Sunday, October 17, 2021

Italian cop raid nets dormice—mafia delicacy

Italian cops found a cache of 235 frozen dormice, which are a protected species in Italy. They also found more in cages being fattened up for slaughter. The creatures are a favorite of the ’Ndrangheta, whose members believe eating them during important meetings brings wisdom. They are also on the menu when warring clans make peace. Dormice were widely consumed in ancient Rome, often stuffed with ground pork and pine nuts.
The dormouse population is in rapid decline both in number and range. Many species are extinct. Their habitat tends to be old woodland, which is also in decline.

Cocaine and illegal timber in Brazil's Amazon

Over 70% of logging in the northern state of Pará between August 2017 and July 2018 was illegal according to a study. Environmental crime is a low risk means of income for drug traffickers, with timber shipments being used to conceal drugs destined for foreign markets.

In total, the seizures amounted to nearly nine tons.
At least 16 major seizures of cocaine between 2017 and 2021 came when cocaine was concealed within shipments of timber for export.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Pablo Escobar’s hippos getting fixed

At his zenith in the 1990s Pablo Escobar’s syndicate built upon the insatiable appetite for cocaine made him one of the richest men in the world. With income peaking at more than $30 billion, the kingpin spent lavishly on his sprawling estates. The excesses of Hacienda Nápoles included a zoo stocked with exotic animals from around the world. Escobar brought four hippos to his estate before he was shot dead in 1993. They bred and multiplied to more than 80. Relocation isn’t simple, they are up to 3,000 pounds, territorial and extremely dangerous.
24 of the hippos have been given a chemical that makes them infertile. The 'cocaine hippos' were sterilized after worries grew over their environmental impact. The decision to neutralize the herd’s breeding comes after a study concluded they were a hazard.
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Pagans Boss Richter pleads guilty = 33 months

Richter agreed to a plea deal.
Pagans MC national president Keith “Conan” Richter, 62, pleaded guilty to a gun charge. See ---->‘Hellboy’ earns 4 years
The charge against Richter came after cops were tipped off by a rat that Richter had a loaded Ruger P345 during a party for the club in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Convicted felons cannot carry a gun.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Hitman Frédérick Silva sunk by 'Finder'

A transit ticket discovered by police dog 'Finder' had Frédérick Silva's fingerprint on it. It was found near the Laval car dealership where Alessandro Vinci was killed on Oct. 11, 2018. Finder was trained specifically to locate items recently handled by humans. The ticket was purchased on the day Vinci was shot and a timestamp on it indicated it was used at 7:04 p.m. Vinci was shot inside the car dealership 90 minutes later. Videotape footage and photos of Silva using the ticket at the Square-Victoria métro station and getting off at the Montmorency station in Laval less than an hour before Vinci was killed sealed the deal.
Silva's weapon from the attempted hit on Salvatore Scoppa.Frédérick Silva, 41, is accused of three murders and the attempted murder of mafioso Salvatore Scoppa on February 21, 2017. Alessandro Vinci was shot in Laval in October 2018; Yvon Marchand, a 51-year-old drug dealer was gunned down in October 2018, and Sébastien Beauchamp, 44, a former member of a Hells Angels farm club was shot in December 2018.

The hit on Scoppa was partially foiled by his armour plated Camry. It was even rigged with flashing police lights.
Windows are 1 cm thick

Colombo boss Victor Orena thinks he's President

Vittorio "Little Vic" Orena is a New York mobster who became the acting boss of the Colombo crime family. A challenge by Orena to jailed boss Carmine Persico triggered one of the bloodiest Mafia wars in New York history. Lawyers say he is so stricken with Alzheimer's that he thinks he is president of the United States.

Persico died in prison in 2019.
The once feared boss is 87 with advanced dementia and can no longer care for himself. He is wheelchair-bound. Orena has been in prison since 1992 after being sentenced to life plus 85 years. The Colombo conflict spiraled out of control in 1991. As the war progressed into 1992, Orena was convicted of murder and racketeering. By the end of 1992, the shooting war had ended and Persico remained in control of the Colombo family.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

HA Gregory Slewidge murdered - Update VI

OPP have released information on the murder of HA Greg Slewidge and are offering a $50k reward for information leading to an arrest. Shortly before he was brutally beaten to death, a dark-coloured sedan was seen entering the facility at 1864 Scotch Corners Rd. Slewidge had turned the building into a licensed grow op. There have been no arrests in the murder of full patch Gregory Slewidge.
The OPP are investigating the murder of Gregory Slewidge, 39, a member of the Hells Angels in Beckwith Township, Ottawa. Slewidge was found beaten to death in a home at 1864 Scotch Corners Rd. around 10:30 a.m.
The Hells Angels Nomads in Ottawa made their comeback in 2018 after violent in-fighting in the summer of 2016. For 20 years the Sherbrooke Hells Angels enjoyed huge profits from drug sales in Ottawa and Sudbury. The Nomads expanded there after arrests in 2009 decimated the Quebec HA. Drug revenue dwindled as the Nomads paid no tax. There would be consequences. On April 16, 2016 Ontario Nomads vice-president Phil Boudreault was shot off his bike in Lachute. He is said to be in a wheelchair. In August Martin Bernatchez, president, was shot three times in Sherbrooke. According to cops it was Ontario Nomads who broke club rules. When this happens the club doesn't hestitate in eliminating the problem.

