Saturday, December 24, 2016

252 pills seized by NL police in 'Operation Titanium' are Fentanyl.

Items seized during Operation Titanium:

Four kilograms of cocaine
30 pounds of marijuana
A kilogram of hash and pills
$340,000 in Canadian cash
two guns
bear spray
aluminum bat with five blades taped to the end.
Also seized were two vehicles ,a 2015 Cadillac Escalade and a 2013 Ford Focus, cellphones and money counters and various drug paraphernalia.
Four were arrested: Dave Woolridge, 44, of St. John’s, Raymond Shea, 39, and his wife Pamela Shea, 36, of Pouch Cove, and Dave Laramee-Lapierre, 35, of Montreal. All are charged with conspiracy to traffic in cocaine, numerous charges of possessing cocaine and marijuana for the purpose of trafficking, possessing the proceeds of crime and money laundering.

David Woolridge, 44

David Laramee-Lapierre, 35

Raymond Shea, 39

Pamela Shea, 36

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Drugs, guns: 60 arrested after joint Regina police, RCMP investigation

On Tuesday, Regina police and the RCMP announced that 60 people have been arrested and 443 charges have been laid over the last 90 days. The charges range from drug trafficking to possession of stolen property and multiple weapons offences. Police would not confirm where the individuals arrested came from, only to say some were from Edmonton and Ontario. Police say they have observed an increase in cocaine and methamphetamine traffic in the city since 2013, as well an increase in violent and firearm-related offences.
Police seized:
1,700 grams of cocaine.
600 grams of methamphetamine.
200 grams of marijuana.
$40,000 in stolen property.
11 firearms: five long guns (sawed off) and six handguns.
Over $100,000.

In February 2013, police raided an invitation-only Super Bowl party in Markham, Ontario for customers of Platinum Sports Book, an online credit betting operation that utilized toll-free phone lines and a Costa Rica-based website. The ring was operated by the London, Ontario chapter of the Hells Angels.

The PlatinumSB ring was a classic credit betting setup, with levels of agents and sub-agents serving a client list of thousands of sports bettors. As many as 3k of these bettors were invited to the party in Markham that police raided. Police said the ring grossed over $103m between 2009 and the 2013 bust. 31 were arrested and $4.6m in illegal betting proceeds were seized.
Gordon Baird, 59, admitted in September he was the administrator of the Platinum Sports Book, a sophisticated betting operation that signed up their own clients, collected their debts and paid out their winnings on a weekly basis. The money flowed up the pyramid, with the top acting as “the bank.”

Baird received an 18-month conditional sentence (to be served in Baird’s home) and a $400,000 fine. Baird handed over $50,000 and was given a year to pay the remainder.
In 2012, $1.3 million in cash was found in the backpack of Erwin Speckert as he boarded a bus from Winnipeg to Vancouver. The source of the money was Speckert was sentenced last year to three years for money laundering.
Rob BarlettaIn another courtroom Rob Barletta and Andrew Bielli, both Hells Angels, pleaded not guilty to charges including bookmaking for the benefit of a criminal organization and possession of the proceeds of crime.

Among the accused is William “Billy” Miller, a former chapter president of the Hells Angels. Also charged were: Martin Spruce, David Hair, Arno Thomsen, and Shlomo Buchler. Police consider Miller, Hair and Spruce to be the leaders.

William “Billy” Miller

Thursday, December 15, 2016

PEI hopping mad over new Hells Angels clubhouse

"The only reason the club has arrived on P.E.I. is to make money through criminal activity – likely drugs. Police seem powerless to stop them."
"The Angels is the most notorious motorcycle gang in Canada. Wherever they set up, illegal activity follows. In some jurisdictions, violence is commonplace. "

The latest biker pow-wow and brand spanking new neighbors have citizens wondering. "In recent months, a sex shop was denied a permit on Euston Street, a dental office expansion encountered numerous delays on Belvedere Avenue and a nunnery was denied permission to rezone in Summerside."

"But an Angels chapter can simply buy a building, turn it into a clubhouse and locate here without any problems?"
The Hells Angels latest grand opening completes the trifecta for Atlantic Canada.
The 2nd newest Canadian chapter of the Hells Angels is based half an hour from the Quebec border in Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska.

The clubhouse of the new chapter, located in the small community of just over 1,000, appears to be an old farm building.

Emery "Pit" Martin
Emery "Pit" Martin succeeded recruiting enough members (6 full patch required) with the help of former members of the Quebec City chapter, which is currently still inactive.

