Wednesday, October 12, 2016

3 Alberta Hells Angels charged with murder in Greece - Update III

Kim Boland is reporting that the three Alberta Hells Angels charged with murdering a man in Greece last year will go to trial starting Friday. The trio – two from the Hells Angels Westridge chapter and one with the Nomads in Red Deer are facing charges related to a June 7, 2015 beating of a Greek man in Corfu.

“My brother told them sorry you’re on my bike and I want to go home,” she said. “They said OK. But when my brother went to his bike and leaned in, they attacked him from behind. After the first hit, he fell on the ground. Then they started kicking him in the head. All the witnesses saw it, but they are afraid for their lives. They were hiding behind the windows and inside the cars like mice, who are afraid of the cat who will catch them.”

Nick Dragich
Before the attack, the bikers had already been making a scene in the area, which is full of bars, restaurants and strip clubs, she said. “They were partying. They were drunk. They had been smashing windows, throwing bikes around. All the witnesses there saw what they had been doing and what their intention was. They were ready to fight and ready to do harm and no one called the police. After her brother was attacked one witness did contact local authorities. They had put out a warning to taxis with a description of the suspects. A driver contacted police and said he had three men in his car wearing Hells Angels vests and covered in blood. "I think these people shouldn’t be allowed to leave their country. Why does the government allow these monsters to go around the world?”
Dustin Swanson
The victim had gone into a friend's restaurant early June 7 to "grab a bite" after visiting his recently widowed mother in her village. When he came out of the restaurant, one of the bikers - wearing his Hells Angels vest - was sitting on the victim's motorcycle. Two other Hells Angels were beside him.

Hells Angel Nick Dragich with former Toronto mayor Rob Ford in 2013
Three Alberta bikers arrested after the Hells Angels international meeting and parade in Greece are now facing murder charges. The trio – two from the Hells Angels Westridge chapter and one with the Nomads in Red Deer – were originally charged with attempted murder after the June 7 beating of a Greek man in Corfu. The victim was taken off life support and died June 27th. The maximum penalty for a murder conviction in Greece is life without the possibility of parole for 16 years.
Dustin Swanson

Dustin Swanson
Dustin Swanson, a prospect in the Edmonton-based Westridge chapter, is charged with intentional homicide. Nick Dragich and Brent Koziak, of the Nomads chapter in Red Deer, are both now charged with `collaboration’ homicide for allegedly assisting Swanson in the beating.

"Brent Koziak is a full patch Red Deer Nomad who patched over from the Bandito's in 2004. I am told he is personally responsible for an ever larger network than Dom Jr and that Blake Christie works for him. Koziak patched in Christie a couple years ago. Robin Flynn Chelmick is also supplied by Brent Koziak. Blake Christie and Robin Chelmick have both been charged with cocaine trafficking."