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Micheal Plante - undercover police agent put a dozen Hells Angels in jail

Micheal Plante (face blocked) infiltrated the ranks of the Vancouver Hells Angels, including top-member Louie Robinson (center left) and drug dealer Randy Potts (right)
During the multi-year sting, Micheal Plante went from a bar bouncer and weight lifter who wanted to make a difference to the man responsible for putting 12 of the gang’s members in jail.
It took years for Plante to fully integrate with the East End crew, who were led by John Bryce (sixth from left)
He eventually became a bouncer at a local strip club, the Marble Arch, which doubled as one of the gang’s watering holes. On one night, Plante made the decision to kick out an associate of the Angels who was on a drunken rampage.

The move was seen as smart rather than disrespectful and it earned him a personal thank-you from Louie Robinson, one of the senior Angels and the half-brother of the local chapter’s president John Bryce.
It wasn't until he began to rise up the ranks that Plante began to ride a motorcycle, one the police helped him pay for. Throughout the summer of 2003, he met with police a number of times as an informant, getting paid after providing specifics about times the gang dealt meth or intimidated witnesses. It wasn’t until 2004 that Plante actually became an undercover agent, earning him both immunity from illegal actions and an official salary. In turn, he also had to wear a wire so that police could build up a legitimate case against the Angels.

After months of grunt duties for the gang, Plante was made an ‘official friend', showing that he was making strides and earning their trust.
One milestone came when he was told to get a bag and pick up some guns that Potts had stored at his elderly mother’s home, for fear that they were going to be raided by police. He ended up picking up a collection of machine guns, rifles- and even grenades. He turned them over to the police and made up a series of excuses about why they couldn’t access them.

Anxiety, exhaustion, and frustration finally reached a tipping point for Plante in January 2005, when he was overlooked by the group and not given the title of an official Angel, when they chose the son of John Bryce instead.

Lloyd (Louie) Robinson is pictured outside the clubhouse on East Georgia after it was raided on July 15, 2005.

Angels President John Bryce stands outside the clubhouse after police raid in July 2005
Plante was paid two installments of $500,000- the first after leaving. The second payment came on October 30, 2012, when the final charge of the multi-pronged was upheld and a dozen gang members were found guilty of various charges.

Six pled guilty to drug-related charges, including Jonathan Bryce Jr. Others, including meth cooks and traffickers, were all sentenced as well. Potts faced multiple charges.
A surveillance video obtained by CBC News shows a 2005 incident in the Vancouver downtown area where two members of the Hells Angels jumped the line at a nightclub and punched a bouncer to the ground.

The video shows Ronaldo Lising punching a bouncer outside the Au Bar nightclub on Seymour Street, while Rob Alvarez was kicking him. The May 2005 attack came after the bouncer told the pair to wait their turn.

Lloyd Peter Robinson, son of Louie Robinson, severely beat a cab driver over a $ 5.40 fare in 2013.

Jonathan Bryce Jr

Lloyd Peter Robinson

Monday, October 26, 2015

Tom Winnifrith - Shareprophets.com - Confidence Man = Damian Antony Conboy

Damian Antony Conboy - holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia. Mt Lawley High School. He began his career at Potter Warburg stockbrokers in Perth, Western Australia. He moved to UK in 1999.

More recently, he worked as Managing Director of Exchange Minerals Limited of which he was a director. In August 1999, Mr Conboy was barred by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission ("ASIC") from acting as a representative of a securities dealer or an investment adviser in Australia for a period of two years. ASIC found that Mr Conboy did not perform his duties efficiently, honestly and fairly and was not a fit and proper person to be a representative.
So it was the wicked large stupid arseyhole himself who clued me in to who he actually was ... I just didn't really give a flying forksky. Some might. So a body can pretty easily compare dead crooked, tweeking moose anus. It also explains nicely why the dope KNOWS Mick "Many Names" Shemesian ... he's been up that dirty hole for years.
Lets go on a journey into the world of share tipping and start with the background of one Mr Tom Zaccheus Winnfrith. Winnifrith, the self-styled ‘Sherriff of AIM’, was born on 12th January 1968. He has been married four times: Helen Norton in 1988, Ceri Sullivan in 1993, Sarah Thomas in 1998 and Ruth Garrett in 2004. He is now living with a woman called Monisha Varadan, to whom, in YouTube videos posted on his blog, he refers as his ‘wife’.

In September 2012, following his exit from Rivington Street, Winnifrith launched the online tipping service, Nifty Fifty, where he was joined two months later by former T1ps man, Steve Moore. Following that, Nifty Fifty was joined by Lucien Miers, who Winnifrith describes as “the UK’s most cerebral short seller … he truly is the ‘numbers man’ in the bear community”.
The ShareProphets website churns out regular attacks and has Tom Winnifrith quoting Cawkwell comments on shares. ...it is clear he has been the subject of complaints to the FSA and FCA.