The mayor of Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaskathere, Roger Levesque is resigned. "There is not much we can do. I have already spoken with the RCMP on it and we can not prevent them from establishing themselves here"

Police expect a bang on the 39th anniversary of the Montreal Chapter, which could be highlighted with a big party this month. They believe the club could take the opportunity to announce the reopening of two inactive chapters, Quebec City and Sherbrooke. In response to the resurgence of the Hells Angels in Quebec, police will see their ranks increased 30% with eight mixed regional squads (ERM) dedicated to anti-biker investigations.

David 'Hammer' Macdonald
He’s well known in London as a longtime outlaw biker who helped change the criminal landscape of the city. Now, David ‘Hammer’ Macdonald is bringing the Hells Angels back to Nova Scotia.

Police say the London biker helped about 15 members of the Gatekeepers, a puppet club, move a key step closer to becoming full patch Hells Angels by awarding them hang-around status in June. The next step is becoming a prospect. With the Hells Angels moving into Ontario, Macdonald left his position as president of the London Outlaws and patched over to the rival club in 2001.

He took with him at least a half dozen other Outlaws, instantly consolidating the Hells Angels control over London’s drug trafficking trade. The Hells Angels had given an ultimatum to all Outlaws in Canada to join them or retire.
The Hells Angels lost their foothold in Nova Scotia in the early 2000s after police arrested most members. In 2013, Gatekeepers chapters began to surface.

In early June, one of those chapters held a welcome back party for the Hells Angels. Macdonald is originally from Pictou County, N.S., and is a frequent visitor to his grandfather’s residence in New Glasgow. Andrew Douglas wrote that about 12 of the new hang-around Hells Angels traveled to London in early May to receive the black vests carrying a red and white patch that reads London and signifies their status.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Man Shot After Moving Traffic Cone Outside Of Hells Angels' East Village HQ = 'harassment' - Update

Police inspected the Hells Angels' East Village headquarters Tuesday and removed two planters, a bench and a ramp two days after a shooting outside the club. Cops armed with an Environmental Control Board Summons carried out a visual inspection outside of the property on E. 3rd St. near First Ave.

The territory doesn't belong to them says the NYPD.
The Hells Angels used a traffic cone to mark off a parking spot in front of its downtown Manhattan headquarters Monday — the day after a biker shot a guy for moving one – but police quickly told the group to take a hike. Two cops jumped out of their patrol car around 9:30 a.m. upon seeing the single orange cone illegally holding the spot outside the gang’s headquarters at 77 E. Third St.
The officers tossed the cone inside their police cruiser, prompting a female Hells Angels’ biker to start to cry and a male member to scream, “It’s harassment! This is harassment!”
A 25-year-old man was shot early Sunday morning for allegedly messing with traffic cones set up by the Hells Angels outside their headquarters on East 3rd Street. The gunfire was preceded by a confrontation with a Hells Angel that led to an "all-out brawl."

A prospective Hells Angels member, who was on the ground, pulled out a handgun and fired a single shot that struck David Martinez in the abdomen, cops said. The man is expected to survive. 3 men riding motorcycles are being sought.
On Google Maps' Street View, you can see how traffic cones are set up on both the side of the Hells Angels HQ and the opposite side. It's a long tradition.

Latest arson could be linked to Marco Pizzi

The attempted arson in a commercial building of the Rivière-des-Prairies district last night could be linked to the Montreal mafia. The building where the crime was almost committed, at the corner of boulevard Maurice-Duplessis and 5th avenue, belongs to a person close to Marco Pizzi, a major player in the mafia.

Pizzi is currently charged with conspiracy, trafficking and importation of cocaine following his arrest in May in project 'Clemenza'. On August 1st, Pizzi, 46 was the target of an attempt on his life when two armed men stormed a van that struck his Mercedes S65.
Last September, another arson was linked to Pizzi. The Liana bar was targeted by a molotov cocktail. The bar was controlled by the murdered Tonino Callocchia, suspected of being an importer of cocaine associated with Pizzi. Callocchia was murdered in a bar in November 2014.

Domenico Arcuri
7272 Maurice-Duplessis was targeted twice by arsonists in 2012.

At that time, the building belonged to Domenico Arcuri with Raynald Desjardins. According to police, Desjardins, Arcuri brothers and other leaders of the mafia clan attempted a putsch against Rizzuto in 2009-2010, but then a conflict broke out.

