Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mark Turner, Securities Retard, Strikes Again

We have followed the long running blog of mouthpiece Mr. Mark Turner over at incakolanews for many moons.

One might, at first, be semi-impressed in the fact that Mr. Turner seems to know the basics about mining. Thats wonderful but after a while his selective intelligence reveals the fact he's a wicked Tard, mindlessly touting his picks (which he presumably holds) to whomever is stupid enough to listen.
Trouble in paradise began with the man's ridiculous touting of Rio Alto Mining (RIO.t) while deliberately failing to disclose significant insider selling. Telling only part of the truth is reserved for securities scumbags, not those laughingly holding themselves out to be "journalists".

The final insult came with the news of a road blockade. Did Mr. Turner feel any obligation whatever to inform his constituency after spoon feeding them RIO rubbish for scores of months? Of course not. He sent an "update" to his subscribers about the large RIO problem but feels no obligation whatever to spill the beans to his adoring public.
Mr. Mark Turner is at best a PoS and at worse no better than the lowest scumbag Venture promoter flipping off paper. After following his dopey picks for some time my only question is who would actually PAY to be lied to by an unethical chitbag? Beats the hell outta me.

Mr. Turner's site hasn't changed in years, is truly ugly and provides nothing unique. Without question it could dissappear tomorrow and it wouldn't be missed one iota. Perhaps Mr. Turner should take the hint.