Sunday, December 4, 2022

Kevin Tate denied parole - Gaétan Gosselin

Kevin Tate, Stanley Minuty, Edrick Antoine and Olivier Gay.
Tate, 39, was part of a group of the reds, Unit 44, from the Bo-gars. They watched Gaetan Gosselin for two days before killing him in front of his home. Gaétan Gosselin was Raynald Desjardins' best friend; Gosselin took care of his business and family after his arrest for the murder of Salvatore Montagna on Dec 21, 2011.
In Sept 2022, cops from the Sûreté du Québec met with the detainees, including Tate, to tell them that there were contracts on their heads. Another gang conflict may be responsible but all expect Raynald Desjardins to take his bloody gangland revenge. That surely applies to these four. The parole board wasn't impressed with Tate; “Your Case Management Team (CMT) believes that you pose a real threat to others. You present a low potential for social reintegration and an unacceptable risk to society." As for the boss, Desjardins will be out soon as another statutory date passes.

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Mohammed Adada - threat with knife = 1 day in jail

Frequent flyer Mohammed Abada threatened a mall security guard with death by his knife in August after being told to move along. Adada was arrested and released the same day by Vancouver cops. He then failed to show up for his court appearance. He was arrested again in November. Adada pleaded guilty Dec. 3 to assault with a weapon and was 'sentenced' to one day in jail with time served and 12 months' probation. Adada has convictions for five separate assaults since May 2021.

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Andrew Sisson - Kiwi Hells Angels Nomads president - Guilty

Andrew Sisson and fellow Hells Angel Scott James Allan were found guilty in the Palmerston North District Court. Sisson’s wife Vikki was in court to hear the verdicts, as well as senior Hells Angels members who travelled to Manawatū for the occasion. Court bailiffs took advantage of the opportunity to get some visiting Hells Angels to cough up for unpaid fines, with the members paying in cash, or else.

Sisson displayed photos of French bulldogs; “five of our little babies” he said. “I would sell each of them for an average of $4,500”. He took payment in cash. That didn't wash, and the jury believed Sisson was the primary meth wholesaler. 'Ses' could be looking at a long stretch. He was convicted in 1999 for conspiracy to supply meth and money laundering.
Hells Angels boss Andrew Sisson says firewood and French bulldogs explain the money cops say he made selling meth. The biker spent a day in the witness box telling a jury how he made cash and his lack of knowledge about the meth ring he supplied. A forensic accountant told the trial there were big gaps between the money Sisson spent and how much went into his accounts. Sisson worked as a tattooist at the 'House of Pain'.
In 2010 Auckland NOW reported on unlawful debt collecting. Sisson was involved in the companies 'Rapid Recovery 2010 Ltd.' and 'Dirty Debtors Ltd.' He tried to steal a Toyota Hilux from an undercover cop in a sting operation. He marched around using a document headed "Warrant to Repossess" to rip folks off. The sting was part of a long-running operation against organized crime and led to criminal charges for three Hells Angels members and an associate. Sisson was also charged with possession of three rifles - a Ruger bolt action .243, a Ruger bolt action .308 and a .22 rifle.

Migos rapper Takeoff shot dead - update

Patrick Xavier Clark, 33, has been charged with Takeoff's murder. Takeoff, Kirsnick Khari Ball, was killed when gunfire erupted outside of a private party at a downtown Houston bowling alley on Nov. 1. Two others were hit by gunfire but survived. Takeoff is being described as an innocent bystander to a high stakes craps game gone bad. Bail for Clark was set at $2m.
Migos rapper Takeoff is dead after a shooting outside a bowling alley in Houston. Kirshnik Khari Ball, 28, was a member of the platinum selling hip hop trio Migos along with his uncle Quavo and cousin Offset. He was killed at a private party, reportedly at a game of craps.

HA Ramin Yektaparast fingered as Iranian terrorist

Iran has recruited fugitive Hells Angels boss Ramin Yektaparast to launch terror attacks on German synagogues, cops say. Yektaparast is a key suspect as they investigate attacks on two synagogues.

