Saturday, May 21, 2016

Environment Minister lashes out at “gender climate deniers” - Twitter

In the 'Why can't that woman shut her trap department' we report that Ms. Catherine McKenna is now rallying against Twitter "vitriol" against women. Anybody else begin to see a pattern here? Take an issue, ANY issue, and Ms. Catherine McKenna's word hole will spin it into a massive evil conspiracy against women.

"No matter your political leanings, the vitriol unleashed against female politicians on @twitter is unacceptable. Honestly, it sucks."

Catherine McKenna
And our sputum can be summed up how? First off male politicians get Twitter "vitriol" every fukkin day and none of them are crying about how hard done by men are ... it comes with the politico territory.

Second this woman is the "Canadian Environment and Climate Change Minister". WTF is her problem with expounding feminism every single day? How about worrying about the environment and climate change for a change?

Finally, as we said, if this continuous dopey lip flapping was coming from a 'Triggypuff', fine. It ain't. It's coming from a Federal Minister and that means it makes ALL Canadians look like retards. Ms. Catherine McKenna is proving herself as a horrid bad choice in her position.

Catherine McKenna
We also note Ms. McKenna was the first to leave her seat and cross the floor after 'elbowgate' in the House of Commons. In that instance her Boss elbowed a woman in the tits after shouting "get the FUCK out of the way". Where's your verbal stupidity about that Ms. McKenna?
Are we calling the woman a hypocrite? Absolutely.

Catherine McKenna
Canada’s Environment Minister, Catherine McKenna is lashing out at “gender climate deniers” who fail to acknowledge that in a warming world, women fare worse.

Such people are a “grouchy subcategory” of climate deniers McKenna said to those who mock the notion that “climate change is sexist.” McKenna said it’s time the world “recognize that as we develop polices, we look at how do we support women, how do we support women’s rights."

“It’s just true,” Ms. McKenna said. "Women are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change than men.”

Catherine McKenna
Holy chit says we. This brand of utter outright stupidity might be well and fine coming from the "Triggypuffs' of this world but from a Federal Minister making an idiot of herself on the world stage? It makes all Canadians look like freakin retards.

Unknown what point, exactly, she was attempting to make here, but damn. Just STFU k?
Here are a few of the public comments directed at dopey mcdopeface. Yes her facts and/or figures are almost all dead wrong.

"The problem with the minister's statement is that it takes a generic political issue, global warming, and dresses it up as a women's issue. This is counterproductive, self-serving, and wrong."

"Why do Ministers do this type of thing ? When you are really not sure of something or have vague information, it's better if you just say nothing."

"Only a Liberal could be surprised people are upset by stupidity."

"A strange sort of feminism and a strange sort of environmentalism."