Friday, December 4, 2015

Thai police investigate murder of Oz HA Wayne Schneider - Update

Antonio Bagnato sits in police custody in Phnom Penh Thursday
A key Australian suspect in the murder of former Sydney Hells Angel bikie and underworld figure Wayne Schneider will be extradited from Cambodia to Thailand where he could face a death sentence if found guilty. Police arrested 26-year-old Antonio Bagnato in a raid on the cheap hotel in Phnom Penh and are holding him pending transfer to Thai authorities.
Former Victorian Comanchero president, Amad "Jay" Malkoun was interviewed by Thai authorities as a witness to the abduction.

Tyler Gerard, 21, is escorted by police in Pattaya to re-enact the kidnapping and murder of Australian Hells Angels biker Wayne Schneider

Wayne Schneider
Thai police have charged an American man with the murder of Hells Angels member Wayne Schneider. Tyler Gerald, 21, was one of the five men who abducted the Australian man from his home on Monday. Schneider has been described as a senior member of the Hells Angels.

Pattaya beach, Thailand.

Antonio Bagnato
Police in the seaside town of Pattaya, south of Bangkok, have also detained the 25-year-old female partner of Australian man, Antonio Bagnato, who is believed to have masterminded the attack. An arrest warrant has been issued for Bagnato, but reports say he has fled to Cambodia.

Bagnato is also a former Sydney bikie member who has been living in Pattaya, according to Sydney Morning Herald.
Blood and bullet casings, as well as paraphernalia used for making crystal meth, were found at the scene.The naked body of Schneider, 38, was found buried in a two-metre-deep grave in roadside bushes near Pattaya. His neck was reportedly broken.

Two security guards working at the housing estate told police they'd been threatened by a man with a gun and were warned to stay away. The guards then heard Mr Schneider calling for help and told police they saw five men with scarves tied across their faces bashing the 38-year-old.

American Tyler Gerard, 21, was arrested as he attempted to cross the Thai border

Truck used in Schneider's murder