Sunday, June 20, 2021

Ruben 'Menace' Reyes - Texas Mexican Mafia

Known as the 'Menace' Texas Mexican Mafia boss Ruben Reyes was a cold-blooded killer. If he had an order to kill you, you were dead. Reyes was a “Lieutenant of Lieutenants” in the Texas Mexican Mafia. Reyes admitted killing a fellow Texas Mexican Mafia member in front of his family. Reyes carried out the execution based on concerns he was talking to cops. His second sin was taking his wife with him on “dime” collection runs. The “dime” is a 10% tax imposed by the Texas Mexican Mafia on those who sell drugs in their territory. Reyes also admitted to killing three other Texas Mexican Mafia members. They were executed for their mishandling of $60k. Cop Julian Pesina was playing with his life by claiming membership in the Texas Mexican Mafia while dealing drugs. Reyes ordered his execution.
Reyes seemed to be a gangster's gangster, but for reasons unknown the gang hierarchy sanctioned his murder and he was shot in Nov 2014. Seeing no way out and with a fresh bullet wound he told police all he knew about the Texas Mexican Mafia’s rackets and dozens of murders. He admitted his involvement in 16 murders, but cops believe he is tied to at least 35. Ruben 'Menace' Reyes was sentenced to five consecutive life terms at the notorious ADX 'Supermax' facility in Florence, Colorado in 2016.
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Turkish mobster Sedat Peker alleges 'Deep State' cocaine coverup

The drugs were worth some $265m.In May Panamanian cops seized 616kg of cocaine on its way from Ecuador to a port in Turkey’s southern Mersin provice. The cocaine was hidden in cases of bananas. In June last year, Colombia seized 4.9 tons of cocaine, again destined for Turkey. Turkish mafia boss Sedat Peker insinuated that a government loyalist clique (Pelicanists) and minister Mehmet Ağar were involved.
“The head of our deep state, Mr Mehmet Ağar, apparently doesn’t know where to send the narcotics police,” he said. No arrests were made in Turkey for either seizure.
Turkey's trade minister, Mehmet Muş, recently announced that 1.1 tons of cocaine was seized at Mersin, dubbing it the largest seizure in Turkish history. As a result of international intelligence, the cocaine was discovered in a container of bananas aboard a ship arriving from Ecuador. There were no arrests. The largest seizure was 800kg of cocaine in 2018 at Mersin, with no arrests. Sedat Peker
Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Berat Albayrak In 2019, Mersin police seized 615kg of cocaine at the port, with no arrests.

The group referred to as Pelicanists, named after the 1992 book the Pelican Brief, is a network focused mainly on slandering opponents of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The group is believed to be led by Erdoğan’s son-in-law and former finance minister Berat Albayrak and his brother Serhat Albayrak, who heads Turkuvaz Media Group, one of the largest media conglomerates in the country.
Serhat Albayrak

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Ukraine sanctions Dmytro Firtash

Ukraine announced sanctions against two businessmen with close ties to Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani. Dmytro Firtash and Pavel Fuks were named. Firtash received his sanctions for diverting titanium to the Russian military. Since posting a $174m bail bond in 2014, Dmytro Firtash has overseen his conglomerate Group DF in exile, living under house arrest in Vienna while he fights extradition to the US. The jewel of his business empire is a subsidiary called Ostchem, which has a monopoly on Ukraine's market for nitrogen fertilizer. Natural gas is the key input in the production of nitrogen fertilizer. Firtash’s push into fertilizers was built on corrupt deals with Putin associates.Pavel Fuks
Russian bank Gazprombank, tied to state-owned Russian gas giant Gazprom, extended Firtash a line of credit of $11.15b, which he used to buy fertilizer factories. Gazprom supplied gas at a huge discount. Ostchem companies made an operating profit of $3.7b in two years. At a huge cost to ordinary Russians and the Ukraine fertilizer market, Firtash's company made $2.2b in 2012 and 2013 alone.
Giuliani associates Victoria Toensing and Joe DiGenova represent Firtash. They met with ex-AG William Barr in July 2020 to argue against Firtash's charges. This at the height of Giuliani’s hunt for dirt on Biden. Despite being a conduit for millions, and accepting $500k, Giuliani claims to know nothing of Firtash. “It’s none of my business.”
Trump's political dirt from Ukraine came from Dmytro Firtash. Dmytro Firtash was involved with disgraced Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. He is famous for supporting pro-Russia factions in Ukraine, military and political. Firtash’s close contact with top Russian mob boss Semion Mogilevich was exposed in 2010, when WikiLeaks posted a tranche of State Department cables. Firtash has been staying in Austria in relative freedom thanks to help from Russian billionaire Vasily Anisimov, who helped him post bond. Anisimov is on the Treasury Department’s 2018 “Putin List.”
Documents taken on TV and waved around by Giuliani came from Dmytro Firtash's legal team in Vienna. These debunked documents were presented as 'evidence' for his claims of wrongdoing by Robert Mueller and Joe Biden.

