrick Smith was arrested and charged in April 2021 following an organized crime investigation. He was arrested along with 27 others in a huge bust in the RCMP's 'Project Kakia' targeting organized crime. He was charged with trafficking in stolen property. His case is before the courts.
So what is HA Dwayne Patrick Smith DOING betwix Josh Hill and HA Joel Rollin? Dude is taking a piss on that truck. I wouldna want biker piss on me or my new truck. Nor, for that matter, some dude whipping out his prick beside me to take a piss.
Josh Hill, HA Dwayne Patrick Smith
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Kinahan associate Ridouan Taghi fingered in escape plots

The lawyer for Ridouan Taghi denies he helped plot a prison break. Media reports indicated the crime boss hatched three plans to escape from the Netherlands where he is being tried for 6 gangland murders. Lawyer Youssef Taghi is a cousin of Ridouan Taghi and forwarded messages from Taghi to an unknown person. Cops arrested Youssef Taghi during a visit to his client in the Extra Secure Institution in Vught.
Taghi has been incarcerated in the EBI, the top-security prison in the Netherlands, since December 2019. He was the directing hand of the Marengo liquidation process, a series of underworld murders.
Ridouan Taghi is believed to be behind the hit on Dutch journalist Peter R de Vries.
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Saturday, January 15, 2022

Arrest in Eric-Francis De Souza murder

Cops from the National Organized Crime Squad arrested Joshua Sarroino, 27, of Laval in connection with the murder of Éric Francis De Souza. Sarroino is known to play a large role in a “grandparents” type fraud scheme. Sarroino was already detained in Bordeaux prison on a gun charge. He is now charged with first degree murder, 32 months after the murder of De Souza.

Eric-Francis De Souza was linked to OMG bikers and the drug trade. He was sitting with friends when a gunman burst into Pizzeria Sofia on May 10, 2019 and shot him in the head.
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Peter James Montour - 'Day 1 loss' at HEXO and fun with numbers

The fully secured note was of much angst for HEXO's auditor who said as much. Red flags in securities get no brighter nor higher. Among the provisions of that unreadable note document was the deferral of a huge loss related to 'timing differences' and other 'non observable inputs'. Poster 'Keeler' on Stockhouse points out the elephant in the room ... "So, who exactly paid off the $116 million short term loan? The below is from the Redecan Balance Sheet - as released by Hexo. It shows a debt of $116 million under current liabilities - Note 6. Note 6 says the money is owed to 2516575 Ontario Inc. - which is majority owned by (Peter James) Montour."
A crude conversion of $96.2m US into CDN at the rate in May (1.2) gives us a total of $115m and change, the precise amount owed by Redecan to Montour. The REASON the Redecan buy was 4X to 5X too expensive becomes obvious. The repayment of Montour's debt was made by current HEXO stakeholders from note proceeds. There is no operating loss, yet this offense is deferring and amortizating one. This enterprise is lying about timing differences and non observable inputs. The 'Day 1 loss' paid off Montour's loan to Redecan and why should current HEXO stakeholders be eating a huge loss on that?

Drug ring making £400k a day pull long time in U.K.

21 gang members have received sentences totaling 167 years for their roles in importing cocaine into the U.K. Led by Paldip Mahngar, the ring used an encrypted EncroChat phone to order multiple kilos of the drug from contacts in Dubai. Mahngar was sentenced to 18 years and three months. Cops said the gang made an estimated £25m between March 16 and April 30, 2020.
Police raided an apartment used by Nimrat Bahia and found him in the middle of counting £678k in cash.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Brazil's Port of Santos - Cocaine World Trade Center

