Saturday, June 12, 2021

Heinous 'E-Biker' invades Skytrain with impunity

It was a cold and rainy day in the lower mainland and this 'E-Biker' was surely having none of that. The terd could barely push the thing at all and rode it on the platform. He then parked in front of the doors and didn't let folks pass. Amazingly, said terd is near famous and has been doing this for two years. Supposably this is an 'E-Bike' because it has pedals. Some say it's not an E-Bike if it can't be pedaled with a dead battery. It's said this $3200 unit will not move on a dead battery unless pushed. The issue is one of definition. Slap bogus pedals on near anything and a body ought to be able to drag it on Skytrain and over folks toes with nada problem.
It is our uninformed opinion this is an electric motorcyle scooter, not an E-Bike. Defined properly, it is not allowed on Skytrain.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Cartel moll whacked

Paulina Arreola Perez, 26, was assassinated by gunmen on motorbikes in Mexico City after she was lured to a meeting. Perez was riddled with 9 bullets. She was targeted due to her links with the La Union Tepito cartel. Her boyfriend was Alexis 'El Alexis' Martinez, one of the cartel's leaders.
'El Alexis' was murdered by rivals in March. The moll had enjoyed a life of extreme luxury with her mobster boyfriend, which she documented in detail on social media. Following her boyfriend's death, she shared her heartbreak posting: "Someday we will meet again." Her murder marks the third girlfriend of a member of La Union Tepito to meet that fate, following the killings of Valeria Diaz in May last year and Nayibi Mustafa in March.

Daniel-André Giroux pleads guilty

Daniel-André Giroux rose in court and made a father's plea to hug his daughter.
“With COVID-19, Rivière-des-Prairies has become a prison within a prison. We must stay in our cells 23 hours a day and wear the mask at all times. We are entitled to a 30-minute video visit every three or four weeks. I would like you to take this into consideration in your decision, Judge. It has been 15 months since I saw my partner and my daughter who is sitting in the room. With the permission of the Court, I would like to be able to hug her here." The judge allowed it, leaving some in attendance moved.
Daniel-André Giroux pleaded guilty to gangsterism, conspiracy, trafficking in cocaine and meth and possession of a loaded firearm earlier in the day. The biker was the latest of those accused in the aftermath of Project Objection. The head of the drug network is no saint. He was recorded giving instructions to his top henchmen on the treatment of competing drug dealers. "If they don't like you, we'll beat them and reshape them." "Pick him up, torture him and let him speak,"

Huge Spanish cocaine operation levelled

The Spanish Guardia Civil, with the support of Europol, dismantled a criminal network that trafficked cocaine from South America to the Port of Algeciras in Spain. The network was capable of controlling the maritime traffic of containers from South America completely. The operation consisted of employees who worked in various areas at the Port of Algeciras. These employees included a worker from a port container terminal, two workers from the Border Inspection Post, four from Auxiliary Maritime Services (SAM), and several stevedores, freight forwarders, consignees and carriers.
29 people have been arrested; 1,600 kg of cocaine and EUR 16.5m was seized.Intelligence from Operation Trojan Shield suggested the network was shipping a large consignment of cocaine hidden in frozen mackerel.
See ----->Operation Trojan Shield - ANØM

HA associate drug dealer Lanthier buys additional 9 months

Too bright gangster Christian Lanthier bought himself another 9 months in the big house because he thought threatening guards after he was sent to the hole was a great idea. He spewed ... “I am going to take away everything you have” and “You don’t know who I am on the outside” whilst making a 'slit' motion across his throat. That didn't go over well for some reason. It was not the first time Lanthier has been convicted of intimidating jailhouse staff. Lanthier, 45, is incarcerated at Rivière-des-Prairies prison awaiting trial for conspiracy and cocaine trafficking.
The gangster requires medical testosterone shots.
He filed a lawsuit against the Attorney General of Quebec alleging damages exceeding $20k. He is too upset that his 1999 Mercedes CL 600 AMG was "seriously damaged" by scratches and damage to the trunk. $17k worth according to Lanthier.
The car sold for about $110k new in 1999. Examples can be found for less than $20k.

