Saturday, January 2, 2016

HA take over New Zealand's Lost Breed MC

One of New Zealand's most feared bikie gangs has reportedly been overthrown by the Hells Angels after one of its senior members walked into his old clubhouse with the rival group's badges on. The Lost Breed motorcycle gang, which was formed 39 years ago in Nelson, north of Christchurch, has now been disbanded and its clubhouse in Stoke 'stripped out'.

It is believed the outlaw gang imploded in late December after a long-standing member was branded a 'turncoat' for donning a Hells Angels' patch. Sources claimed that many of the original members had defected to other clubs and the ones who remained were 'marginalised' or 'getting too old'.
Lost Breed has been the most prominent gang in Nelson since its formation in 1976 and it has prevented attempts by other groups, including Highway 61 MC and the Fourth Reich, to set up.

The gang's heyday was in the Seventies and Eighties when it was linked to drugs, violence, and public sex.
The Hells Angels used its influence on 'puppet gang', the Red Devils, to initiate the turf war. Formed in 2009, the Red Devils became a 'hang around' chapter of the Hells Angels in 2013 and police believe they are in the process of becoming an official chapter.