Friday, August 19, 2022

Battle of the Billionaires

The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that $5m of Vince McMahon's $19.6m in unrecorded company expenses went to Trump's shuttered charity, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, in 2007 and 2009. The payments were made in years when Trump — who was a reality TV star on NBC's "The Apprentice" at the time — made appearances at WWE events, including 2007's WrestleMania 23 "Battle of the Billionaires" and WWE's Monday night showcase "Raw," in 2009. The WWE earlier stated in a regulatory filing that the company had uncovered nearly $20m of McMahon's personal expenses.

HA Richard 'Dick' Mayrand accused of failing to declare money at customs

HA Richard 'Dick' Mayrand is accused of failing to declare how much money he was bringing into Canada when he returned to the country. He is alleged to have violated a section of Canada’s Proceeds of Crime and Terrorist Financing Act. Mayrand was left with a 16-year prison term, one of the longest sentences to come out of Operation Springtime 2001. Mayrand became a leader in the Nomads chapter after Maurice (Mom) Boucher was arrested for ordering the deaths of 2 prison guards. Mayrand said he quit the Hells Angels in 2009 and even covered up his tattoos.
He joined the Nomads chapter on Jan. 17, 2000, after being a member of the Montreal chapter for 15 years. One of the highlights of his parole hearing came when the commissioner chastised him for being loyal to the HAMC despite murdering his brother, Michel, in the Lennoxville massacre in 1985.
Visibly shaken, Mayrand was silent before declaring: "I don't know what to say to you, sir. My brother had broken some rules. I was 20, it was a way of thinking, a different way of seeing things. I did not see myself leaving the club, I had just arrived. And even if I had left the club, my brother was no longer there, it wouldn't have changed anything."
"All my friends were in the club."
The alleged offence occurred in Montreal on Feb. 28 and Mayrand has been summoned to appear in court in September. The summary offence comes with a maximum fine of $250k or a maximum two-year prison term.

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Trending - "they even broke into my safe" - ‘It’s not theirs, it’s mine’

An 18-month struggle between the government and Trump ended in an F.B.I. search and retrieval operation.
The NY Times is reporting Trump admitted to a Federal crime - deliberately stealing American top secret documents. “They’re mine,” three of Trump’s advisers said that he stated repeatedly when he was urged to return boxes of documents, some of them highly classified, that the National Archives sought after Trump took them to Mar-a-Lago in January 2021.

Trump's angst over his safe being cracked is trending.

Trump said that Mar-a-Lago was “under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents” and added, “they even broke into my safe.”
A 'SCIF', Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. (safe room)

Dead scuba diver, 55kg cocaine surface in NSW - update III

Oz cops have said there is a good chance Jhoni Fernandes Da Silva De is dead - killed as a result of the failed cocaine operation. 'If you're a decent criminal group and you've had arrests, you wouldn't leave loose ends hanging,' a police source said.
The diver found dead in Newcastle harbour has been identified as Brazilian Bruno Borges, 31. Cops have issued a warrant for the arrest of the second diver, Jhoni Fernandes Da Silva.

James Blee, 62, was arrested in Far North Queensland while trying to board a flight to Singapore.
Cops say the original shipment of drugs weighed up to 300kg. Only 100kg made its way into Australian waters and the remaining 200kg ended up in Indonesia. Indonesian authorities say the drugs they found floating in four black packages near Java's Merak Port weighed 179kg — making it a record haul for the country.
Cops in New South Wales found 110 pounds of cocaine, estimated to be worth about $14m, along with the body of a diver washed up on a riverbank. The diver was wearing expensive scuba equipment including a “rebreather” that lets a person breathe underwater without producing a trail of bubbles. The cocaine came from the nearby cargo ship Areti, a Marshall Islands vessel that had arrived from Argentina on Sunday. 46kg of cocaine from the bulk carrier made its way onto Australia and cops are looking for a second diver.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Stitches busts self - update

Cop body camera video sheds light on the events leading to the arrest of Phillip Katsabanis, the South Florida rapper better known as Stitches. Bay Harbor Islands police arrested Katsabanis, whose albums include “Cocaine Holiday,” “I Need Rehab” and “Married to the Bricks,” on charges of felony cocaine possession and misdemeanor discharge of a firearm.

