Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Rocco Dipopolo - EVO Medi Society Dispensary

Fourteen Vancouver pot shops move one step closer to legitimacy

Rocco Dipopolo
Fourteen applicants are one step closer to running a licensed marijuana dispensary in Vancouver as the city attempts to impose some control on the illegal retail sale of cannabis.

The applicants include a current owner who acknowledges a past association with the Hells Angels.

Filming on East Van Inkorporated in Vancouver British Columbia, January, 2015
Rocco Dipopolo, whose EVO Medi Society dispensary (1501 Commercial Drive) is one of the 14 in the next stage of licensing, said he is happy that Vancouver will eventually have the number of pot shops cut in half and praised the city “bending over backwards” to help applicants through the process.

If a development permit is issued, then a store’s employees and owners must show that they don’t have any drug convictions in the past five years, Ms. Toma said. After that, dispensary owners (for-profit shops) pay $30,000 and compassion clubs (which must offer therapeutic services on site) $1,000 to obtain a coveted new business licence.
Mr. Dipopolo was once a Hells Angels prospect as a youth in the early 1990s and says he has long turned the corner on that life to become a successful businessman who also owns a tattoo parlour, a gym and a boxing clinic. He says he has no criminal record and nothing to hide.

Asked if his past associations should preclude him from running a dispensary, he said: “I don’t know what to say to you, if someone wants to live in the past, they can go ahead and live in the past – it doesn’t concern me no more."
“I wouldn’t be moving forward with this [dispensary] if I thought that I was doing something wrong,” he said, adding he refuses to sell to anyone under 25 years old and buys his products from growers licensed under the old medical-marijuana system.

The first new business licence will be issued this spring and those dispensaries still not taking part in the application process must voluntarily close down come April 20, she said.
Our very highly biased thoughts? What a body thinks and what a body can prove are two TOTALLY different things. Do I THINK Rocco Dipopolo had something to do with the Brandon Vito Hughes hit? Yup. Has he ever been charged with anything to do with the Brandon Vito Hughes hit? NOPE.

Do I THINK he's connected large to the Hells Angels via his full patch twin Damiano? Fuck yup. Has he ever been busted with any Hells Angels? NOPE.

Do I THINK he's street gang connected? Hell yup. Is that a crime? NOPE.

Final upshot from this space. I would NOT want Rocco Dipopolo anywhere near me in this remaining fukking lifetime. My reasons for that are plentiful, very sincere and heartfelt. Is there any proven REASON why he should not be running a Vancouver pot dispensary? NOPE.

I wish the man well on this enterprise and any other LEGAL enterprise he's involved in. Live and let live eh Rocco?