Friday, January 22, 2016

HA "Death Head" back in Thunder Bay - "Galloway Boyz" Busted

The Hells Angel logo has once again resurfaced in Thunder Bay.'Hells Angels Ontario' recently appeared on a building at 636 and a half Simpson Street. The building is the same location that Thunder Bay Police conducted a raid at in October, 2014. Linda Bruins, the executive director of Evergreen A United Neighbourhood said she's not impressed that the logo has reappeared in the area.
Bruins said although it's obvious there's a Hells Angels presence once again in the area, she said the impact of the group seems to be weakening. "Neighbourhood kids don't know what Hells Angels mean. It's kind of a changing of the old guard.

Ironically, the Evergreen A United Neighbourhood office is located in a former Hells Angels clubhouse at Heron and McKenzie Streets.

The former Hells Angels clubhouse, at the corner of McKenzie and Heron Street.
A spokesperson for Thunder Bay Police said it's significant that the logo currently visible on Simpson Street says 'Hells Angels Ontario' instead of 'Hells Angels Thunder Bay.'

The main difference is the local clubhouse is part of the Ontario chapter, meaning there are not enough members (minimum of 6) to create a full-fledged Thunder Bay chapter.

Tyshan Riley former kingpin of the Galloway Boys street gang
Thunder Bay Police have charged four men after executing a drug warrant on the city's south side on Wednesday night. Police alleged that the four men are all members, or associates, of the Galloway Boyz, a street gang based in Toronto. Police said the gang is well known for its propensity for violence. Four men, aged 23, 24, 28 and 35, all from the Greater Toronto Area, face a number of charges. They include:

Possession for the purpose of trafficking (cocaine)
Possession of proceeds of crime over $5000
Breach of Probation
Breach of Recognizance
Breach of Conditional Discharge
So there are coincidences and there are HA coincidences. Slim to zero doubt about this particular one this observer believes.

Galloway Boys eight