Tom Winnifrith (Damian Antony Conboy)
Lets put them together for saviour of the downtrodden, hero to the public, and all around saint Mr. John (Tom) Winnifrith (Damian Antony Conboy) from http://www.shareprophets.com/.
Lately a few useless hangers-on have prompted me to waste my time and review this flaming fukkin dope's material.

Tom Winnifrith (Damian Antony Conboy)

Tom Winnifrith (Damian Antony Conboy)
Our boyotard begs for money daily like a $10 buttplugging whoore, claiming a conspiracy of global evil empire proportion is suing him (gasp) for his efforts at bringing truth and justice everywhere. COMPLETE and TOTAL BULLSHIT from start to finish is what that is.

IF Mr. Winnifrith (Damian Antony Conboy) is getting sued its because he deliberately taunts his targets, because, drumroll, without legal threats he has NO REASON to beg from pure stupid people.

Tom Winnifrith (Damian Antony Conboy)
So we could say much about Mr. Winnifrith's (Damian Antony Conboy) wicked horrid appearance ... i.e. he LOOKS LIKE the arse-end of a tweeking moose on a severe bender, but that might be considered smearing. Lets just ask ourselves if anybody in their semi-correct mind would give this wicked dork a fukkin nickel if he approached us on the street.
"I'm off to get hammered" "Fuck You I win"


Toxic Mould - Mr. Todd Arbuthnot - Update I

Todd Arbuthnot
Mr. Todd Arbuthnot is the owner of multiple "dive bars" in New Westminster. "The Arbuthnot Group" The major problem with Mr. Todd Arbuthnot is that his establishment the "Hops Northwest Pub" at 48 8th Street, below the New Westminster Skytrain is likely hazardous.

It is chock full of mould and the "man" surely must realize it because the stench completely floors you walking into the bar every single time.

Exposure to mould is considered a serious health issue. IF there is toxic mould present Mr. Todd Arbuthnot could very well be deliberately killing people (particularly his employees) in order to make as much loot as possible.

A reader has (fairly) asked me what makes me the mouldy king o chit hill.

My background is construction management and two things you cannot fork with ... asbestos and mould. I've dealt with both, more than once. That particular smell of mould cannot be copied. If the smell is this bad there's plenty of spores happening.
"The presence of moulds may also result in complaints from workers about poor air quality in the building, such as a musty odour. These complaints require an investigation by the employer (Regulation sections 3.10 and 4.79(1)). In order to establish whether there is a potential for worker exposure to mould, a risk assessment must be carried out."

Friday, October 16, 2015

Duane Crawford McGaw - Update V - David Wotherspoon, LSBC

We have received a letter from a Gurprit Copeland at the LSBC informing us that we are fully ignorant about what "evidence" is and our complaint is summarily rejected.

Apparently I have provided NO FACTS that this woman is able to recognize as such. Sound like a pure insulting whitewash to you citizen? We said Wotherspoon was a LSBC poster child, didn't we? Here is my response.
"This will acknowledge receipt.

Please advise exactly what constitutes "evidence" in the little minds at the LSBC.

The material I have comes from Internationally recognized liquidators of this obvious scam, which is attempting to locate assets to this very day, some of which went into the pockets of Mr. Wotherspoon and his law firm for "services" in preparing very obviously abusive litigation.

Thanking You in Advance,

"•About 84% of complaints received are quickly concluded, usually because they have no legal merit, are outside the Law Society's jurisdiction, require no further action or are resolved."

"We ensure the public is well served by legal professionals who are honourable and competent."

Front row: Alan Treleaven and Jeanette McPhee Back row, L-R: Timothy E. McGee, QC, Susan Forbes, QC, Jeffrey Hoskins, QC, Deborah Armour and Adam Whitcombe
We have learned Mr. David Wotherspoon is on the LSBC (Law Society of B.C.) list of lawyers available to help other lawyers in ethics difficulties. Is the irony lost on anybody? Geeezeus. Here is our response to a LSBC letter, basically telling us to fork off ...

"After a better appreciation of your letter allow me to clarify. I am not presuming to make a call on the merits of any lawsuit of any conman. Mr. Wotherspoon is very openly lying in his pleadings in BCSC. Specifically saying something is false when it is true and further saying it is defamatory when it is not.

This coming from a LSBC poster boy for ethics, and/or the self-professed defamation 'expert' in B.C. ought to be ringing alarm bells, somewhere. There have been dozens, yes dozens, of Venture scum marching to BCSC on the stakeholder dime over the past several years alone... making the BCSC a bloody, damn laughing stock across Canada and Internationally. If this is the LSBC goal, congratulations, your work speaks for itself.