Stitches rose to fame in the mid-2010s with the single "Brick in Yo Face." His star has faded since.
Stitches (Phillip Katsabanis) called cops on himself, claiming four men were hiding in his business. When police arrived, they didn't find anything to corroborate his claim. They did uncover cocaine and a weapon.
Stitches is said to have asked the people to leave multiple times. When police arrived at the scene, there were no signs of a break-in or struggle and the shop was empty. Stitches bonded out of jail.

VPD oinkers get exercise beating homeless - update

Chaos erupted on the Downtown Eastside yesterday as City of Vancouver staff and firefighters started the process of clearing tents and structures from the sidewalk on Hastings Street. A confrontation by police led to a street battle as ever more cops flooded the area. Street people hate and do not trust the VPD for obvious reasons. Sending an army of asshole cops into the situation is a guaranteed recipie for conflict. BC Housing said that it has nowhere for people to go given the short notice provided by authorities.
'Aero' lives in a DTES alley. Aero said he was charged with assaulting police after he went to the aid of a friend trying to help a walker-dependent man who was on the ground and surrounded by cops. "We weren't trying to instigate anything," he said. "It was just they pushed down one of our [VANDU] members, and my colleague saw that happen, and he was trying to help him to get up. And then he got intercepted by cops and got beaten down. And then I saw that happen, so I tried to go and help him, and then I got thrown down, and I started getting beaten up." He said the charge was related to him allegedly biting an officer. Aero smiled to show he had no front teeth.
Randy Crossan says police pushed him to the ground.

2 busted after 441kg cocaine seizure in BVI

Royal Virgin Islands cops busted Pedro Samuel Sr. and Reno Alphonso, 27, after a search of their vessel returned 441kg of cocaine. The BVI has been seen as a hub for drug traffickers, and the April arrest of former BVI Premier Andrew Fahie suggests that criminal activity has reached the highest levels of government. The case is currently set to go to trial on Jan. 17. Fahie, who is facing life in prison if convicted, was replaced as premier by Natalio Wheatley.
See ----->British Virgin Islands premier busted for cocaine in US sting

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

9 New York mobsters busted for racketeering/money laundering

For a decade, families visited a small coffee shop in suburban Long Island for pastries and gelato. Most were unaware of the longstanding gambling operation playing out just feet away from them: a secret underground gambling den in the store. Several across the island and in Queens served as a front for two of New York’s oldest crime families. The Long Island coffee shop alone typically earned them more than $10k per week. When other gambling clubs threatened their turf, Nassau County detective Hector Rosario, 49, offered to conduct police raids on the rival clubs in exchange for payments. 9 members and associates of the Genovese and Bonanno clans, and the dirty cop, were charged in a racketeering case.

Carmelo Polito
The Gran Caffe was opened around May 2012 and members of the two clans agreed on a profit split. The pattern was similar at the other fronts, which included Sal’s Shoe Repair in Merrick, N.Y., and La Nazionale Soccer Club in Queens.

Bonanno capo Anthony Pipitone
Genovese family capo Carmelo Polito, 63, threatened and extorted money from a man who lost several thousand dollars in bets, saying he would break the man’s face in a taped October 2019 call.

Gregory Woolley abode in tax crosshairs - update

A fire broke out in the garage of the home of Gregory Woolley on August 14. It is said it was not unanimous among all Hells Angels when Woolley plotted the attempted hit on Raynald Desjardins.

