Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Gold Coast HA Bikie Boss Pearce caught on camera - Coward's Attack

HA bikie boss Gregory Pearce was caught on camera sucker punching a man and kicking him into unconsciousness. Police described the attack as a 'cowardly assault' on a 'defenceless victim'. Pearce was charged with affray and spent the night in jail after his bail was refused.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Motorist front and center for Burnaby police take-down

A motorist was given a front row seat for a dramatic police take-down that took place on the Burnaby/Vancouver border on Monday. It started in Richmond, with a woman being left injured and shaken after a car-jacking at her home. The suspect produced a weapon and used it to smash a window, before stealing the car and leaving the shaken woman behind.

The vehicle was later spotted in Vancouver by the VPD. A 28-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman were arrested.

Canadian nailed in Thai heroin smuggling ring

Stephens Blair, 38, was arrested with alleged Thai accomplice, Pahol Siwasirikarun, 27.

Cops recovered about 3.7 kg of heroin.

Thai cops say Blair was the mastermind of the plot to smuggle heroin stashed in shock absorbers into Australia and then onto Canada.
Cops seized assets worth around $350,000, including cash, an E300 Mercedes Benz, a Toyota Camry, a Z1000 Kawasaki motorcycle and a Rolex. Police said that other gang members were also Canadian, although it isn’t clear if they were arrested.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Ponzi Fraudster Fujinaga walks away from his loot

Fujinaga is scheduled to be sentenced March 8.Edwin Fujinaga was at his golf course mansion in Las Vegas. He was handing over the keys to a receiver, and said something peculiar on his way out. ‘I guess I’ll start over.’ Fujinaga made his way onto the street of the gated community. Fujinaga, former owner and chief executive of MRI International, a medical-billing-collections company in Las Vegas, was convicted in November of running a $1.5b Ponzi scheme.
The mansion brought $ 2.2m and came fully furnished ... everything except Fujinaga's clothes and toothbrush. MRI’s former office complex emptied out and fell into disrepair after federal officials took aim. Vandals smashed windows and toilets, electronics went missing, and junkies moved in. A former listing broker said he carried a baseball bat for protection when visiting the abandoned property.

Fujinaga's private jet was gone, luxury cars towed, bank accounts seized. This was how it ended for Fujinaga's “extensive and egregious Ponzi scheme.”

Irish 'cardboard gangster' whacked over $ 50k drug debt

23 year old, heavily tattooed Zach Parker thought he had found his calling by trafficking cocaine. He quit his job as a barber and peddled drugs. He was targeted by a masked hitman and blasted with 5 shots at point blank range as he sat in his BMW X5.
Parker was enjoying the high life and had recently returned from a trip to Dubai, reportedly the home to the Kinahans, global Irish mobsters. Over the past 3½ years, the Kinahan-Hutch feud has been the dominant event in the underworld in Dublin, with 19 murders to date.

Parker is just the latest victim of the gangland machine that sucks in the naïve and spits them out: jailed, addicted or dead. A relatively small quantity of drugs bought on credit from a supplier but then lost to the police creates a debt to that supplier. If a debt cannot be paid, that debtor may be killed simply as an example to others.
Police say his death is likely not connected to the Hutch/Kinahan feud, but to a drug debt.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Russian Blogger arrested after posting video of cops attending mobster’s funeral

On January 8, the Russian city of Amursk came to a standstill when mourners buried the town’s top mobster, Yuri ‘Knuckles’ Zarubin. Viktor Toroptsev says he published the funeral footage on YouTube and Instagram. Underboss Yuri Zarubin died of cancer
Shortly after his content went up, a user named VictorKvert2008 commented that Zarubin’s pallbearers included the city’s district attorney and chief of police. Toroptsev said he deleted his posts 15 minutes later. After another 15 minutes, he says he received a call from the local police, summoning him to the station for questioning.
The police and district attorney summoned Toroptsev several times. He was arrested by traffic police and accused of having an expired license. On January 17, police raided his home and seized his computer. Police investigating the case also searched the home of one of Toroptsev’s friends. Authorities have opened a defamation case against him. “The messages contain falsities defaming law enforcement officers.”

Robert Abenante of Abattis Bioceuticals (ATT.c) - Update III

Today we congratulate Emma Hebert. This young lady stands to score a major share of 58,823,529 ATT.c shares, along with Violet McDoughall and Barbara Barltrop. It's amazing how an 'office assistant' can move into a major shareholder position with such ease. ONLY with Bo Bo Bert dishing off the shares you say?

