Monday, October 26, 2015

Tom Winnifrith - - Confidence Man = Damian Antony Conboy

Damian Antony Conboy - holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia. Mt Lawley High School. He began his career at Potter Warburg stockbrokers in Perth, Western Australia. He moved to UK in 1999.

More recently, he worked as Managing Director of Exchange Minerals Limited of which he was a director. In August 1999, Mr Conboy was barred by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission ("ASIC") from acting as a representative of a securities dealer or an investment adviser in Australia for a period of two years. ASIC found that Mr Conboy did not perform his duties efficiently, honestly and fairly and was not a fit and proper person to be a representative.
So it was the wicked large stupid arseyhole himself who clued me in to who he actually was ... I just didn't really give a flying forksky. Some might. So a body can pretty easily compare dead crooked, tweeking moose anus. It also explains nicely why the dope KNOWS Mick "Many Names" Shemesian ... he's been up that dirty hole for years.
Lets go on a journey into the world of share tipping and start with the background of one Mr Tom Zaccheus Winnfrith. Winnifrith, the self-styled ‘Sherriff of AIM’, was born on 12th January 1968. He has been married four times: Helen Norton in 1988, Ceri Sullivan in 1993, Sarah Thomas in 1998 and Ruth Garrett in 2004. He is now living with a woman called Monisha Varadan, to whom, in YouTube videos posted on his blog, he refers as his ‘wife’.

In September 2012, following his exit from Rivington Street, Winnifrith launched the online tipping service, Nifty Fifty, where he was joined two months later by former T1ps man, Steve Moore. Following that, Nifty Fifty was joined by Lucien Miers, who Winnifrith describes as “the UK’s most cerebral short seller … he truly is the ‘numbers man’ in the bear community”.
The ShareProphets website churns out regular attacks and has Tom Winnifrith quoting Cawkwell comments on shares. is clear he has been the subject of complaints to the FSA and FCA.

Tom Winnifrith (Damian Antony Conboy)
Lets put them together for saviour of the downtrodden, hero to the public, and all around saint Mr. John (Tom) Winnifrith (Damian Antony Conboy) from
Lately a few useless hangers-on have prompted me to waste my time and review this flaming fukkin dope's material.

Tom Winnifrith (Damian Antony Conboy)

Tom Winnifrith (Damian Antony Conboy)
Our boyotard begs for money daily like a $10 buttplugging whoore, claiming a conspiracy of global evil empire proportion is suing him (gasp) for his efforts at bringing truth and justice everywhere. COMPLETE and TOTAL BULLSHIT from start to finish is what that is.

IF Mr. Winnifrith (Damian Antony Conboy) is getting sued its because he deliberately taunts his targets, because, drumroll, without legal threats he has NO REASON to beg from pure stupid people.

Tom Winnifrith (Damian Antony Conboy)
So we could say much about Mr. Winnifrith's (Damian Antony Conboy) wicked horrid appearance ... i.e. he LOOKS LIKE the arse-end of a tweeking moose on a severe bender, but that might be considered smearing. Lets just ask ourselves if anybody in their semi-correct mind would give this wicked dork a fukkin nickel if he approached us on the street.
"I'm off to get hammered" "Fuck You I win"