3 shipments of cocaine were caught on the same day as they were about to go to France, Spain and Ghana. All originated from the Brazilian port of Santos. In the morning, 562 kilograms of cocaine were discovered in a cargo of coffee heading to Le Havre, France. Hours later, a shipment of sugar heading to Ghana was seized with half a ton of cocaine. A container carrying orange juice and bound for Valencia, Spain, was found to contain 730 kilograms of cocaine. The week before cocaine was found in a shipment of plaster bound for Australia and in sugar packets heading to South Africa. So much cocaine goes out of the port that some even finds its way back. In January 459 kg was found inside an empty container returning from Philadelphia.
Much of the problem is pinned on rise of the First Capital Command (Primeiro Comando da Capital – PCC), a drug gang that dominates São Paulo. The PCC controls major cocaine trafficking routes, with the drug being produced in Bolivia and transported through Paraguay and Brazil to Santos. The gang’s main international partnership is with the ‘Ndrangheta. Other groups are active at Santos. In 2019, Europol reported that “Serbian organized crime groups are particularly prominent at the port of Santos.”

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Michael Deabaitua-Schulde murder trial over - Update III

Three of four men accused of assassinating HA Michael Deabaitua-Schulde have been found guilty of first degree murder. Marckens Vilme, Brandon Reyes and Joseph Pallotta have been convicted. Marc Issa El-Khoury was found not guilty in the killing. A first degree murder conviction carries a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment, with no chance of parole for 25 years.
On Dec 19, 2019 the OPP charged 3 HAMC. Robert Barletta, Craig 'Truck' McIlquham, and Eugenio 'Gino' Reda were nailed for running a gambling ring. The network was pulling in revenues of more than $131m over five years and included scores of betting sites; Ultimate SB, Titan SB, PlaytoWin WB, Privada SB and Players SB. The operation was linked to the Figliomeni crime family. On Jan. 27, 2021 prosecutors stayed charges against the mafia, including boss Angelo Figliomeni. The cop investigation was tainted by "unlawful and illegal conduct."
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Deabaitua-Schulde was shot six times at close range.
The 4 men out to whack Deabaitua-Schulde were unaware he was under cop surveillance as part of an illegal gambling operation. Deabaitua-Schulde was observed collecting and delivering packages to many people during 'Project Hobart'. Cops followed the biker to Huf Gym in Mississauga, and saw him running toward the gym after being shot. The two primary shooters were Marckens Vilme and Brandon Reyes, with Joseph Pallotta and Marc Issa El-Khoury serving as getaway drivers. A tracking device had been placed on Deabaitua-Schulde’s Jeep, which logged it's location. The device was checked 140 times from Feb. 26 until the morning of Deabaitua-Schulde’s murder two weeks later.
HA Michael “Diaz” Deabaitua-Schulde, 32, was gunned down around 11:20 a.m. March 11, 2019 in a parking lot near Dundas St. and Cawthra Rd. after working out at HUF Boxing Gym. Two Montreal men were arrested two days after the shooting. Marckens Vilme, 28, was charged with first-degree murder, and Brandon Reyes, 24, was charged with accessory after the fact to murder. Vilme and Reyes have extensive criminal histories and have ties to a Montreal street gang known to work for the Hells Angels.

Brandon Reyes
Joseph Pallotta, 38, and finally Marc Issa El-Khoury, 26, was arrested while trying to cross the border. Pallotta and El-Khoury are each facing a charge of first-degree murder. Reyes’ charge of accessory after the fact was upgraded to first-degree murder. Marckens Vilme has a long criminal record with ties to a Montreal street gang called the Ruffriders, associated with a larger Montreal street faction les bleus, who in turn are close to the Quebec Hells Angels for work. Deabaitua-Schulde was said to be involved in sports betting and went to Montreal from time to time on business.
Joseph Pallotta
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HEXO - the devils in the details - Update

If we ask ourselves who benefited most from the brutal HEXO deal the answer is obvious. Private Redecan. Two main names are brothers William Todd Montour and Peter James Montour, who claimed seats on the HEXO BoD for their grossly overvalued Redecan.