 Yektaparast is wanted by German police for carrying out a brutal gangland murder. He fled to Tehran in 2021 where he was put to work by the Revolutionary Guard to organize attacks. “We are talking about state-organized terrorism,” an investigator told a German broadcaster. Cops in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia have increased security measures around Jewish buildings. Cops are now equipped with semi-automatic assault rifles and wear bulletproof vests.
Yektaparast's photo appears prominently on the MGCity Facebook page. Here. Traitorous German HAMC now appear to be in the business of state terrorism.
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Friday, December 2, 2022

41 charges in bust of Hells Angels bikers on Vancouver Island - update II

Explosives HA William Karl Paulsen of Campbell River was reeled in Thursday night. He has since been released. Paulsen, 51, is facing sixteen drug charges and one count of unlawfully possessing explosives. Smith and Kendall are still on the loose.
Cops seized six tubes of Senatel Magnafrac, an explosive used in mining. Senatel Magnafrac is an emulsion packed, robust explosive sensitive to a detonator. The explosive is orange in color with a firm, putty-like consistency. Explosives in Canada fall under the Explosives Act R.S.C., 1985, c. E-17 Here.
Kristopher Stephen Smith, 44, is charged with three drug offences and three weapons offences. Sean Oliver Douglas Kendall, 44, is facing seven charges related to drug trafficking. The two bikers are wanted. Four bikers are facing dozens of charges after a 4 year long drug trafficking investigation of the Hells Angels on Vancouver Island. Cops targeted members of the Hells Angels in Nanaimo and their support clubs – the Savages and the Devils Army.
William Bradley Thompson, 58, faces 10 weapons charges and one drug related charge. He was arrested and released pending a court appearance.

Cops seized 7.75kg of cocaine, 4kg of pot, 1.9kg of meth, 248 oxycodone pills, and more. Also seized were 22 weapons, including an Uzi.

Kanye West dinner with Trump goes off rails - update II

Kanye West has been booted from Twitter after posting of his great love for Hitler and a swastika inside a star of David. 'Ye' was only reinstated to Twitter 2 weeks ago after inciting hatred against Jews.

Trump bought severe backlash for the meeting, even from his own party.
Trump said Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, is a “seriously troubled man” whom he was trying to help, but also blamed the musician for a dinner in which Trump says he brought along a known white supremacist. Trump said on Truth Social that Ye brought racist and holocaust denier Nick Fuentes to the dinner on Tuesday night and that he did not know who Fuentes was.

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Attempted hit on Davide Barberio - Update

Souverain was already in custody on other gun charges.
Gahens Lee Souverain, 23, is charged with attempted murder in the Laval shooting of Mafia strongman Davide Barberio. Barberio, 42, was shot Sept 21, 2021. A gunman fired twice towards Barberio, using a 9mm with a silencer.

Barberio recovered.
After hitting Barberio in the abdomen, the gunman fled in a dark colored Honda CRV with stolen license plates. Barberio worked under Giuseppe De Vito, an influential mafia boss who was poisoned by cyanide on July 8, 2013 while serving time in a federal pen. Barberio left the Calabrians in order to join the Sicilians of the Rizzuto clan. His influence is significant, in May 2021 top Hells Angels David Lefebvre, Martin Robert, Stéphane Plouffe and Michel Lamontagne met with mafiosos Francesco Del Balso, Marco Pizzi, Davide Barberio and Steven D'Adario at the Prima Luna restaurant. New HA Michel Lamontagne celebrated his birthday in the company of some big names in Montreal organized crime. Lamontagne was charged with possession of a firearm and breach for owning a weapon after the pow wow. That charge was eventually dropped.
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Trump tax returns

The House Ways and Means Committee now has six years of Donald Trump’s federal tax returns, ending a 3 year legal battle that went all the way to the Supreme Court, which declined to intervene. One of Trump's most closely guarded details is now in the hands of lawmakers. Trump’s taxes have been largely a secret since he first ran for office. During his 2016 campaign, Trump broke with presidential election norms and refused to reveal his tax returns after promising to do so. He made up the excuse of an IRS audit. Its said that tax returns between 2002 and 2008 will reveal virtually no taxes being paid. An expansive New York Times report in 2020 found that Trump paid no federal income taxes in 10 out of 15 years beginning in 2000.

Bankman-Fried - 'I didn't try to commit fraud'

Permanent bad hair day Bankman-Fried of $10b fraud FTX says he is not a crook. He also says he is almost broke. Bankman-Fried, 30, said his lawyers advised him not to speak publicly, but he ignored them because he knows better. Speaking from his penthouse in the sunny Bahamas, he said he had one credit card left which had $100k owing. In October his net worth was $15b. Bankman-Fried was viewed by some slow people as a young version of the legendary Warren Buffet. Those people have been fleeced stupidier. When asked if he had been truthful in his responses, Bankman-Fried said he was as truthful as he knowledgeably could be. "I don't know of times when I lied," he said. Folks may rest assured this overwhelming conman will be seeing the inside of a US federal jail cell soon, very soon.

