Tuesday, March 22, 2016

John George Robertson getting nailed by CRA - Reg Technologies - RRE.v

Suzan El-Khatib
Further to main man John George Robertson and director Suzan 'longnose dirtybum' El-Khatib of 30 year+ scam Reg Technologies Inc - RRE.v. We have evidence of the tax man coming home to roost on wicked crooked buttock. Tis appearing Mr. Robertson's appeals are running out, thus his burning desire to sell his home in Richmond before they encumber it.

John George Robertson

Court number information
Court Number :A-504-15
Proceeding Category :AppealsNature :Statutory Appeal - Tax Court of Canada
Type of Action :Non-Action

12 records found for A-504-15
DocDate FiledOfficeRecorded Entry Summary
92016-02-25VancouverConsent to an extension of time pursuant to Rule 7 of the FCR for the Appellant's Memorandum of Fact and Law on behalf of all parties filed on 25-FEB-2016
82016-02-15VancouverAcknowledgment of Service received from Respondent with respect to Appeal Book (3 volumes) filed on 15-FEB-2016
72016-02-15VancouverAppeal Book consisting of 3 volume(s) prepared by the appellant filed on 15-FEB-2016 3 judges' copies stored in Ottawa
62016-01-29VancouverConsent to an extension pursuant to Rule 7 of the FCR for filing the Appeal Book to another 15 days on behalf of the appellant the respondent filed on 29-JAN-2016
-2016-01-08VancouverLetter from the appellant dated 07-JAN-2016 indicating proof of order of transcript and reproduction of exhibits received on 08-JAN-2016
52015-12-15VancouverAgreement as to the content of the Appeal book from the appellant the respondent filed on 15-DEC-2015
-2015-11-27OttawaMemorandum to file from the FCA Registry dated 27-NOV-2015 transmitting a copy of the Notice of Appeal to the Registry of the TCC and to the Honourable Justice Bocock. placed on file.
42015-11-24VancouverSolicitor's certificate of service on behalf of Robin S. Whittaker confirming service of Doc. 3 upon Appellant by telecopier on 24-NOV-2015 filed on 24-NOV-2015
32015-11-24VancouverNotice of appearance on behalf of Respondent filed on 24-NOV-2015
22015-11-23VancouverCopy of Doc #1 with proof of service on the respondent on 23-NOV-2015 filed on 23-NOV-2015
-2015-11-20VancouverFax transmission confirmation RE rule 133 service received from Respondent with respect to Notice of Appeal placed on file on 20-NOV-2015
12015-11-20VancouverNotice of Appeal and 2 copies filed on 20-NOV-2015 against a decision dated 21-OCT-2015 of The Tax Court of Canada Certified copy(ies)/copy(ies) transmitted to Director of the Regional Office of the Department of Justice Tariff fee of $50.00 received: yes


Small Claims File Number 1450301 - Robson Square Provincial Court involving WIKLOW CORPORATE SERVICES INC v REG TECHNOLOGIES INC.