Monday, May 30, 2016

President of Fayetteville HA busted - Update

Daniel Silcose
The president of the Fayetteville Hells Angels chapter was charged Friday in an assault and robbery on two members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club at Hooters.

Daniel Silcose III, 58, and Timothy J. Zylstra, 48, have been charged with misdemeanor aggravated assault, conspiracy, larceny of a firearm and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Fayetteville North Carolina Clubhouse
Footage at the restaurant showed that three men with Hells Angels colours entered the restaurant from the front. Three others from a side door.

The six men immediately surrounded two men in the restaurant. Silcose struck the victims, Matthew Ryan Brinkley, 31, and Pedro Galvan, 55, multiple times on the head with a beer bottle and kicked Brinkley' s head.

A fire damaged the Hell's Angels clubhouse on Shedd Avenue in March