Thursday, March 31, 2016

RCMP impersonator Thomas Hanaway arrested - Again

Manitoba RCMP have arrested Thomas Hanaway, 58, for impersonating a police officer, again. He was arrested Wednesday after RCMP executed a search warrant at his home. He has been charged with three counts of personating a police peace officer and three counts of failing to comply with a probation officer. He is being held without bail.

Hanaway is no stranger to the justice system, with four prior convictions for similar offences dating back to 1982. The most recent occurred in 2012 when Hanaway was given four-and-a-half months in jail and three years of supervised probation.
In 2010, Hanaway pleaded guilty to several counts of impersonating a police officer and offered up an unusual explanation - he told court he was living with multiple sclerosis and said he posed as a Mountie as part of an elaborate "role-playing game" designed to meet male sexual partners. He also admitted stockpiling authentic police clothing and equipment through online purchases.

In 2009, Hanaway walked into a police station in full RCMP gear, bearing a box of Tim Hortons doughnuts. A card was signed "Sgt. Tom Hannah," apparently a member of the Headingley RCMP. Police learned no such officer existed. He defended his actions at the time, telling police: "I was only giving out doughnuts." He said he bought his uniform and other materials online in an attempt to "keep the bad guys away from me."
Months later, Hanaway walked into a 7-Eleven in full Mountie gear, including police boots, jacket and a gang-unit T-shirt. He had the badge of a retired officer, which he apparently bought on the Internet, along with handcuffs. Hanaway was arrested but again released on bail.

Hanaway was nabbed again weeks later when he walked into the Royal Canadian Legion's Henderson Highway branch, identifying himself as the commander of the East St. Paul RCMP. Several patrons were suspicious of his behaviour, which included discussing ongoing criminal investigations, and called police.