Wooley has his own reasons for wanting to live elsewhere. In early May, the house next door was mistakenly targeted by gunfire. Shortly after, shell casings were discovered on the property.  Both incidents were seen as targeting Woolley directly.
The house, listed for sale at $3.8m, is registered to Christelle Huot, 37. Revenu Québec is trying to recover a debt from her to the tune of $80,000. If Christelle Huot fails to pay within the allotted time, the luxurious home with a 400 bottle wine cellar, built-in sound system, in-ground swimming pool, separate staff accommodation and a 70,000 square foot wooded lot, could be seized. The former reality TV contestant's financial troubles don't end there. A Bahamian loan company she took out one of her mortgages with issued a notice of default for over $650k in July 2021. The amount remains outstanding.
See ----->Gregory Woolley being sent a message

Trump raided by FBI - takes the 5th - Update IV

It was thought Rudy Guiliani would be thrown under the bus by Trump in 2019. A body can make book it will happen this time. The FBI seized 11 sets of restricted or secret documents including 1 ultra top secret 'signals intelligence', which are intercepted phone or email communications. Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information is a level of classification above top secret. These are among the most sensitive types of classified material the US has. Any 'normal' citizen caught with these documents would be in jail.
The list includes four sets of "top secret documents", three sets of "secret documents", and three sets of "confidential" documents.
Trump pushed back on reports that some of the documents the FBI sought at Mar-a-Lago included information related to nuclear weapons. “Nuclear weapons issue is a Hoax, just like Russia, Russia, Russia was a Hoax, two Impeachments were a Hoax, the Mueller investigation was a Hoax, and much more. Same sleazy people involved.” Trump said on his 'Truth Social'. The Washington Post reported the FBI was seeking documents containing information on nuclear weapons. Trump is suggesting documents were planted.
Vito Genovese, the 'king of the rackets,' invoked a Fifth Amendment plea more than 150 times in 1958 as a Senate committee accused him of crimes from racketeering to murder. In 1959, his reign as boss ended when he was convicted on narcotics conspiracy charges and sentenced to 15 years in prison. He died there in 1969.
During a campaign stop in September 2016, Trump compared those who invoke the Fifth Amendment to mobsters. The former president invoked his right against self-incrimination a reported 400 times during a deposition at the New York attorney general’s office. In a lengthy, boring statement, Trump blasted New York Attorney General Letitia James as being politically motivated and alleged he "did nothing wrong." Yet again Trump claims a 'witch hunt'.
“These are dark times for our nation” Trump declared when he announced his mansion at Mar-A-Lago had been raided by FBI agents on Monday night. Dorkus Eric Trump gave Fox news his expert take on the raid. The FBI's raid was related to the materials the former president brought to his private residence after his presidency concluded. FBI officers left with 20 boxes of documents.
Trump failed to meet the requirements of the national Archives Act by keeping the documents, instead of turning them over at the conclusion of his presidency. Some contained classified materials.

B.J. Penn loses Republican primary - claims voter fraud

Former UFC fighter B.J. Penn came in second in his bid to win the Republican primary in Hawaii, but has refused to conceed defeat. Duke Aiona beat Penn with 51% of the votes, with Penn at 25%. In 2020, he flipped his car and was arrested on suspicion of DUI. In 2021, earned a second DUI arrest, complete with a video where he screams obscenities at cops.

Jailhouse meth ring boss recalled to prison - framed probably

A gangster who ran a meth ring while in jail for shooting a Mongrel Mob president and assaulting another Mobster has been recalled to prison after breaching his parole. Brian Paul Taylor claims he has been clean of drugs since the mid-1990s. His latest breach involved smoking meth. Taylor was granted parole in May after serving almost all of a 20-year term. He shot then Mongrel Mob president Sovite Su’a with a .22 rifle fitted with a telescopic sight in 2003 in a revenge attack.

Taylor, a Black Power member, did a smorgasbord of crimes.