"The statements refered to above entitle Mr. McGaw to sue you and your company for damages." David Wotherspoon

Chris Keats

Brendan Terrill
"Most of the documents were removed from the 'Document Centre' late last year - shortly after we made Terrill aware that is where we obtained them.

He threatened a defamation lawsuit if OffshoreAlert published anything that would "have a detrimental effect on our company or any of its Offers and, most importantly, its ongoing ability to raise funds".

a Clown
A strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition.
The typical SLAPP plaintiff does not normally expect to win the lawsuit. The plaintiff's goals are accomplished if the defendant succumbs to fear, intimidation, mounting legal costs or simple exhaustion and abandons the criticism. SLAPPs take various forms. The most common used to be a civil suit for defamation, which in the English common law tradition was a tort. The common law of libel dates to the early 17th century and (unusual in English law) is reverse onus, meaning, once someone alleges a statement is libelous, the burden was on the defendant to prove that it is not.

This space abhors the fact that a law firm that bills itself as the largest in Canada is quite openly lying to the high court to further SLAPP lawsuits. Specifically the claim that calling Mr. Duane Crawford McGaw a fraud artist is malicious. There is nothing malicious in stating a very easy to prove fact ... a conclusion we are willing to test in the high court.

We follow the truth, no matter where it leads.

David Wotherspoon
More than £27 million of the £80 million raised from investors by the Cayman Islands-domiciled Centaur Group may have been misappropriated by insiders, according to the Joint Provisional Liquidators.

The "key beneficiaries" of "irregular transactions" from August, 2011 to March, 2014 appear to be Scott Williams, nationality unknown, who is believed to have "at least one previous criminal conviction for unlicensed securities trading"; "his associate" Duane McGaw, a citizen of Canada; and, "to a lesser extent", Brendan Terrill, a United Kingdom national, all of whom "have not accepted the opportunity to present themselves and provide an explanation" to the JPLs.

Duane Crawford McGaw

Duane Crawford McGaw
"Duane McGaw was a principal of the onshore/offshore-based Argentum Capital Group, whose litigation funding scheme was exposed as a fraud by OffshoreAlert on February 18th, 2014, quickly causing its collapse.

Investors were offered double-digit annual "fixed returns" as high as 15%, with both returns and principal purportedly "protected" by insurance policies and other financial safety nets to ensure payment even if funded lawsuits were unsuccessful. They were shown charts indicating that all 20 asset classes issued from April, 2010 to July, 2013 had achieved substantial total returns, ranging from 27% in 27 months to 89% in two years. It was all lies"

McGaw publicly resurfaced on July 6th, 2015, when a Vancouver-based food and culture magazine published an article about a new Japanese restaurant called 'Q Shi Q' that McGaw, as owner, was planning to open. OffshoreAlert blogged about this development on July 14th, 2015 and also tipped off liquidators that there was a potentially valuable asset just waiting to be seized on behalf of McGaw's many victims.

... McGaw showed how easy it is to spend other people's money when he filed a meaningless defamation lawsuit against OffshoreAlert and its owner, David Marchant, at the Supreme Court of British Columbia on August 13th, 2015, alleging that claims he is a fraudster are 'false and malicious'"

159 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC hi@qshiq.com 604.428.Qshi (7744)

David Wotherspoon
"As a result of the publication of the Defamatory Statements, Mr. McGaw has suffered and will continue to suffer serious damage to his reputation and business prospects," stated McGaw's attorney, David Wotherspoon, in the complaint. Let's hope so. That's sort of the point

As we told Wotherspoon: "If your client is embarrassed by visitors to OffshoreAlert's web-site knowing that he received millions of dollars by helping to swindle the elderly and others in a crude investment fraud, then he shouldn't have participated in it. Clearly, the truth hurts."

David Marchant

Full Name: Duane Crawford McGaw
Nationality: Canadian
Location: Vancouver
Date of Birth: August 7th, 1971
Name of Fraud: Argentum Capital Group
Size of Fraud: £98 million
Time Period: 2010 to 2014 _______________________________

Duane Crawford McGaw
OffshoreAlert exposed the fraud, quickly leading to its collapse around the world. The Channel Islands Securities Exchange de-listed one of the group’s investment funds, and, within three weeks, the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong had raided the offices of both the group and its independent administrator, The Hong Kong Trust Company.

By June 2014, three of the group’s investment funds in the Cayman Islands had applied for liquidation.

"Accordingly, the JPL's have conducted directorship and personal asset searches on key management personnel associated with the Group including:
− Mr Terrill;
− Mr Williams; and
− Mr McGaw.
If any investor or creditor has any further information or details in respect of the above three individuals which they believe would be of relevance to the JPL’s investigations, please contact Lisa Gibb or Danielle Franjic of the JPL’s office on:
− lisa.gibb@au.gt.com
− danielle.franjic@au.gt.com"