Thursday, January 16, 2020

DB Services - 3rd world criminal builder for slumlords - Update IV

The remaining residents of Danbrook One have been ordered out by the owner, Centurion Property Associates Inc. The reason is obvious, a huge legal liability. No insurer on earth would bet on Danbrook One.

The letter states residents must “freely accept and fully assume all such risks, dangers and hazards and possibility of personal injury, death, property damage, expense and related loss, including loss of income or property.” Apparently there are multiple building code deficiencies, in addition to the lateral system load. One wonders if the PoS structure should be torn down.
A series of shores have been installed on the second and third floors of Danbrook One. It appears the structure lacks multiple load bearing columns. The cost savings of NOT providing these columns would be large. A great deal of labor, concrete and steel reinforcement would not need to be paid for, with a corresponding direct increase to bottom line profitability.

The temporary shores can only address concerns involving the gravity system. The lateral system load, if an earthquake shakes the structure, requires a far more extensive fix, one that shores alone cannot provide. A retrofit of that nature would be another never seen in this lifetime.
Terds are playing silly basterd over disclosing precisely who the 'engineer of record' is. It's appearing to this space it's likely to be the dead silent KPL James Architecture.

The piss poor design we know was by DB Services.

Tony James, Principal
60% of the 86 units that had been occupied in the 2766 Claude Rd. building have vacated after the city warned residents of structural safety issues. Langford taxpayers have paid $400k for displaced tenants. When the city runs out of money ALL taxpayers in B.C. will be tasked for more. The gravity load system is below code and a "likely failure mechanism can occur with very little warning."

This operation specializes in rental buildings, meaning quality in their shit construction doesn't need to exist. Danbrook One is an 11-story, 90-unit building with 86 occupied units and was completed a year ago.
Residents are being strongly advised to get out after the city received a report confirming major structural issues that represent a serious risk to tenants. On Dec. 3, the city received a notice from Engineering and Geoscientists BC about an investigation into violations of the building code by one of it's members.Contractor was Victoria Construction. Owen Kelly.
Matthew McKay These concerns were proven valid. The city was forced to revoke the building's occupancy permit. There are deficiencies in the building’s structural design and its as-built structure. The builder is DB Services, owned by Matthew McKay, partner with his mother Margaret McKay and with Gary Lahnsteiner.
Margaret McKay

This criminal operation needs to be shuttered and removed from the construction industry in B.C. permanently.
Only through crime could the checks and balances in B.C.'s building trade be thwarted. The moral culpability of endangering people's lives is jaw dropping. These 'people' deserve to be jailed as the criminals they are, period. There are some dozen odd buildings built by DB Services around Langford and each one needs an independent engineering report to determine the potential for danger. The city has already found issues in another DB Services rental property at Goldstream Avenue and Leigh Road that is ready for occupants.
Your author has extensive building experience, including site management. NEVER have I witnessed anything remotely close to this offense. The ONLY WAY for a builder to construct something this unspeakably bad is through criminal intent.
See ----->Owen Patrick Kelly - Victoria Construction - Danbrook One

Tekashi 6ix9ine wants another deal

Tekashi 6ix9ine became public enemy No. 1 after copping a plea deal during his trial for firearms and racketeering charges. Facing a possible 37 years behind bars, 6ix9ine ratted on the Nine Trey Gang for a reduced sentence. The rapper was eventually sentenced to two years in prison, but he’s now petitioning for house arrest because he says prison would be too dangerous for him.

That isn't sitting well with Exodus and Slayers Gary Holt. "So this little rainbow brite asshole, this piece of shit, this SNITCH, wants out of jail because it’s dangerous."
"Wants to serve his time at home. Because the jail is full of the same gangbangers who he snitched on to avoid real jail time. Hey know what dude? Fuck you."

