Thursday, March 17, 2016

Vancouver Police Union rains on Rocco Dipopolo pot store

In February, Tom Stamatakis, the president of the Vancouver Police Union, said members identified several areas of concern with the city’s controversial move to regulate the dispensaries — including who is involved, the degree of scrutiny being applied to applications, and issues of disclosure.

The city expects to offer decisions on 14 development permit applications for dispensaries within weeks. One of those applicants is EVO Medi Society, whose director is listed as Rocco Dipopolo, a former Hells Angels prospect.

One of his staff members, Patrick Bluejacket, is listed in organized crime files as having an association with the Independent Soldiers.

Rocco Dipopolo
Successful applicants will have to apply for a business licences, which requires submission of a criminal record check from applicants and their staff.

Stamatakis said union members found the redaction of the names of some applicants in the operational letters posted on the city’s website to be troubling.
The list of dispensaries:
1357 East 41st Avenue — Stressed and Depressed Association
1404 East 57th Avenue — The Green Room Society
2181 West 4th Avenue — The Buddha Barn
4545 West 10th Avenue — Wealthshop Social Society
2894 East Broadway — BC Pain Society
1501 Commercial Drive — EVO Medi Society
1308 Kingsway — MPN Health Society
2768 Kingsway — Medicinal Express
3441 Kingsway — Scooter Health Society
1189 Main Street — The Herb Co.
6416 Main Street — The Healing Centre
1605 Renfrew Street — Urban Earth Med Society

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