Friday, February 12, 2016

John D. Briner - Neer Do Well Royalty = $ 1000 fine

John D. Briner
Former Vancouver lawyer John Briner has pleaded guilty to criminal charges in the Provincial Court of British Columbia stemming from violations of a ban that the B.C. Securities Commission imposed in 2011. He entered the plea in an appearance on the afternoon of Tuesday, Feb. 9. The judge sentenced him to a $1,000 fine.

Prosecutors claimed that Mr. Briner, 38, violated a five-year ban that he received for aiding the pump-and-dump of an OTC Bulletin Board listing, Golden Apple Oil & Gas Inc. The BCSC had imposed that ban on April 5, 2011, barring him from trading, serving as an officer or director, carrying out investor relations work, and from acting in a management or consulting role in the securities market. The government said that he was never in compliance with the BCSC order, as he remained a director of a number of entities, including his own law firm. He also became involved in a shell scheme in the United States while subject to the ban.*BCSC-2345386&symbol=*BCSC®ion=C

Holy snapping arseholes. $ 1k for what this open MFer got away with for well over a decade? Damn it very truly is. The B.C. Law Society didn't touch this pussbag as per their sickening usual and wowsers, that BCSC criminal penalty will surely serve as a warning to others eh? Unreal, very truly.

John D. Briner
On March 17, 2015, prosecutors filed a nine-count information sheet against Briner in the Provincial Court of British Columbia, citing him for contraventions of the B.C. Securities Act. They claim that Briner, 37, violated a ban the B.C. Securities Commission imposed in 2011.

The charges cite Briner for nine violations of the B.C. Securities Act, with the offence dates ranging from April 6, 2011, to Nov. 19, 2013. Each count carries a maximum of three years in jail and a $3-million fine.
"On April 23, 2015 The Law Society of British Columbia found Briner guilty of professional misconduct. A hearing panel has determined that he misappropriated $50,439 in client money and failed to co-operate with a subsequent investigation the society pursued against him over that missing money. The society has not yet determined what Mr. Briner's penalty will be."

And THAT is a joke because Briner OUGHT to have been disbarred many years ago for any of a massive number of breaches of trust. He operated openly ... so openly it is a stinging indictment of the legal profession in British Columbia.

John D. Briner
On April 17 the CFTC lowered the boom for money laundering.

Washington, DC – The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) today announced that it filed a civil enforcement action in federal court in Chicago against Matthew J. Marcus of California and his company, Tech Power, Inc. (Tech Power), a Nevada corporation located in California, and John D. Briner, an attorney residing in Vancouver, Canada, and his company, MetroWest Law Corporation (MetroWest), a Canadian law firm. The CFTC Complaint charges the four Defendants with engaging in fictitious single stock futures transactions on OneChicago LLC (OneChicago) and trading non-competitively.
The CFTC Complaint alleges that over seven consecutive trading days from January 28, 2014 to February 5, 2014, the Defendants engaged in 624 round-turn trades between an account carried in the name of MetroWest and an account carried in the name of Tech Power involving 1,248 perfectly matched pre-arranged, non-competitive transactions in single stock futures contracts listed on OneChicago. By structuring the transactions in this way, the Defendants allegedly were able to ensure that MetroWest would trade with Tech Power and that Tech Power would always profit from the transactions. According to the Complaint, through these transactions, the Defendants conducted a “money pass” between the two accounts and moved at least $390,000 from MetroWest to Tech Power.
"John Briner: Did somebody say sue? I am willing to represent you, and while you are at it, I have some penny stocks you may be interested in! "

John D. Briner
MetroWest Law Corporation
718-938 Howe St.
Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 1N9
Phone: 604-331-4422
Fax: 604-331-4466


2014-02-04The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has filed stop order proceedings against 20 purported mining companies for including false information in their registration statements. The SEC claims the companies each failed to disclose that they were controlled by John Briner, a Vancouver lawyer. Mr. Briner was the subject of previous fraud charges from the SEC and in 2010 received a five-year ban from practising as a lawyer before the SEC.

The proceedings are contained in 20 separate administrative orders the SEC filed on Monday, Feb. 3. In each of the orders, the SEC claims that the companies filed registration statements (mostly in 2013) in which they falsely claimed that their management consisted of one person. (The person varied by company. One said its sole officer was a transit operator from Alberta, while another listed a business consultant from Ontario.) The companies did not mention Mr. Briner, who the SEC says was an undisclosed control person.*SEC-2143719&symbol=*SEC&region=C Further kudos for the SEC as they clean up ANOTHER career scuzzy bag that operates in the clear open under fully dopey BCSC nose. Wet noodle for said BCSC retards for blowing money on ADVERTISING ... when its obvious to a toadstool those fukkrs don't "do" anything to regulate securities notwithstanding a mountain of unresolved public complaints already.
02 February 2011"Law society spokesperson Lesley Pritchard says the LSBC has started an investigation into Briner because of the SEC ruling. “We are working hard to conclude that investigation,” she states in an e-mail. "

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Rocco Dipopolo - EVO Medi Society Dispensary

Fourteen Vancouver pot shops move one step closer to legitimacy

Rocco Dipopolo
Fourteen applicants are one step closer to running a licensed marijuana dispensary in Vancouver as the city attempts to impose some control on the illegal retail sale of cannabis.

The applicants include a current owner who acknowledges a past association with the Hells Angels.

Filming on East Van Inkorporated in Vancouver British Columbia, January, 2015
Rocco Dipopolo, whose EVO Medi Society dispensary (1501 Commercial Drive) is one of the 14 in the next stage of licensing, said he is happy that Vancouver will eventually have the number of pot shops cut in half and praised the city “bending over backwards” to help applicants through the process.

If a development permit is issued, then a store’s employees and owners must show that they don’t have any drug convictions in the past five years, Ms. Toma said. After that, dispensary owners (for-profit shops) pay $30,000 and compassion clubs (which must offer therapeutic services on site) $1,000 to obtain a coveted new business licence.
Mr. Dipopolo was once a Hells Angels prospect as a youth in the early 1990s and says he has long turned the corner on that life to become a successful businessman who also owns a tattoo parlour, a gym and a boxing clinic. He says he has no criminal record and nothing to hide.

Asked if his past associations should preclude him from running a dispensary, he said: “I don’t know what to say to you, if someone wants to live in the past, they can go ahead and live in the past – it doesn’t concern me no more."
“I wouldn’t be moving forward with this [dispensary] if I thought that I was doing something wrong,” he said, adding he refuses to sell to anyone under 25 years old and buys his products from growers licensed under the old medical-marijuana system.

The first new business licence will be issued this spring and those dispensaries still not taking part in the application process must voluntarily close down come April 20, she said.
Our very highly biased thoughts? What a body thinks and what a body can prove are two TOTALLY different things. Do I THINK Rocco Dipopolo had something to do with the Brandon Vito Hughes hit? Yup. Has he ever been charged with anything to do with the Brandon Vito Hughes hit? NOPE.

Do I THINK he's connected large to the Hells Angels via his full patch twin Damiano? Fuck yup. Has he ever been busted with any Hells Angels? NOPE.

Do I THINK he's street gang connected? Hell yup. Is that a crime? NOPE.

Final upshot from this space. I would NOT want Rocco Dipopolo anywhere near me in this remaining fukking lifetime. My reasons for that are plentiful, very sincere and heartfelt. Is there any proven REASON why he should not be running a Vancouver pot dispensary? NOPE.

I wish the man well on this enterprise and any other LEGAL enterprise he's involved in. Live and let live eh Rocco?