The London Drugs computer scam - Update III

The latest flaw in Windows 10 is a massive large security threat. The US National Security Agency found and disclosed the flaw. The 'broad cryptographic vulnerability' means hackers can exploit it to remotely distribute malware or intercept sensitive data. It is described as 'a core, low-level piece of the Windows operating system'.

The NSA's decision to share the information brings to mind the NSA hacking tool 'Eternal Blue', which exploited a Windows bug patched in early 2017. That flaw was present in all versions of Windows, and the NSA had known about the bug—and exploited it for digital espionage for more than five years.
What we are looking at here has been dubbed the 'Blue Screen of Death'. Windows 10 was 'updated' in October in an effort to fix some obscure flaw in cloud printing. As a direct result some half dozen new flaws were created with some citizens completely forked by the 'Blue Screen of Death'. This likely isn't our issue but it shows how the infinite flaws in Windows 10 become a money spinner for retailers. Joe consumer will freak and pay anything to 'fix' their machine. London Drugs are willing to assist with that ... at a minimum $140 a throw whilst playing complete idiots.
Our last laptop came from London Drugs about 2 years ago and is off warranty. After likely getting hit with a virus, we attempted a Windows home 10 reset. This is a process that is supposed to return the PC and all it's settings to factory state. The process didn't work and left the PC fully useless. First stop was London Drugs for 'advice' about their piece of shit.

The two young men claimed complete ignorance and informed me there would be a $75 'troubleshooting fee' followed by an hourly charge. With taxes, the cost would likely be a minimum $140.
The two SAID they had no clue whatever how to even break the reboot loop I was stuck in. (escape key) After doing a google search I learned this is a common issue with Windows home 10. That means it's a common issue across EVERY single computer London Drugs sells.

The salesmen playing fully stupid basterds is what they were instructed to do, with the goal being to either juice customers for fees or to sell a new computer.
To gather intel I went to a different store and asked the same question. The associate this time knew PRECISELY what I was speaking of, and recommended I take the machine to a service outlet but NOT London Drugs. I thanked the person for being one of the 'good ones.'

Was my conspiracy theory shot down? This associate was doing good by people, not ripping them off. I went to the store where I bought the machine for the definitive answer.
The story was again about a salesman not knowing a fukkin thing about a common problem across every computer he was peddling, and a $ 75 'troubleshooting' fee to determine that OH SO mysterious cause. I went to a total of 5 stores and was lied to 4 times. The 'fix' is nothing more than sticking a recovery UBS into the computer in .13 seconds. Will I be buying another computer from London Drugs? Not in this lifetime. Should anybody else buy their computer there? Hell nope, unless they want to get bent over by total chitbags.
Clint Mahlman - Executive Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer, London Drugs Limited.

This space is preparing a complaint to the B.C. Director of Trade Practices. If you or someone you know has had issues with London Drugs they might contact stoxxman(at)

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Fate of Hells Angels Sherbrooke bunker very close

After a decade of legal wrangling, 3 judges of the Quebec Court of Appeal ruled against the HA and for the confiscation of the building at 1575 Wellington St. South.

The high court takes from 6 to 9 months to decide to hear the case. There is no further appeal.
The last bunker of the Hells Angels still standing in Quebec was confiscated in Sept 2017. The notorious clubhouse has been vacant since the 2009 SharQc Operation.

An appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada was made in Sept 2019 by Richard Rousseau, Guy Auclair, and Georges Beaulieu, members in good standing of the HA.
On March 24, 1985 the property saw the cold blooded execution of 5 members of the Hells Angels by their brothers. It became infamous as the Lennoxville massacre.

At least two other members of the Laval chapter were supposed to be killed that day as well, but they failed to show up for the meeting.
If the high court refuses to hear the case, the bunker will be leveled and the land sold.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Espionage suspect Cameron Ortis jailed

Cameron Ortis faces seven counts under provisions of Canada's secrecy laws. He was out on bail in Abbotsford but that ended when he was remanded into custody in November.

