Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ledcor Executive Dwight Brissette gets Defamation Suit Tossed - Update II

"B.C. construction exec resigns over Cactus Club groping incident"

“In response to recent events, Ledcor's senior executives and Dwight Brissette, (senior vice president of health and safety), met today to discuss Ledcor's employee code of conduct and senior executive expectations,” it said.

“As a result, Mr. Brissette has tendered his resignation, which Ledcor has accepted. Ledcor thanks Mr. Brissette for his years of service and contribution to the company.

What do we take away from this one? What Mr. Brissette has learned is something that should have been obvious. This matter was NEVER about the touching of waitress bum. Virtually nobody cares. What this is all about is his conduct 'dealing' with the allegation and the reputation of Ledcor. His actions after the fact brought severe and massive consequences to Ledcor, and THAT is what this is about.

The man allowed his dopey ego to interfere with his judgement, vis-a-vis Ledcor's reputation and it's standing in the eyes of the community. He lost sight of what was important because his ego was FAR more important to him than Ledcor's interests. Mr. Dwight Brissette got what he deserved. It was also a very severe error instantly saying (in public) an appeal would be launched when it was clear the judge thought the matter was without merit. Mr. Brissette's lawyer, Roger McConchie, gets a wet noodle too, even though he may be semi-blameless.

Roger D. McConchie
The defendants in this matter were awarded costs. This implies Brissette's suit was without merit.
A B.C. construction company executive has had his defamation suit against a Cactus Club restaurant and its employees tossed out after a B.C. Supreme Court judge found he inappropriately touched a server and called her “Kitty Kat.”

Dwight Brissette, now a senior vice-president for Ledcor Group of Companies, (note- he was recently promoted) sued Cactus Club’s Coal Harbour restaurant, a manager and a server following a June, 2013 incident in which the restaurant said he touched the server’s backside, called her a name and then swore at the manager when she asked his party to leave.
Ledcor’s corporate headquarters are in the Shaw Tower across the street from the restaurant, which is next to the Vancouver Convention Centre. Among those at the table was Jimmy Byrd, the president of Ledcor Technical Services.
According to Gropper’s findings, Brissette’s group consumed alcohol from 5:30 p.m. until just before 10:30 p.m. when they were cut off and asked to leave. In his testimony Brissette acknowledged he drank five nine-ounce glasses of wine and two 2 ounce shooters of Tequila, but denied being inebriated.

Brissette’s party left but he went back to the restaurant to insist he talk to Coley. Ryan Dwyer, the restaurant manager, interceded and told him Coley didn’t want to talk to him. Gropper said Dwyer observed Brissette was “visibly inebriated” and that the executive started swearing, saying the allegations were something that “I never fucking do.” He said Brissette became angry and told him he was Ledcor’s vice-president of health and safety and threatened that no one from Ledcor would ever patronize the restaurant again. "I am not going to take this sitting down. You are not going to fuck with Ledcor like this"
The judge ruled the restaurant staff were credible and even if the allegations couldn’t be proved, the restaurant and its employees were covered by qualified privilege in that they were communicating information to those at the table about why the restaurant was asking them to leave.

In an affidavit, Brissette says his office window overlooks the Cactus Club, causing him anxiety and distress. Dwight Brissette's legal counsel Roger McConchie says his client will appeal the decision.

Roger D. McConchie

This is Ledcor propaganda ... "We believe in building trust in the places where we do business—whether that’s by engaging honestly, by giving back, by putting safety first, or by looking for smarter, more sustainable ways to get the job done right."

How about this citizens. A bunch of Ledcor dumbasses/retards spend 5 hours getting totally wasted, then abuse staff.

When finally told to fuck off, Mr. uber bigshot Dwight Brissette throws a drunk hissy fit.

NOW the abject brainiac figures litigation will solve everything.