Sunday, October 11, 2015

Gang Tattoos – wear at your own risk

Clown face/mask tattoos are common among gang members. They can have the following meanings: -"Laugh now, cry later", "Play now, pay later", "My happy life, my sad life", "Smile now, cry later", This tattoo is typical among Latin and Asian gang members.
Non-gang members wearing tattoos like these may put themselves at serious risk from gang members offended by others using their markers.

Tattoo of the "Black Hand of Death", a symbol known to be used by the Mexican Mafia.

Aryan Brotherhood: The true AB tattoo is a shamrock with the number "6"on each of the three leaves, representing the number of the beast with the letters "AB"underneath

This tattoo is associated with full patch members of the Hells Angels. The "AFFA"represents "Angel Forever, Forever Angel".

Asian gang tattoos: Tattooing is not common by the average citizen in Asian cultures. Tattooing is seen as a defilement of the body.

The swastika is used as a symbol to identify white supremacist groups worldwide

Russian prison tattoo: A cat tattoo represents a prisoner's life as a thief. A single cat signifies that the criminal acted alone, while several cats together show that the criminal was part of a gang.

Russian prison tattoo: Military insignia and epaulette tattoos are often used to signify criminal accomplishments. Skulls generally designate murderers.

A spider web often represents time spent in prison and/or time spent caught in the web of the "gang lifestyle"that is inescapable. It may also represent the beginning of a gang lifestyle.

In gangland, an unfilled teardrop may signify the death of a friend, with the person shading it in when they have avenged their loss.

The HA fiercely protect the "Death Head". It is considered property of the club.
As the Hells Angels argued over the future of killer Christopher Hudson, senior members applied an oxy-acetylene torch to his tattoo as a severe reprimand for bringing shame on the club. Hudson surrendered to police with a heavily bandaged arm.

Hudson escaped being kicked out of the club because a decision could not be reached before he went to jail - and under club rules, sanctions cannot be imposed while members are incarcerated.