The Sicilians resumed power temporarily following the return of Godfather Vito Rizzuto to Montreal in November 2012.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hells Angels set up shop in a Charlottetown residential neighbourhood

Members of the Darksiders North Shore club in Dartmouth, N.S. head to the gathering of bike gangs in Charlottetown Saturday night.
The Hells Angels are by far the biggest motorcycle gang with 36 chapters across Canada and over 400 full patch members.

P.E.I. has had an outlaw motorcycle gang presence since 2012, the Bacchus MC. They have chapters in Alberton and Alliston. There hasn’t been a bona-fide Hells Angels presence, other than the occasional visit, until now.
The Charlottetown Polices Services recently became aware that a building on Fitzroy Street was purchased and turned into a clubhouse. Members held an impromptu party Nov. 11 with about 30-50 people coming and going.

But for the party Saturday night, police estimated there would be upwards of 100 people and this was the one they were interested in.

A member of the Quebec Hells Angels, left, Nova Scotia biker, right.
Motorcycle Clubs in P.E.I.
- Bacchus- Alliston, Alberton
- Saints- Charlottetown
- Charlottetown Harley Club-Charlottetown
- Villains-Summerside
- Dying Breed-Summerside
- Woodbridge Hells Angels hangarounds-Charlottetown

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Hells Angels Associate Bryce McDonald's missing guns

Kim Boland has reported on the 30 'missing' firearms related to Hells Angels associate Bryce Cameron McDonald.

Police raided McDonald’s house and storage locker in December 2013 and found 19 firearms, both restricted and unrestricted. Records revealed McDonald had purchased 49 restricted guns since getting his licence in 2009. An affidavit filed by the Crown said police found six of the missing guns while investigating other crimes, including a June 21, 2014 targeted shooting at Brentwood Mall.
In addition to a gun found in Surrey registered to McDonald, the following firearms were discovered by police ...
- On June 16, 2014 police responded to a home invasion in progress and found a loaded Storm Ruger handgun registered to McDonald.
- On January 26, 2015, a man was arrested in Vancouver for shoplifting. Police found three Glock firearms, two of which were registered to McDonald.
- On June 8, 2015, a man was arrested in Vancouver in a stolen vehicle, his home was later searched and a Beretta handgun registered to McDonald was found.
- On February 25, 2016, the Calgary Police investigated a home invasion in which five masked people entered a residence, tied up two and assaulted them. A loaded Glock handgun registered to McDonald was found.
McDonald was not charged with firearms trafficking.

The judge said McDonald had 'brazenly' lied when he suggested police had left a door open and either they or others had taken his guns.

McDonald was sentenced to 40 months in prison and a lifetime ban on possession of firearms in October.
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Friday, December 9, 2016

Timothy Varga, alleged ringleader in criminal network arrested

40-year-old Calgary man Timothy Varga is the alleged ringleader of a crime network that stretched from Calgary to Vancouver. He is among 10 people charged in a bust that has resulted in 111 charges.

Varga has been charged with instructing a criminal organization, committing offenses for a criminal organization, recruiting members for a criminal organization, conspiring to commit an indictable offense, trafficking in cocaine, possession of property obtained by crime and six firearms charges.
Varga pleaded guilty to manslaughter in 1999 in connection with the brutal beating death of Stony Plain man Warren Blaine McCallum during a grow rip. After an initial beating by Varga and three others, which knocked out one of MacCallum's teeth, Varga was left alone with the man for about a half hour. He beat the incapacitated man with a baseball bat and stabbed him with a steak knife. Varga was sentenced to 14 years.

Others charged are Andrew McGuire, 41, Antonio Chavez, 23, Jason Hamilton, 40, Larissa Cowan, 25, Jared Kennedy, 32, Spencer Allan-Elliott, 26, Corey DeBakker, 19, Alex Wawia, 40 and Justine Brind-Suchar, 26.

Gangster Jeffrey Chang died of Cocaine Overdose

Jeffrey Chang survived a targeted shooting in Vancouver and being a member of the WolfPack alliance during a full blown gang war. What he didn't survive was an “acute cocaine intoxication” on July 2, 2015.

Chang maintained a close association to the Alkhalil group, the Independent Soldiers, WolfPack and others in his long criminal career.
In June 2014, Chang escaped serious injury after a targeted Vancouver shooting that left his girlfriend Mia Deakin seriously wounded. She is the daughter of Jody Claman, who was featured prominently in the popular reality show "Real Housewives of Vancouver".

No one was ever charged in the drive-by shooting.
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