Ortis is accused of trying to sell classified information. Among them is Vincent Ramos, who pleaded guilty to using his Phantom Secure devices to assist in the distribution of drugs around the globe. He was sentenced to 9 years in jail in May 2019.
The investigation into Ortis began as a result of an FBI probe into Ramos. The head of Canada’s spy agency was informed over two dozen times over six weeks this fall about a loss of security, an indication of the seriousness of the matter. The Ortis case created a concerted effort at the highest levels to address the concerns of Canada’s allies.

A search of one of Ramos’s encrypted devices revealed that Ortis had tried to sell information to him.
In December Ortis' lawyer cried about the slowness of releasing documents. "We're very disappointed with the pace of how this is proceeding," Ian Carter told reporters. RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki said that the allegations against Ortis had left many people shocked.

Cartel Boss 'Dame of Death' killed in shootout with Mexican Military

María Guadalupe López Esquivel, 21, known as La Catrina was killed in Mexico when her heavily armed group launched a firefight with police. La Catrina was a local boss in Mexico’s Tierra Caliente region, of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel led by 'El Mencho.'
La Catrina was famed for her Instagram posts boasting of the cartel life. La Catrina was said to be one of El Mencho’s most important regional lieutenants. She was shot through the neck. Her moniker 'Dame of Death' is a mythical female skeleton celebrated in Mexico during its Day of the Dead festival.

Monday, January 13, 2020

John Philip Stirling pleads guilty

John Philip Stirling pleaded guilty to one count of possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine. Stirling faces a maximum sentence of life in prison, a $10 million fine, and five years of supervised release. He will be sentenced on April 20.
B.C. man John Philip Stirling was busted once again after authorities found 196 gallons of liquid meth on his boat off the coast of Oregon. He was arrested after his sailing vessel was discovered traveling north near Newport. The 65-year-old refused to cooperate after U.S. Coast Guard officials boarded his vessel. They found 28 seven-gallon jugs of liquid meth on board.

Sterling has a history of arrests stretching back more than 30 years from B.C. to the waters off South America. In 1989, he was convicted in a cocaine smuggling conspiracy and was sentenced to five years in prison.

Stirling aboard the 'Western Wind'
In 2001, his boat, the Western Wind, was stopped by US authorities in the Strait of Juan de Fuca with 2.5 tonnes of cocaine on board. No charges were laid in that episode. In 2006 he was busted again, this time with bails of pot. He again escaped unscathed.

In October 2011, the U.S. Coast Guard caught Stirling captaining a boat with 400kg of cocaine on board. Charges stuck, and he was sentenced to 90 months in U.S. federal prison.

He is reputed to have Hells Angels connections that date back decades.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Robert Barletta bail hearing Monday

A January 5, 2018, fire in Thornbury Ontario prompted police to launch Operation Hobart, an investigation into a huge gambling operation. The now-destroyed luxury home at 363 Sunset Dr. belongs to Salvatrice Barletta, thought to be the mother of Robert Barletta.

Barletta, 50, was one of 28 people charged with a combined 228 offences related to guns, gambling, participating in organized crime and tax evasion. He's been cooling his heels in jail since December 13. He’s jointly charged with Habiba Kajan, 43, for the gun charges, which include possession of a loaded handgun that had the serial number removed.
Dejan Markovic

"There is no trust. There is no brotherhood."
It's being reported that the murder of Hells Angels Michael Deabauta-Schulde, 32, was the result of internal strife, likely over the gambling operation. “This is Hells Angels killing Hells Angels,” said one expert. “Everyone is concerned that someone else is a rat so they’re all looking over their shoulders.”

As part of the raids, investigators seized or restrained seven homes and two vacation properties valued at $8.1m.
Gordon Baird Accounts with more than $1.2m was seized, 18 vehicles, three Harleys, $1.7m in cash, gold bars valued at $320k and luxury watches and jewelry valued at $303k.
Habiba Kajan
See ----->OPP take down Hells Angels illegal gambling ring: 28 charged