Sunday, September 13, 2015

HA Joseph Skreptak and associate Cory Montemurro

Joseph Skreptak
September 30, 2014. KELOWNA – Guilty on all counts. That’s the judge’s ruling Tuesday in the trial of a full-patch member of the Kelowna Hells Angels and an alleged associate of the biker gang. Joseph Skreptak and Cory Montemurro were each charged with a dozen offenses after RCMP pulled over a speeding vehicle near Salmon Arm on a snowy night in November 2010.

Police found three loaded handguns, a sawed-off shot gun, knives, clubs, masks, body armour, bear spray and an electronic jamming device to prevent cell phone communication.

Cory Montemurro
They also found a hand drawn map to a residence on Bolton Road in Tappen. Montemurro didn’t testify in his own defence.

But Skreptak told the court he had no idea any of the weapons or other items were in the vehicle, despite having a latex glove with nine rounds of .38 calibre handgun ammunition tucked into his sock.

Joseph Skreptak
Skreptak joined the Hells Angels because he loves motorbikes and appreciates what they do for disadvantaged children, his lawyer said at his sentencing. “One aspect of the Hells Angles is their commitment to the welfare of children. He tells me they’re involved in fundraising events for . . . children having significant times, such as suffering from leukemia."

The Crown is seeking a seven-year prison term for both men. Montemurro is asking for three years and Skreptak, four. B.C. Supreme Court Justice Al Betton has reserved his decision until January. When he sentenced Skreptak to 26 months for aggravated assault in 2013, the judge referred to his membership in the HA as an aggravating factor.
February 24. A Kelowna man who recently went to prison for charges relating to a heavily armed drive through the outer reaches of the Shuswap has been set free, for the time being. In a decision released this week, Cory Joseph Montemurro, 45, was granted judicial interim release pending the hearing of his appeal from conviction. Release was granted with a list of 22 conditions, $500,000 and a promise to enter the written component of his appeal by no later than August of this year.
Montemurro had only been sentenced to five years in prison alongside well known Kelowna Hells Angel Joseph Skreptak a month earlier, but was given an all but instant reprieve due to the intent to appeal submitted Jan. 20.