Friday, November 6, 2015

Sadist cop Cst Stanton Edward Hyde - Update

Cst. Stanton Edward Hyde
So it should come as no surprise that multiple proven cop assault sadist Cst. Stanton Hyde has been cleared of all possible wrongdoing as it relates to my broken rib, broken glasses, and assorted bruises and abrasions after the phat pig jumped on me whilst I was face down and helpless on the concrete.

Make NO mistake here citizens. This man is VERY abnormal in the head thinking department, loves inflicting pain, and is likely pulling down more than $ 100k per year as he does whatever the hell he wants to people - like torture. (repeatedly) SCBCTAPS is an offense without description and Cst Stanton Edward Hyde proves it beyond any doubt as the poster boy.

Gordon Wesson was brutally beaten by Cst. Stanton Edward Hyde for showing an expired handicap pass. He died before the matter could be heard in court.

Cst. Scott Hogg
SCBCTAPS Cst. Scott Hogg saw the entire assault. Sadly he 'witnessed' zero. NADA single fukkin thing.

One thing both 'peace' officers heard for 100% damn certain was ... "shoot me in the head !!!". Of course they are lying openly about that, along with many other things. Doesn't slow these dead crooked scumbag fukkrs down at all.

The 'investigative' process is used to obtain lame excuses for these criminals.
In the end I suppose I'm the lucky one in that Cst. Stanton Edward Hyde (with the help of his partner in crime Cst. Hogg) didn't break my spine and leave me in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

Of course he would have gotten away with that crime too ... easily.