Sunday, March 7, 2021

Instafamous model Mikayla Noakes to live with granny after drug bust

Surfer and drug dealer Tate Robinson, 21, appealed to be allowed to see Noakes due to the 'mental toll' on him. The judge wasn't moved.

Instagram model Mikayla Noakes, 20, had been sent to live with her grandmother as part of bail conditions. She was nailed along with six others after an MDMA and cocaine syndicate operating in New South Wales and Queensland was busted.

Granny has a strict 7am to 7pm curfew.
Cops found cocaine, MDMA, steroids, $60k in cash, mobile phones and drug paraphernalia. The model earlier pleaded not guilty. Noakes' boyfriend was charged with 20 offences including supplying a prohibited drug and participating in a criminal group.
The surfer was remanded in custody.

DEA agent José Irizarry pleads guilty to laundering cartel cash

Former DEA agent José Irizarry admitted laundering millions for the cartel he was investigating. Feds say Irizarry was "secretly using his position and his special access to information" to divert millions in drug profits.

It's thought the free spending Irizarry stole over $7m.
The FBI arrested Irizarry and his wife Nathalia Gómez Irizarry at their home near San Juan, Puerto Rico. Nathalia Gomez is related to Diego Marin, godfather to Irizarry’s children. Marin is linked to the Cali cartel. When Irizarry was an agent in Miami in early 2009, he was entrusted with an undercover money laundering operation using façade companies, accounts in fictitious banks and messaging. Irizarry resigned in January 2018 when his boss began to suspect the scheme.

Pagans Boss nailed on gun charges - The 73

Roughly 1,000 HA and supporters attended a ritzy ballroom on Long Island in February 2002 for a "Hellraiser Ball." Then the Pagans arrived. A war zone ensued as 10 vanloads of bat-wielding Pagans crashed the party. 73 Pagans were charged with various crimes, including rioting and attempted gang assault. The lone Pagan killed, Robert “Mailman” Rutherford, is honored at an annual party in his hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It was this party that Boss Richter attended before somebody ratted him out to the cops for a gun.
Keith Richter, 62, was returning home from a Pagans party in Lancaster, PA when he was stopped. Cops found him carrying a loaded .45-caliber Ruger P345 handgun. Richter went to prison in 1988 for racketeering murder conspiracy. He was released in 2012 and took control of the Pagans six years later.
With about 900 Pagans across 12 states, the club is growing quickly. Some hispanics are now allowed to join. The Pagans have 17 chapters across New Jersey, up from 10 just 5 years ago. Richter has boosted membership by absorbing smaller, local gangs into the Pagans.

Pagans Vice President Hugo “Zorro” Nieves is likely to step in as president until Richter’s release from jail.

Saturday, March 6, 2021

68 pounds of cocaine found by snorkeler in the Florida Keys

A snorkeler found 68 pounds of cocaine in the water near Craig Key. The cocaine was baled inside a black bag wrapped in tape. The bale contained 25 bricks of the drug. Cops peg the value at $1.5m.

"Godfather" of Montreal gangs in troubled waters

There are reports of a power struggle between boss of the Reds Arsène Mompoint and Gregory Woolley. Woolley was jailed for five years for gangsterism before being released on parole in November. He is in a halfway house until next fall. Mompoint was the target of an attempted murder in August 2019. In Feb of the same year, Frank Pascal Dieudonné, a top associate was assassinated. Cops say Mompoint is "in conflict with certain representatives of organized crime", including Gregory Woolley and his "right arm" Jean Winsing Barthelus.
Ex-leader of Unit 44, Arsène Mompoint has been known to cops since the 1990s. He has ties to the underworld of Lebanese gangsters.
Mompoint (right) with the late Mafia boss Andrew Scoppa (left) during police surveillance in 2016.
Cops watched during a meeting with ex-mafia boss Andrew Scoppa. They recorded Gregory Woolley and two leaders of the Rizzuto clan saying that they no longer trusted Andrew Scoppa or his brother, Salvatore, whom they suspected to be a police rat. The two Scoppa brothers were shot dead in 2019.

Friday, March 5, 2021

HA Harry Lainas whacked - update

Senior Ontario Hells Angel Harry Lainas, 47, was shot to death in the parking garage of an apartment building on Danforth Avenue on Feb 11. Lainas narrowly escaped the same fate two years ago in the same area while collecting illegal gambling debts. There have been no arrests in the killing.
Lainas was part of a ring that impersonated police while committing a long string of GTA armed robberies in 2008. Project Betrayal ended with 198 criminal charges laid against 25 people. That bust centred around career thug Dobroslav (Bobby) Manchev. He used a restaurant on Danforth as his "office".