Boudreault and Bernatchez in better days.
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RCMP investigating Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum

McCallum claims he was “verbally assaulted”. McCallum made a police complaint and a claim with ICBC for his injuries. Doug McCallum is 77 years old. RCMP are investigating a mischief charge linked to claims made by Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum. McCallum claimed he had been struck by a car driven by a woman with the group "Keep the RCMP in Surrey" in the parking lot of a Save-On-Foods store on September 4. He claimed he was ‘assaulted and run over’ at the pro-RCMP event. Video apparently says he's lying. The scandal plagued Surrey Police is his pet project. He has attacked "Keep the RCMP in Surrey" repeatedly, even banning the group from civic meetings.

Seeyomak Salemi-Seifoddin - "The Persian"

Guillaume Leblanc, Seeyomak Salemi Seifoddi, Mathieu Bélanger and Kaven Langlois. Sept 20, 2019.
Seeyomak 'The Persion' Salemi-Seifoddin was among those subject to raids in Montreal related to money laundering. He made headlines in December when cops raided businesses inside the HA connected Pro Gym, also as part of a money laundering probe. One building raided is owned by three HA of the South section Yves Leduc, Michel Guertin and Guy Dubé.
Amir Samim Firouz Salari was hit by gunfire in his vehicle. He is closely associated with 'The Persian' and the Montreal South HA.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Hells Angels bikie Dayne Brajkovich needs man makeup

Hells Angel Dayne Brajkovich might be needing to wear woman's makeup after a tough new law was passed in WA banning the public display of gang insignia. The new bill targets OMGs including the Hells Angels, Rebels, Bandidos, Gypsy Jokers and Coffin Cheaters by banning all wording associated with them in public.
Among Brajkovich's many tattoos are the word 'Hells Angels' on his forehead and '1%er' on his neck. Cops suggest he needs to buy cases of 'band-aids' to walk the streets of Perth. Brajkovich couldn't be missed at a court appearance. He was wearing a red and black HAMC jersey, along with a Gucci cap, sunglasses and a massive gold chain, bracelet and watch. His pretty shoes were likewise designer club colours.

Brajkovich, 41, faced Perth Court, not the fashion police, and was fined $300, plus $248 in court costs. He pleaded guilty to entering a premises where he was barred. It is not known if they had a dress code for circus clowns.
HA bikie Dayne Brajkovich, who bashed Rebels boss Nick Martin weeks before his public assassination, was targeted in a drive-by. Shots were fired at Brajkovich’s home in Ascot in early March 2021. Nobody was injured. A stolen black Porsche was later found burnt out nearby.
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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Surrey police chief Norm Lipinski = $21,943 in overtime, so far

Oinker Norm Lipinski has hit the jackpot.
Surrey’s incoming swine chief Norm Lipinski is drawing fire for the $21,943 in overtime he's booked in less than 8 months. The new piggy boss has a base salary of $285k. Lipinski has billed taxpayers for about 160 extra hours, or close to five hours per week for his valuable services. The overtime revelation came from a freedom of information request. Had that not happened taxpayers would still be ignorant. Surrey Coun. Brenda Locke called the overtime payments to Lipinski “shameful” and “ridiculous.” Former West Vancouver police chief Kash Heed expressed his own shock at the overtime bill. “It is unheard of in the police community that a chief or any executive officer gets paid overtime. The practice is they keep a book and use that as time off.”
Surrey estimated the new piggy force would cost $45m but that figure rose to $63.7m. The final bill will be far higher and it doesn't take a genius to figure out that larceny is the problem. Opponents of Norm Lipinski (2 elderly ladies from "Keep the RCMP in Surrey") learned he uses a private email while doing public business.
They were threatened with a lawsuit on Aug 18, 2021. The cease and desist letter from Keri Bennett at Roper Greyell accused them of “unlawfully use and distribute [Lipinski’s] personal email address.”
Lipinski, while Deputy Chief on the Delta Police, hired a public relations firm for $43,666.88 of public money to “defend” the actions of Chief Neil Dubord’s wife on Centennial Beach on June 6, 2020. Lorraine Dubord was investigated for possible assault and threats after the incident, when she sprayed Kiran Sidhu with a hose.

Cops on the hunt for boss of Mönchengladbach Hells Angels

A big rocker raid in Germany in September resulted in cops hunting for Ramin Yektaparast, 33. He is the boss of the Mönchengladbach charter. He shot another member in 2014. Yektaparast and two accomplices dismembered the body and disposed of it in the Rhine and the Rhine-Herne Canal. First an arm and later the victim's torso and head were found in the water. He began wearing a 'filthy few' patch after the killing.
Cops say Yektaparast has fled to Iran. The rocker's Instagram profile suggests that he is there. The country has no extradition treaty with Germany. Ramin Yektaparast used to be with the Bandidos, defected to the Hells Angels in 2012 and then founded the charter in Mönchengladbach.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Hells Angels of the animal kingdom - feral hogs

Wild hogs are described in many ways. Deleterious and invasive is the most generous.
Others include nasty, vicious, super-adaptable, crafty and disease laden. The feral hog's hellish impact on food chains, irrigation, recreation, and land replenishment are well known. Born of escaped domestic hogs and wild boars imported by sport hunters, they are prolific. Beginning at six months of age a sow (sounder) can spit out 12 piglet litters twice a year. The hellions have few, if any, predators tough enough to take them on. In Canada in the 1980s, Russian boars and European hogs landed as seed stock for meat production and controlled hunting. Oikers escaped, went feral and reproduced. Their numbers in Canada aren't clear, but they have exploded in number over the past decade.
Their range now spreads over nearly 800,000 sq km, mostly on the Prairies.
Its said the tough basterds make excellent eating. Montana has a “Squeal on Pigs” program. Citizens are urged to report the swine so they can be dispatched.