One tends to agree. Surely she doesn't have "25 years experience with vast knowledge" because at best she was a child 25 years ago. Can one now suppose Bo Bo Bert is trying to find ANY prospectus exemption to rip idiots off? The punchline is that anybody with a grain of intelligence would realize the fraud game is already over. Not Bo Bo Bert. Bo Bo is the poster boy for everything that is wrong with securities enforcement in B.C.
If Bo Bo Bert Abenante isn't enough to cause total public outrage nothing is.
There's more trouble in paradise for Bo Bo Bert Abenante. On Jan 10th this offense announced it would be flipping off 58,823,529 shares (TO exemption) for NutriVida (1157016 B.C. Ltd.) A '3rd party' has surfaced and accused NutriVida of stealing 'proprietary formulations'. Second, Bo Bo said NutriVida "has been prominent in the fertilizer and cultivation industry for the past 25 years with vast wealth of knowledge ..." Fact is 1157016 B.C. Ltd. was incorporated in March 2018. That makes it about 9 months according to my non-Bo BoTardian math.
We suspect a problem exists with his disclosure. Specifically this 'news' has nothing to do with the prospects of the company.Our dopey anti-hero was very pleased with being removed from the BCSC temporary order. His stakeholder paid for lawyer was successful, and this pleased Bo Bo Bert immensely, so much so he issued a NR ... "Abattis is very happy with the BCSC's decision to remove the company from the order such that Abattis can continue to focus its efforts on revenue generation and building shareholder value," stated Rob Abenante"

Bo Bo Bert is slightly less happy this morning as ATT.v has been halted.
His sputum, aka stupidity, simply isn't 'news'. Our boy is without question fully impressed with the sound of his own dopey verbal turdisms, even in the face of being exposed and humiliated globally as a securities reprobate. That brand of grotesque obtuseness is fully amazing. Our boy has no business being ANYWHERE NEAR a public company.
Robert Abenante of Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. is pulling out all the stops, with stakeholder money, and is being featured on BNN Bloomberg and Stockhouse.
"We firmly believe this temporary order will be a small blip in the Company’s drive to build shareholder wealth."
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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Court rejects cocaine courier's 'innocent dupe' appeal

Ronald Learning's conviction for possession for the purpose of trafficking has been upheld on appeal. His 9 year sentence stands. Learning’s lawyer argued the case was circumstantial, and that his client was an “innocent dupe” with no knowledge of his cocaine cargo. The court said that theory was "speculative at best." Lead by B.C. man Brock Ernest Palfrey (sentenced in 2012 to 18 years in prison), the drug-shippers-for-hire moved 1.3 tonnes of cocaine across the Saskatchewan border and into B.C. in 2 years.
Learning became the substitute driver on a load of 30 kilos of cocaine, packed into hidden compartments in a Windstar van. The van was under surveillance from Saskatchewan to Salmon Arm, B.C., where Learning was arrested.

Dubbed 'Project Faril' the bust was one of Saskatchewan’s largest drug importation cases. The appeal decision was unanimous.

Brock Ernest Palfrey

Peppa Pig moves from 'gangster' to viral hit in China

Dubbed a "gangster" by state media just a few months ago, Peppa Pig has rediscovered the love in China. Peppa Pig is a British preschool animated television series. In May last year, Peppa Pig morphed into an anti-establishment symbol when it became associated with "shehuiren" -- slang for gangster. Thousands of Peppa Pig videos were culled from an app in China last year as part of the government's bid to cleanse the internet of all things Peppa.
A new movie teaser shows a rural man's attempt to discover what his city-raised granddaughter means when she says "Pei Qi' -- "Peppa Pig" in Chinese. After a failed attempt to paint a farm pig red, he adapts an old ventilation fan to make it look like the character, pleasing the waiting child.
The 6-minute trailer has gone viral on the Chinese internet, with over 330 million views on Weibo. It's a remarkable change in fortunes for the world's most famous “gangster icon” hog.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Massive Toronto cab scam busted, again

Dylan Hudecki was taking a taxi home on Sept. 30, 2018. The cabbie insisted on debit payment. The first time he tried to pay he was told something wasn’t working, and to try again. Once he paid, the driver handed him a debit card that looked like his. The next morning his bank account had $4,989 missing — just under the $5k for a sentence of up to 10 years in prison. The debit card he got back after he paid belonged to somebody else.
This week Toronto cops announced an ongoing fraud investigation into a taxi fare scam that has so far led to the arrests of six people on more than 260 charges.

The scam is not new. In January 2016, Toronto police received more than 65 reports of the card-switching trick in the span of a few months. In June of that year, Muhammad Tariq and Ahmed Dogar were arrested for the scam. Adnan Jahangir, also of Toronto, was hit with almost 200 fraud charges in Sept. 2017 for the same thing.
Cops are warning citizens to never let their cards out of their sight.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

UK runner a hitman - sunk by GPS watch

British runner, cyclist, and mob hitman Mark “Iceman” Fellows, 39, has been convicted for the murders of two rival gangsters. He was busted, in part, because of his GPS watch. He was found guilty by a jury at Liverpool Crown Court of killing organized crime leader Paul “Mr. Big” Massey and his associate John Kinsella.
Cops already suspected Fellows when they came across a photo of him wearing his GPS watch, two months before the murder. Detectives found the device at Fellows’s home and checked its GPS data for files that could link him to the murder. They found the runner had plotted the murders with the same attention and precision of a serious athlete.

He had recorded his recon missions that mapped his escape routes. On January 17, 2019, he was sentenced to life in prison.