Manchev was whacked near the Eglinton Town Centre last May.

Pompano Beach restaurant served up the fixings

Louis Younglove Sr. not only served up hot dogs with fixings, he was also helping people get their fix. Younglove was arrested on more than a dozen drug charges following a months-long investigation. He was arrested in the parking lot of his restaurant, Chi-Town Chicago Italian Beef & Hot Dogs. Cops found a “smorgasbord of illegal drugs” including cocaine, fentanyl, ecstasy, pot and various prescription drugs. Over $500k in cash was seized.

Syndicate mc members walk

Kevin Michael Fix, 37, and Joshua Bradley Noordhoff, 38, both entered guilty pleas for a home invasion and kidnapping. They both walked with conditional sentences.
Rachel Lynn Baskier, 22, Kevin Michael Fix, 35, Jessie Doreen Waugh, 32, and Joshua Bradley Noordhoff, 36, were arrested and faced a mountain of charges related to kidnapping, forcible confinement, assault and drug charges. In the end Kevin Michael Fix faced 11 charges and Joshua Bradley Noordhoff nine.
The Syndicate is a puppet club under the Alberta nomads. They are tasked with trafficking in Red Deer and Fort McMurray.

In 2019, weapons, 350k in drugs and $78k cash were seized. It was found cocaine was being cut to less than 30% purity. Casey Chapin, 33, and Joel Befus, 32, both full-patch Syndicate MC, were charged with conspiracy to traffic cocaine, along with a range of other offences. Bailey Chapin, 29, was also charged.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Martin van de Pol whacked - HA killer

Martin van de Pol, 56, was well-known in the NL underworld. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison for shooting four men in a sex club in Haarlem in 2000. Van de Pol was one of two men convicted in the shooting, where a full patch and three prospects of the Hells Angels were killed. Revenge was promised. Martin van de Pol was shot in the head.

Tawny Costa - Gangster Moll

Tawny Costa is the longtime girlfriend and the mother of two of Mob rat 'Frank Capri's' children. She was the strawman for a fraud exceeding $65m. She was the woman whose name all the Rascal Flatts restaurants were registered under. She was the owner on paper.
Frank Gioia Jr, was a ‘made man’ and third-generation soldier of the Lucchese crime family. In 1994 he turned rat after striking a deal with federal prosecutors. He was released in 1999. As part of his deal Gioia had his life imprisonment sentence reduced to six years. He went into the federal witness protection program and became Frank Capri. He moved to Arizona, where he became a conman. Capri used plans to build up to 20 Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill restaurants to steal millions. Capri took up-front fees in exchange for long-term leases that weren’t honored.
After the Toby Keith restaurant collapse, Capri orchestrated another - using the name of country music act the Rascal Flatts. One restaurant opened in Stamford, Connecticut, in Aug 2017. It closed owing $1.2m a year later.
Capri and his companies have been ordered to pay more than $65m.
Gioia Jr.'s former associates in 'perp walk'

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Jacob Chansley denies Trump all, still in jail

Prosecutors are opposing the pretrial release of an Arizona man who stormed the U.S. Capitol while sporting face paint, no shirt and a hat with horns.

Prosecutors say the spear attached to a flagpole carried by the retard Chansley into the Capitol was a weapon, while his attorney has countered the spear was a harmless ornament. He said his client is suffering from digestive tract difficulties.

HA Dayne Brajkovich’s home targeted in drive-by shooting.

HA bikie Dayne Brajkovich, who bashed Rebels boss Nick Martin weeks before his public assassination has been targeted in a drive-by. Shots were fired at Brajkovich’s home in Ascot. Nobody was injured.
A stolen black Porsche was later found burnt out nearby.
See... Nick Martin, Rebels bikie boss whacked - sniper

Fentanyl lab nailed in St. Catharines

Peter Caponcini, 56, and Francis Anthony Prantera, 55 were charged in connection with $3.6m worth of fentanyl found at a residence. Cops found 400lbs of an unknown powder, 100kgs of cutting agents, 20,000 fentanyl pills, 160 grams of cocaine and $150k in equipment.
The double garage area of the residence had been extensively modified to accommodate an industrial size pill press.