A-Hole Vancouver cop Neil Logan fired - no Thanks to VPD

Disgraced VPD Neil Logan has been dismissed. He was recently disciplined for assaulting a former girlfriend in 2017 and is facing multiple criminal charges. These include assault and uttering threats related to an incident in March 2014; theft, breach of trust and possession of a controlled substance over a May 2020 incident, and two drug trafficking charges. He was also accused of excessive use of force during a 'wellness check' in front of a stunned family in 2016. It was a whooping 8 day suspension for that crime.
A Vancouver police disciplinary proceeding substantiated a finding of misconduct and proposed Logan be suspended for 15 days without pay. A retired judge found Logan had shown an “enduring denial of his misconduct and a complete lack of remorse” and referred to the VPD's disciplinary process as 'the fox guarding the henhouse.'

Full patch HA Darcy Lee found dead

Full-patch Hells Angel Darcy Lee, 45, was found dead in a Surrey RV park. The Westridge chapter member had been staying at the Brownsville RV Park for about two weeks and was dead for some time before being found. Cops say no foul play was involved, which usually means a drug overdose. Lee was handed a 30-day jail sentence for a gang rumble in 2014. The attack on a Warlocks Motorcycle Club in Drayton Valley resulted in many HA being ordered to take anger management courses.
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Friday, June 18, 2021

Two charged in Grant Norton hit

London cops released photos that shows two people connected to the 2020 murder of Grant Edward Norton a month ago. Norton's remains were found in a wooded area in southeast London on July 19, 2020. Ashley Morgan Bourget, 36, of London has been charged with first-degree murder. Adam Alexander Wade, 36, has been charged with manslaughter. He was busted in 2017 selling meth and crack. In 2019 he was busted for weapons.

Joseph Hodgkin, 50, and Zaida Collin, 24
London cops have laid a first degree murder charge against Wesley Joseph Peters, 29. Cops are looking for Joseph Hodgkin and Zaida Collin. Norton was closely involved with mob boss Pat Musitano, who was shot and killed in Burlington, Ont. on July 10, 2020.
Ashley Morgan Bourget

Thursday, June 17, 2021

’Ndrangheta boss Ursino can't get a break

Giuseppe (Pino) UrsinoSenior underworld boss Giuseppe (Pino) Ursino, 68 has lost his appeal for parole. The decision by the parole board’s appeal division came after Ursino lost a March bid for parole, during which he argued COVID made him fear for his health. He refused the COVID vaccine when it was offered to him. His explanation was that he didn't know enough English. That didn't fly with the parole board. Ursino was sentenced to 11½ years in prison in Feb 2019 for conspiring to traffic cocaine and other charges, including gangsterism. In his trial, Ursino dismissed the secret police recordings used to nail him. A paid police agent called Ursino a senior member of the board of directors of the ’Ndrangheta in the GTA — called the “Camera Di Controllo.”
“The stupid words come out of my mouth,” Ursino testified. “What I’m talking is one thing. What I mean is another.”

$6.5m drug haul in Texas

Customs in Texas intercepted cocaine, meth and heroin from a commercial shipment valued at over $6.5m. Officers at the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge cargo facility found the drugs hidden in a shipment of floor tiles being transported by tractor-trailer from Mexico. The haul included 203 pounds of meth, 47 pounds of heroin, 78 pounds of cocaine and 5,100 pills with fentanyl.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Outlaw expansion in Nova Scotia causes angst

The rivalry between the Outlaws and the Hells Angels is no joke. The two OMGs have been bitter enemies for years. They have mostly avoided each other in Nova Scotia, with the Outlaws' clubhouse in Cape Breton. That changed in February when the Outlaws opened a chapter in Lake Echo, in Halifax. The HA haven't had an official chapter in Nova Scotia since 2001, when their Halifax chapter was busted. The HA maintain their hold through 10 puppet clubs.
In Nova Scotia, as elsewhere around the world, the Red Devils are the primary puppet club. The Outlaws have expanded into Halifax and onto Red Devils' turf. That could be seen as a direct challenge to the HA.
The Black Pistons support the Outlaws.
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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Diamond Secure - next encrypted phone service for gangsters? - Update

Pavlina Petrova is the face of ZARAconsult. ( A review: "one of the governors was associated with the Bulgarian mafia. His nickname is "George the Black" and his name is Georgi Vladimirov. This company works with the political mafia in Bulgaria. They are unscrupulous!" In 2018 Vladimirov was, according to twitter, deeply involved in crypto currency. See --> HERE
A recent report from Australia says the Hells Angels there are touting a new encrypted device called Diamond Secure for their drug operations. The bare bones site (which is a blog on Wordpress) promises ... "The device has multiple security layers that secure all communication channels against man-in-the-middle attacks." appears frequently in searches.
Address is Moskovska street 21B, 1000, Sofia, Bulgaria. Bulgaria is referred to as the EU’s mafia state. 80% of Bulgarians see corruption as widespread.

After minimal digging, its appearing A# (A-Sharp) is the computer outfit at that address. They tout their expertise in 'mobile' software and almost certainly are the dudes behind the operation. It appears another Wordpress blog as it uses various wordpress 'plug-ins'.
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Buddle moll to return to Australia

Ex-Comancheros bikie boss Mark Buddle fled Dubai for Iraq days before Australian cops carried out Operation Ironside, the country's largest ever crime bust. His wife, Mel Ter Wisscha is said to be returning to Australia with their two children. Buddle left Australia for Dubai eight years ago when cops suspected him of murder.
Buddle had an office in Ayik's Kings Cross Hotel in Istanbul.
Hakan Ayik is said to be trying to get himself and his family out of Turkey. He has been charged in the US with racketeering.
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