El Chapo wanted the Hells Angels to kill ‘Catboy’

Court documents reveal Canadian drug trafficker Stephen 'Catboy' Tello was 'that close' to being murdered on orders of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, who suspected the former real estate agent was stealing from him. To do the hit, Guzman’s team singled out the Hells Angels for the work. That according to court testimony from Hildebrando Alexander Cifuentes-Villa.

The operation saw drugs go from the U.S. to Canada in “trailers, also by helicopter, and over the Pacific Ocean to Vancouver” he said.

Cops outside El Chapo's trial
El Chapo became suspicious that Tello was stealing, and plans were made to get rid of him. “He was stealing the product or the profit of the drug sale.” To murder him, Cifuentes-Villa tried to convince Tello to come to Mexico, but the Canadian turned down that particular trip.

Cifuentes-Villa said he “had some appointments pending with the Hells Angels, and it was likely that I would do that through them.” The murder never materialized and Cifuentes-Villa was arrested at the end of 2013.
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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

By the numbers - Alex Black's RIO2 - Update II

Here's the Information Circular related to the merger, all 267 pages of it. First to emerge is that RIO's adviser, Raymond James, was retained on April 28, 2018. That means their involvement lasted 30 days as the deal closed on May 31st. Unknown how many millions that cost.
BMO began it's 'advising' services to Atacama in May 2017, butt (_O_), those services were all about soliciting, and 3 live ones eventually came forward. RIO was rejected. After a score of months the preferred deal didn't fly and RIO was then selected. It appears BMO services vis-a-vis RIO specifically was no more than 4 months. So we can conclude the $3.4m to 'advisors' was paid out for a combined 5 months of 'services' provided towards the completed deal.
We've been pouring over RIO2 numbers and the result is more questions ... for sure no answers. Since Mr. Alex Black has seen fit to offer guidance about 'expenses' lets see what it means. $1.2m in accounting/legal. Black neglects to mention the majority of that went to his BridgeMark connected director/arsecrack DLA Piper lawyer Daniel Kenney.

$ 3.4m to 'advisors'. Black states 2 advisors billed for a whooping $3.4m. MORE THAN 30% of the financing to 'advisors' who will never confirm nor deny receiving a penny. This is patently unbelievable and very much so. It fairly reeks, strongly.
Notwithstanding a mountain of 'expenses' that don't appear anywhere, it beggers disbelief that a $10m financing results in less than 12% of it benefiting shareholders. 88% of it went into the ether, and that ether is appearing to be the capitalization into a property of dubious economics where absolutely zero work has been done and where no valuations for that 'asset' exist, either before or after the merger.

Black expects us to believe the closed mouth advisors made out like bandits and 'did' next to nothing to earn it.
RIO2 now has about 110m shares out giving a MC around $55m. Atacama had around 60m shares out and was capped around $36m before the merger. In it's simplest terms the amount of paper has doubled and MC has increased 60% ... while absolutely nothing has gone into the 'asset'. A paper swap does NOT create value. The opposite is true.
I have been unable to explain the rush of insiders to the market at the end of the PP hold period. Black even went so far as to issue an unusual NR breathlessly disclosing his $ 350k odd insider buys. This is VERY BridgeMark. This event implies two things. 1) insiders acted in concert, and 2) the money for the purchases came from somewhere. Did insiders win a lottery? If they didn't it sure appears their money came from kickbacks from the PP. The timing cannot be explained any other way. This is similar to BridgeMark.
RIO2's project is a low grade heap leach proposition. It is almost certainly a non-starter at current gold prices. Best estimates gave an IRR of 12% @ a gold price of $ 1350. Our current PoG is $1287. It was below $1200 at the time of the merger.

Most recent from Alex Black, undisclosed in any NR or the co's website; "Rio2 Limited intends to be qualified to file a short form prospectus under NI 44-101." A 'Short Form Prospectus' allows a public company to avoid disclosures whilst raising MORE money. Black seems to feel his aresome chit carries no stench at all and that ought to be recognized by the regulator.
Black is consumed about what folks are saying in public these days. In my experience a public company with nothing to hide cares not at all. Those with something to hide will try to keep it that way, including threats of litigation. (SLAPP - Strategic Litigation against Public Participation) Black responded to an e-mail ... "I am not going to waste any more time on this with you. I suggest you stop forthwith before you make yourself look worse than you already do."

This monkey isn't running a popularity contest. My reply "RUNNING AWAY from the simplest of questions isn't helping you 'Sir'. We have some disclosure about costs, fees, and yes, the take-over provisions. That might be $ 4m. Your disclosure regarding where the rest of the dough would be going is false and an open lie from day one."
I don't and can't 'know' the answers because the information isn't there. That is by design in this opinion. This isn't the standard BridgeMark scam, although some elements are identical. Other BridgeMark connected chit correctly reports the expenses as such. That isn't the case with RIO2. One must rely on the improbable sputum of Alex Black AND the eventual appearance of audited numbers to confirm precisely how worthless this dopey paper now is.