Monday, August 15, 2022

500 grams of cocaine & 216 grams of fentanyl =

Locals in Thunder Bay are wondering how Claire Richards-Irwin was ordered released from the Thunder Bay Correctional Center, Monday August 15, 2022 on $25k no deposit bail. Thunder Bay cops arrested her and passenger Tyson Anthony Walker on August 10, 2022 with a huge stash, ready for distribution. Cops conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle containing the Toronto dealers heading the wrong way down a one way street shortly before noon. On Apr 27, 2021 Claire Richards-Irwin was charged after leaving the scene of a car accident drunk.

Trump thinks he's President - senile


Donald J. Trump



America has never suffered this kind of ABUSE in Law Enforcement! For the FBI to RAID the home of the 45 President of the United States, or any President for that matter, is totally unheard of and unthinkable. This Break In was a sneak attack on democracy (our Republic!), and was both unannounced and done at a time when the President was not even present. It was for political, not legal reasons, and our entire Country is angry, hurt, and greatly embarrassed by it. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Holy snap we say. We have long suspected Trump was on the fast track for fronto-temporal dementia and here it is. Trump will be thinking he's Napoleon and wearing his underpants on his head pretty soon.
See ----->Frontotemporal dementia
See ----->Trump’s body tics, gait, and forward-leaning posture

UK drug dealer no college athlete

On July 5, 2021, around noon police officers stopped a grey Mercedes in Southampton. Kiran Porter, 25, stepped out to give cops his details. He then reached through the car window, grabbed a bag and ran from police. Cops detained him nearby soon after as the fat drug dealer wasn't used to running like a dog. During the subsequent chase Porter tried to grab a police Taser and assaulted one of the officers before being overpowered and handcuffed. Inside the bag was a pistol with a silencer, 50 bullets, and £24k in cocaine.
Porter was sentenced to five years and six months.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Trump minions/defenders eating chit on live TV

It must take ultra large stones for these types to even show their dopey mugs. Amazingly, Trump demanded the return of documents this morning in another unhinged post on his 'Truth Social'.
Rep. Elise Stefanik, ripped 'Biden's DOJ' for blatant politicization against Trump after the raid. She called the search "complete abuse"

Oz mobster Mick Gato to build playgrounds for autistic

Oz underworld veteran Mick Gatto has failed again in a defamation case over an ABC article he says accused him of threatening to kill lawyer Nicola Gobbo. Initially Gatto asked for an apology, but later sought the “maximum payout”. It was tossed and Gatto was ordered to pay costs. Latest for Gato is a charity that is raising money to build playgrounds in Melbourne for children with autism.
Gatto was involved in a well publicized Salvation Army event in 2019. "I wish youse would leave me alone with this sort of stuff, I'm trying to do the right thing," Gatto said, "If I can contribute to society I'm very happy to do it."

'Dapper' Danny Hogan

Daniel P. Hogan 1905 Age 22
"Dapper" Danny Hogan (ca. 1880 - December 4, 1928) was a charismatic underworld figure and boss of Saint Paul, Minnesota's Irish Mob during Prohibition. His connections to cops of the deeply corrupt St. Paul Police Department made him hugely rich. Police Chief John "The Big Fellow" O'Connor of Saint Paul allowed criminals to operate in the city as long as they checked in with police, paid a small bribe and promised not to kill, kidnap, or rob within city limits. St. Paul was a safe haven for gangsters from 1900 to 1936 — as long as they conducted their criminal shenanigans elsewhere.

Notorious gangsters like John Dillinger, Al Capone, “Babyface” Nelson, Ma Barker, Alvin Karpis, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow all made Minnesota stops.
On December 4, 1928, Dapper Dan got behind the wheel of his Paige coupe and turned on the ignition. A bomb located beneath the floorboards detonated and blew off his right leg. He slipped into a coma at the hospital and died nine hours after the blast. Although the murder is still considered unsolved, declassified FBI files reveal that the most likely person responsible was Harry Sawyer, Hogan's underboss.