He is very hurt that his Maui Jim sunglasses ($360) were allegedly trampled on by cops.
He claims damage to furniture which, according to him, will cost $2k to repair. Lanthier was nailed in February 2019 along with about thirty others in operation 'Oursin'. Lanthier was one of the Hells Angels' main cocaine suppliers for their New Brunswick chapter. He is the brother of notorious Hells Angel Daniel Lanthier.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Wife of drug kingpin ‘El Chapo’ pleads guilty

The wife of Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was arrested in the U.S. in February and accused of helping her husband run his cartel. Emma Coronel Aispuro was arrested at Dulles International Airport in Virginia. She is a dual citizen of the United States and Mexico. Coronel was charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine, meth, heroin and marijuana. She has pleaded guilty.
The DoJ accused her of helping her husband escape from a Mexican prison in 2015. She faces up to a decade in jail at her sentencing September 15.
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Hakan Ayik a walking dead man - Operation Ironside - update

Australia's most-wanted fugitive, Hakan Ayik, unwittingly helped police bust more than 200 underworld figures in Australia alone. He has been urged to turn himself in rather than be executed by gangsters. Ayik unknowingly distributed an FBI Trojan horse application to his associates, a messaging app called ANØM.
The sting led to 224 arrests and 525 charges, and the seizure of 3.7 tonnes of drugs, 104 weapons and over $35m. Ayik is known as the "Facebook gangster" because of his love for self-promotion. The press tracked Ayik down easily and found him owning the Kings Cross Hotel in Istanbul and living in high-end properties. He had changed his name (Hakan Reis) and disguised his appearance with plastic surgery.
Blogger 'canyouguess67' posted a warning (removed from blogpress) about ANØM: 'STAY AWAY .... IF YOU VALUE YOUR PRIVACY & SAFETY'.

Hakan Ayik's nephews were busted.

Quebec supported greatly by suckers in Anglo Canada

Some provinces in Canada are defined as 'have' and are expected to pay equalization payments to those which are 'have not.' Based on this principle, Quebec surely must be a barren, toxic wasteland, ready to drop off the face of the earth without billions every single year in transfer payments from the rest of Canada. $13.2b this year in equalization payments, and that surely ain't enough as the cries only increase in frequency and pitch.
Federal politicos even have a nifty formula to insure fairness. "A province's Equalization payment in any given year is based on a weighted three year moving average, lagged by two years. For example, the actual payment for a province in 2013–2014 is the sum of 50% of its payment for 2011–2012, 25% of its payment for 2010–2011 and 25% of its payment for 2009–2010." Well that seems fair. 0, weighted and averaged is still zero. Billions, weighted and averaged, is, err, more billions. Whilst this open theft is going on, what happens if one displays a sign in English in Quebec? OMG, yer in chit now citizen. The language police will have you fined and/or arrested for being a heinous basterd.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Hells Angels of the animal kingdom - feral hogs

Wild hogs are described in many ways. Deleterious and invasive is among the most generous. Others include nasty, vicious, super-adaptable, crafty and disease laden. The feral hog's hellish impact on food chains, irrigation, recreation, and land replenishment are well known. Born of escaped domestic hogs and wild boars imported by sport hunters, they are prolific. Beginning at six months of age a sow can spit out 10 piglet litters twice a year. The hellions have few, if any, predators tough enough to take them on. In Canada in the 1980s, Russian boars and European hogs landed as seed stock for meat production and controlled hunting. Oikers escaped, went feral and reproduced. Their numbers in Canada aren't clear, but they have exploded in number over the past decade.
Its said the tough basterds make excellent eating. Montana has a “Squeal on Pigs” program. Citizens are urged to report the swine so they can be dispatched.

