Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Daniel Richard Wolfe, D-Boy - Indian Posse

Daniel Richard Wolfe, D-Boy, among Winnipeg’s most notorious gangland figures, went out in the end without a whimper, an unlikely fall for the founder of Indian Posse, Canada’s largest street gang.

In 2010 a prison shank meant to intimidate him somehow sliced through a carotid artery. What looked like a nick belied massive internal damage. As Wolfe calmly sipped from a coffee, he collapsed, dead at 33.

Richard Wolfe along with his late brother Daniel co-founded the Indian Posse street gang.
Wolfe had recently returned to federal custody after leading a spectacular prison break in the fall of 2008. He and five others managed to dig a hole through a wall of the crumbling Regina Correctional Centre. That was Wolfe’s third prison escape; while still a boy he’d vaulted a prison fence using a pole from a ceremonial teepee.

Wolfe was a wiry 120 lb. and wore his black hair down his back. He was a sociopath and cold-blooded killer who unleashed a flood of drugs and violence and left a wake of death behind him.

At 12 and 13, Danny Wolfe and his older brother Daniel joined forces with five North End Winnipeg friends to create their own “family,” a gang they named the Indian Posse.

Redd Alert, Indian Posse, Native Syndicate in 2013
The IP saw itself as rebellion against the state, with slogans like “Red ’til dead”.

The IP expanded in recent years to Saskatchewan and Alberta.