Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Robert Bruce Duncan spanked by OSC - CCB.v - UPDATE

Our anti-hero continues to insult and this time, again, we MUST wonder what our man is using for grey material.

MOST busted red-handed securities retards would have figured out that its time to cease and desist. Does that apply to Mr. Robert Bruce Duncan and his very open posting on SH?

To: Arctic99
Date: 3/13/2015 11:08:54 AM
Subject: Your Defamatory Comments are Duly Noted
"Without Prejudice"

As you know, there are legal remedies for slander and libel and this inbox will serve as Canada Carbon's only notice to you. Absent a retraction and apology regarding your outrageous and egregious statements by Monday, March 16, 2015 Canada Carbon will review our legal options including obtaining a court order seeking your identification from Stockhouse.

Govern yourself accordingly.

Bruce Duncan, CEO
Canada Carbon Inc

I gave you notice privately to adhere to our caution and since you cared to mischaracterize the notice I am now presenting the notice for all to see.

Bruce Duncan, CEO
Canada Cabon Inc.

ps. I am available at 905-813-8408 if you care to reconsider your position as others have done."

Robert Bruce Duncan
Robert Bruce Duncan puts yet ANOTHER feather in that dopey cap of his. Take yet ANOTHER bow Sir, you are a flaming securities reprobate and dufus fully beyond polite description in normal company.

Pffffffft !!!!

As a result of a continuous disclosure review by the staff of the Ontario Securities Commission, Canada Carbon Inc. is issuing the following news release to retract and clarify its disclosure.

Restricted disclosure of economic analysis

National Instrument 43-101 restricts the disclosure of the results of an economic analysis prior to completing at least a preliminary economic assessment based on at least inferred mineral resources to support the disclosure.

The company's corporate presentations dated January, 2015, and February, 2015, contained statements which may have been potentially misleading, in that they related to topics such as forecast production rates, operating cost estimates, potential product sales and potential years of mine life. Given that the company's April 25, 2014, technical report on the Miller graphite property does not address mineral resources, it is potentially misleading for the company to disclose information related to anticipated economic viability and planned production."

TOTALLY unreal is the Hapless Donut Gang and LeaderTard Robert Bruce Duncan. For the good of the public that wicked large K9 should be banned from Canadian securities markets for an extended period.