Operation Trojan Shield - ANØM

Operation Trojan Shield was led by FBI agents and federal prosecutors in San Diego who created a closed-loop encryption cellphone service, called ANØM. Cops convinced trusted players already embedded in criminal syndicates to distribute the customized phones. They also approached former distributors of busted networks. Their strategy was an unmitigated success. 12,000 ANØM phones were sold and cops read some 27 million messages of top level criminals. Cops knew about shipments of cocaine stamped with Batman logos, cocaine hidden in tuna cans, cocaine in French diplomatic pouches and cocaine in frozen fish.
There was evidence of pending hits, 21 in all, evidence of corrupt cops and border personnel, and much, much more as criminals were brazenly unfiltered. The amount of top level intelligence was staggering. 6 cops have been arrested and dozens of officials around the world are under investigation. 14 were arrested as distributors
Three men are identified as the administrators for ANØM — Hakan Ayik, Domenico Catanzariti and Maximilian Rivkin. They were given control over customer service functions like initiating new accounts, setting up access for distributors and wiping devices clean. Rivkin was busted, the others are on the run. None of their lives are worth squat.Domenico Catanzariti

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Oz HA president Angelo Pandeli - the “Aussie cartel”

Angelo PandeliThe Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission says nine gangsters make up the “Aussie cartel.” These are considered “the baddest of the bad” and represent over one third of the drugs entering Australia. They share supply routes, logistic supply chains and 'doors' through which wholesale quantities of drugs flow. They share corrupt communication networks, and that has resulted in a bust of massive global proportion. The men were not named, but it is no secret who they are. Comanchero boss Mark Buddle, Hells Angels boss Angelo Pandeli, Triad-linked figure Michael Tu, Mohamad Bousaleh, George Dib and Hakan Arif are the key members. An Adelaide bikie boss recently deported from Singapore and a Sydney logistics, port and transportation expert are also cartel members.
The cartel’s founding member is Hakan Ayik, last using the alias Hakan Reis. Ayik with Pandeli and Buddle are former warring bikies who decided to work together. Their empire has been annilated and their henchmen are being arrested. Comanchero bikie Emmanuel Vamvoukakis was busted in Greece with 4 others. Vamvoukakis, the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Comanchero South Coast chapter, was charged with four offences including trafficking.
Arrests and seizures started Monday in Australia and New Zealand and the operation rolled across Europe and into the United States. Over 1,000 criminals have been arrested. The FBI's operation sprang from the death of Phantom Secure. When Phantom Secure was brought down, its CEO Vincent Ramos imprisoned and its servers seized, its customers needed a replacement. Options included France-based EncroChat and Sky Global. Both have been shuttered. As they fell, gangsters raced to the 3rd option. It was called AN0M, and it was all FBI.
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Old growth at Brentwood Mall - Shape Properties, John Horton

And what the bloody damn hell is this supposed to be? Welcome to vision for your future. No, we ain't making this up. Ancient B.C. trees come down, and this ridiculous PoS goes up. The brains behind Brentwood Mall is John Horton. ( Shape Properties co-owns Brentwood Mall with Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan. They brought in L Catterton Real Estate, a US giant.

Graeme Johnson, Director.

Darren Kwiatkowski, VP/GM.

Brad Stokes, director.

Simon Holwill, VP construction
"SHAPE challenges the norm, seeking to elevate the global standard for quality, innovation and future-oriented design.",
The photo of an ancient spruce tree from Port Alberni is instafamous and created a global chitstorm. Propaganda says "The wood is used for high-end and specialty products such as fine furniture and musical instruments." We report trees like these are being cut down to provide for your ass's needs at Brentwood Mall in Burnaby by Shape Properties.
Slapped with a cheap stain, these rotting eyesores came from an ancient behemoth, surely over 150 years old. (something past 200 years, via ring count),
Folks best take a picture, its a dying breed and its going fast.
Its said less than 3% of B.C.'s old growth forest remains standing. Your author believes these ancient planks are a design element, conceived by some dork because it looked good on paper. Revolting and too sad for B.C.'s old growth trees. There is no hope with capitalists like these making ethical decisions.

John Horton