Monday, October 26, 2015

Toxic Mould - Mr. Todd Arbuthnot - Update I

Todd Arbuthnot
Mr. Todd Arbuthnot is the owner of multiple "dive bars" in New Westminster. "The Arbuthnot Group" The major problem with Mr. Todd Arbuthnot is that his establishment the "Hops Northwest Pub" at 48 8th Street, below the New Westminster Skytrain is likely hazardous.

It is chock full of mould and the "man" surely must realize it because the stench completely floors you walking into the bar every single time.

Exposure to mould is considered a serious health issue. IF there is toxic mould present Mr. Todd Arbuthnot could very well be deliberately killing people (particularly his employees) in order to make as much loot as possible.

A reader has (fairly) asked me what makes me the mouldy king o chit hill.

My background is construction management and two things you cannot fork with ... asbestos and mould. I've dealt with both, more than once. That particular smell of mould cannot be copied. If the smell is this bad there's plenty of spores happening.
"The presence of moulds may also result in complaints from workers about poor air quality in the building, such as a musty odour. These complaints require an investigation by the employer (Regulation sections 3.10 and 4.79(1)). In order to establish whether there is a potential for worker exposure to mould, a risk assessment must be carried out."