Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Brett Matich revisited - CEV.v

It has been a while and what has our anti-hero of sickening proportion Mr. Brett Matich and his Hairless/Bumring tagteam of Venture value creation been up to?

For some unknowable reason (ahuck) Crap-X (CEV.V) sewered large and was all of $ .01 bid. Our massive value creationists did a 1 for 4 rollback and now the paper is bid $ .03. Aresome way to go boyos, butt we ain't done yet.
"The TSX Venture Exchange has accepted for filing Cap-Ex Iron Ore Ltd.'s proposal to issue 2.5 million shares to settle outstanding debt for $250,000. Creditors: one Insider: Sunrise Drilling Ltd. (Andrew Bowering, Graham Harris and Brett Matich) 2.5 million shares at 10 cents.

Whats this all about? Venture doggies will ACCRUE their salaries and gratuities when the money is gonzo (which never takes long) and then issue ultra rock bottom paper to themselves to settle the imaginary "debt". The gruesome threesome are screwing dumdums in preparation for the next promo for dopos at which point they will blow out this total chit for whatever they can get. Again.
So we keep saying tracking (and avoiding) career securities reprobates is never rocket science and proof of that lives through the textbook provided by the terrible threesome.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

E-Mail from Robert Bruce Duncan - CCB.v

"Too funny coming from a registered sex offender. No one cares what you say ppppffffftttttt loser"

So a body REALLY has to wonder what is going through that man's grey material. He openly accuses others (many, many times) of criminal acts yet in the next breath is spewing grotesquely outrageous lies, presumably to inflame and bait people to the greatest degree possible.

Mr. Robert Bruce Duncan is proving conclusively he isn't that much of a man ... he is also proving conclusively he should not be running a dog chit collection business. It is this opinion Mr. Robert Bruce Duncan is suffering from a severe mental illness and needs help and right now.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Robert Bruce Duncan chits on BCSC daily - CCB.v

So our anti-hero of massive, back slapping proportion continues to post "ad naseum" on Stockhouse. Here's the latest CONFIRMED public spewing of Mr. Robert Bruce Duncan.
"WolverineTrader. The time has come for people to fully understand what is behind your posting behavior. As some of you are aware, Canada Carbon and myself have filed a number of criminal complaints with the Peel Regional Police in Ontario. Specifically, one of the complaints was filed against WolverineTrader.

Subsequent to the investigation which has been handed off now to a Criminal Cyber Unit, it will ultimately be decided by a Crown Counsel whether charges should be filed. I can confirm that Canada Carbon and its management has made it very clear that we will press charges.

In closing, no officers or directors of publicly traded companies or their family members should be the subject of criminal harassment and the uttering of the threats.

Bruce Duncan, CEO Canada Carbon Inc."

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard/v.ccb/canada-carbon-inc#ffSOelptCWsoueaX.99
So not only is Mr. Duncan openly chitting on existing stakeholders through grotesquely flawed disclosure ... he CONTINUES to bait and threaten the public at every possible turn. Posting on SH is a very direct, very obvious securities offense. Why then does Mr. Duncan keep doing it every waking hour?
The very simple bottom line here is that Mr. Robert Bruce Duncan has been busted multiple times breaking securities laws and since he keeps doing it he must believe the rules simply don't apply to him at all.

That pretty well sums up the useless as fukkin hell BCSC and a body could probably march in with Mr. Duncan's affidavit and those useless fukkers would STILL be "good" for fuk all.

Regarding Mr. Duncan's stooopidity related to the many, many threats of criminal charges against the public? The man is appearing to be losing touch with reality, and the fact he spends every hour on SH makes that conclusion obvious. It's HIS conduct that is both improper and yes, illegal.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Super Save Group - King Sized Dirty Turds - UPDATE II

"Maria Martini, Executive Director and Founder of the Food For Famine Society, receives a $100,000 donation from the Super Save Group (left to right: Phil and Sylvie Vandekerkhove), at the Food For Famine Society’s Corporate Breakfast, October 15, 2012, which was held in honour of World Food Day."

Bloody Damn Wonderful. When the cameras are around this enterprise is the greatest thing to humanity since Jesus. When they aren't this PoS will break every rule in the book. We call that massive large hypocrisy.

Put another way, the money this co saves by being a complete corporate chitbag is being used for tax deductions and PR purposes.


A review of Yelp reveals SIX reviews ... ALL highly negative.

"I would stay away from this company due to past experiences. "

"From the moment I started being a customer of Super Save, I was disappointed."

"Stay Away. Biggest mistake we ever made."

"I would highly recommend that no one use super-save disposal"

"I have same experience with Ryan M. Engaging with Super Save Disposal will give you bunch of headaches."

"In the end, I just don't want anyone else to go through the same experience as we did. I NEVER write reviews or complaints... but I really feel like I need to tell the world that super-save has horrendous service and I would never ever in my whole life do business with them again. I encourage other people who have had bad service with them to complain to the BBB as well as the ministry of consumer services."


"The Super Save Group of Companies prides itself on efficient service. Our goal is to ensure that our customers’ needs and expectations are consistently exceeded. We set high service standards for all our divisions. Our ability to sustain these high standards has enabled us to satisfy thousands of customers in a variety of industries since 1977. "


"One of B.C.’s top-earning companies has again been fined for illegally operating a garbage transfer station that government says sidesteps recycling regulations. Super Save Disposal Inc. was fined $70,000 by the courts in 2005 for operating without a permit in Surrey.

Earlier this month, it was fined $145,000 for the same offence at a different Surrey location.

According to an agreed statement of facts, the Super Save Group — parent of the disposal arm — was ranked 77th out of the top revenue-generating companies in B.C. in 2012, and is the fourth-largest commercial waste disposal operator in the province. In both cases, Metro Vancouver regional district had identified and warned the company that its transfer stations — which are delivery points for garbage sorting or compacting — was not licensed, according to the provincial court.

In the end of each case, the company decided to shut down the operation instead of applying for the proper regulation — which would have included a number of associated application, administration and disposal fees.

In the most recent case, the 19395 Langley Bypass site continued operating until August 2013, according to the statement of facts, despite being told of the violation in February 2012. According to Rasode, Surrey has also filed charges against Super Save for allegedly “ignoring zoning requirements” for a recycling depot at 19388 - 92nd Ave., despite repeated city notices.

The city’s regulations, she indicated, requires recycling depots to be inside a building, but the property at 92nd Avenue is a vacant site."
And our highly outraged opinion this time? This here complete PoS enterprise is managed by confirmed crooked retards who deserve to sit behind a set of iron bars instead of a desk for a while.

Regulatory fines SHOULD increase exponentially for a deliberate multiple offender and by rights this utter disgrace bloody well should be fined right OUT of so called "business". SCREW these horrid fukkin unethical chitbags. Grrrrrrrr.



General Inquiries:
Toll Free: 1-800-665-2800
Email: contacts@supersave.ca

Head Office:
19395 Langley Bypass, Surrey, BC V3S 6K1
P: (604) 533-4423 F: 1 (888) 808-0080 fax

Bernice Louie, Owner

Robert Vandekarkhove, Owner

Dave Pertelson, Owner