Michael Munzar

Trent MacDonald
The 4 men directly responsible for the offense known as HEXO have all left the company. Michael Munzar chair, gone. Trent MacDonald CFO, gone. Donald Courtney, COO, gone and of course directing hand Sebastian St-Louis, CEO, gone. Your author has concluded a) HEXO pulled a major securities fraud, and b) there is virtually no time left before current stakeholders get wiped out.
Sébastien St-Louis

Donald Courtney
The Redecan acquisition was something between 4 and 5 times too expensive. That was confirmed by 2 months worth of numbers. We have what appears a theft in the hundreds of millions. When HEXO paper closed below $1.50 (US) in November the co was required to pay $20m per month towards the note's principal. ($141m US) Co is forced to retire that debt in months and is losing $100m every 3 months as it is. HEXO is in serious, SERIOUS trouble, and time there is virtually none at all.

In a nutshell a purchase this bad screams non-arms length, a conspiracy to defraud in other words. HEXO reeks to absolute high heaven.
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Dreaded gangster Uday Pathak in chit again

Pathak has 15 cases against him including murder, attempted murder and extortion.
Uday Pathak is in jail but decided to threaten to kill an imitation jeweler. Pathak was arrested in 2020 along with his goons for a drive by shooting at the same jeweler’s shop. “Jai Mata Di. Wish you a happy new year. Next time the bullet will not hit the cupboard it will hit you on your head. This time I am sending a letter by post but next time I will send the bullet directly.”
Pathak is infamous for his role in the Kurar quadruple murders in 2011.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Notorious USSR gangsters - Yakov Kuznetsov

Yakov was born in 1890 into a convict family and started stealing as a child. By age 27, he had 10 indictments to his name as a pickpocket. Yakov Kuznetsov was just another Moscow gangster of the 1910s, but he earned instant notoriety after robbing Vladimir Lenin himself – although he didn’t realize it at the time. His nickname “Koshel’kov” meant “man of purses.” On January 6, 1919, he and five associates stopped a Rolls Royce in Moscow – the bandits needed a ride for a robbery. It happened to be Lenin’s car.
The uniformed bandits ordered the passengers out of the car and searched them. “What’s going on? I am Lenin!” – Vladimir Ilyich exclaimed, but Koshel’kov misheard his name. “You may be Levin all you want, and I’m Koshel’kov, the boss of this city at night.” Only after examining documents did he realize his grave error. When he was cornered in July 1919, agents took no chances and Koshel’kov was riddled with bullets. Lenin’s Browning automatic was found on his body.

Sydney gangster Ghassan Amoun put to ground

A funeral was held for Sydney gangster Ghassan Amoun, 35, after he was shot dead last week. Mourners gathered to farewell Amoun, brother of crime boss Bassam Hamzy. He was whacked a week after release from jail. A Brothers 4 Life member, Amoun was warned by cops that his life was in danger.
Amoun is the latest victim of an ongoing underworld war with the Alameddine crime network.

Monday, January 10, 2022

947 kg of cocaine landed in Paraguay

Busted red-handed is Fernando Enrique Balbuena, son of former MP Elvis Balbuena. Balbuena directed and coordinated the buying and selling of cocaine. Drugs were transported by the Paraguay and Parana rivers with the final destination Europe.
Value of the cocaine is estimated at $60m. A Ukrainian was also arrested. Paraguay has become a logistical node for cocaine trafficking through the 3,400 km Paraná-Paraguay waterway, which has an outlet to the Atlantic.
The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) warned in January 2021 that the waterway was being turned “into a new avenue for drug trafficking.”

Crypto scammer Johann Steynberg busted

Johann Steynberg, a South African behind Ponzi scam Mirror Trading International (MTI) was arrested in Brazil. He stole more than 29,000 bitcoins. (Current price $41k) Brazilian cops learned Steynberg was in the country after escaping South Africa in 2020 when his scam imploded. MTI marketed itself as an investment platform that guaranteed returns of 10% per month.
At its peak, MTI had 170k customers around the world with over 1b of assets under management.

Johann Steynberg initially blamed Russian hackers. He disappeared shortly after.
It was over quickly. When customers began reporting that MTI had blocked their balances, authorities launched investigations.

Mob Boss cats reddit famous

xxxSly96xxx shared two snaps of cats her husband had to contend with as he sat down for dinner. The stony-faced felines are being compared to the mob.