Giovanni Presta guilty of murdering Sébastien Beauchamp

Giovanni Presta, the man who helped Frédérick Silva kill an associate of the Hells Angels in St-Léonard four years ago, was found guilty of first-degree murder. Presta manufactured a firearm and silencers used to kill Sébastien Beauchamp on Dec. 20, 2018, helped Silva track Beauchamp in the days leading up to the murder and drove Silva to the hit. He automatically received a life sentence for first degree murder. Silva was found guilty of Beauchamp’s murder before Presta’s case went to trial. He was also found guilty of murdering three other men. Silva has since decided to turn rat.
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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Charges laid against Wolfpack drug dealers in Vancouver DTES

Diego Saed, Joseph Lowley and Roger Bardales Medina.
Criminal charges, including organized crime-related, have been laid against Wolfpack drug traffickers in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Cops seized 10 kg of fentanyl, 3 kg of cocaine, 6 kg of meth, 72 kg of cutting agents, 160k in cash and 3 vehicles. Also seized were 7 prohibited and restricted firearms. Six men facing charges are Joseph Ebert Charles Lowley, Vinod Kanna Aruldevarajan, Roger Alfredo Bardales Medina, Hemen Hewa Saed, Diego Maradona Saed, and Howjeen Saed. Diego Saed, Lowley and Medina are on the run.
Cops are asking anyone with information on the terrible trio to give them a call.
179 people, or 5.8 every day, died from toxic drugs in B.C. in October.

Sukhvir Singh Deo - Flashback

A Range Rover sped along Lakeshore Road in Oakville in 2013. Checks told cops the driver was Sukhvir Deo and alarm bells went off. CPIC confirmed the information and was accompanied with a request to deliver a “duty to warn”, this is a legal requirement for cops to warn an individual if there was a credible threat to their life. Halton police cops contacted B.C. to get more information about Deo — who had quietly relocated to a mansion in Oakville. Deo called himself a 'trucking executive' but was a well known transnational drug dealer. He was the author of his own fate after foolishly gaining attention at a Raptors game.
There have been no arrests in the June 7, 2016 murder of gangster Sukhvir Singh Deo. Two men wearing construction vests opened fire on Deo as he sat in his Range Rover. He died at the scene.

Deo was whacked weeks after a high profile appearance at a Raptors game.
Sukh Deo had been living in Ontario since 2013 in a palatial home in Oakville.

Larry Amero, Randy Naicker

Sukhvir Singh Deo
Deo was a drug dealer and was scheduled to stand trial after being arrested in October 2013 for trafficking cocaine and possession of property obtained by crime. Investigators seized 3 luxury cars — a Bentley, a Rolls Royce and a Land Rover. He moved to Toronto from Vancouver shortly after the murder of Independent Soldier founder Randy Naicker. His father, Parminder Deo is wanted on an Interpol warrant on drug smuggling and a raft of other charges laid in India.
Randy Naicker was killed on June 25, 2012
Sukhvir Singh Deo was involved in the Wolf Pack gang alliance between the Independent Soldiers and the Hells Angels. He was shot to death near Yonge and Eglinton. He was very close to two original Wolf Pack members — HA Larry Amero and James Riach of the Independent Soldiers. Larry Amero and James Riach were targeted with Red Scorpion leader Jon Bacon in a 2011 hit in Kelowna. Bacon was killed, Amero and Riach survived. It was war between the Wolf Pack and the Dhak-Duhre group.
Don Lyons, Larry Amero, Sukhvir Deo.

Jonathan Bacon in 2008 with Matt Johnston.

Deo was suspected in the May 2012 murder of Duhre associate Gurbinder (Bin) Toor.

Sukhvir Singh Deo
James Riach escaped assassination. He's serving life in the Philippines for drug trafficking.

Jujhar Singh Khun-Khun, Michael Kerry Jones and Jason Thomas McBride were charged with killing Jon Bacon

Leah Hadden-Watts, niece of Hells Angel, Mike “Spike” Hadden was left a paraplegic.
Sandip Duhre was killed with several shots in the face in the lobby of the Sheraton Wall Centre in Vancouver in 2012. He had a $120k bounty on his head.

Rabih (Robby) Alkhalil was charged in the Duhre murder. He is a close associate of HA Larry Amero
Sukh Dhak and his bodyguard Thomas Mantel were killed outside the Executive Hotel in Burnaby in 2013
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