Thursday, May 26, 2016

Retard MPP Bob Delaney calls cops on mother of autistic child - Update IV

Has this space been too hard on the hard done by Ontario MPP Mr. Bob Delaney? We had brain thinking perhaps it might be so. Then more details emerged. According to Melanie Palaypayon, Delaney’s secretary initially called to book an appointment for her to come in and receive an apology. However, Palaypayon thought it was absurd he couldn’t call himself.

She eventually reached Delaney by phone when she called the office later. Palaypayon said she accepted Delaney’s apology, but rejected the MPP’s insistence that he has done all he can for her 6-year-old autistic son Xavier. “I told him…you haven’t done anything for us,” she remarked and pointed out he voted against a recent opposition party motion, tabled in the legislature, to undo the program changes.

Melanie Palaypayon, Xavier
It becomes truly mind boggling. "has done all he can" WTF? Our only thinking now is that perhaps the dimwits, braindead, and terminally obtuse have great potential in Ontario as Provincial politicians.

If Mr. Bob Delaney can pull down $116,500 a year as a full-on retard, well, damn tis. ALL drooling tards now have something to aspire to ... Delaneyism.
Pure Dumbass Mr. Bob Delaney has done it again. He issued an apology after police were called on a mother of an autistic child who threatened a protest at his office – just not to the woman herself.

After Premier Kathleen Wynne reamed his dopey anus, Bob Delaney released a statement Tuesday, four days after police knocked on Melanie Palaypayon’s door. “I am profoundly sorry for the set of circumstances that resulted in the Peel (Regional) Police visiting her home, and for the anxiety caused to her and her family,” Delaney wrote. Palaypayon is still waiting to hear it from Delaney.

I mean DAMN how stupido is Bob Delaney exactly? His "apology" is fairly reeking of the grotesque insincerity that it is very clearly manufactured from. Who is this 'apology' for exactly? His boss's ass orifice that's who, nobody else. Bob Delaney needs to resign. Period, end of sentence and Pffffffft. Update. It has been reported Mr. Bob Delaney did, finally, make his 'apology' personal. Apparently that took public backlash to accomplish. Double Pfffffft.

Kathleen Wynne
MPP Bob Delaney has been called onto the carpet by Premier Kathleen Wynne. Wynne has told him to apologize for calling the police on the mother of an autistic child who threatened a solitary protest at his constituency office. There was no answer Tuesday morning at Bob Delaney’s constituency office, but Wynne said he would be apologizing to Melanie Palaypayon.

Riiiight says we. This damn dorkus is a proven idiot and that can't be instantly cured by getting chit for it being so. Getting forced to apologize like a wayward child is ridiculous. Dude should resign if he has any self-respecting manballs at all.

Bob Delaney
As an aside what the numbynuts SHOULD HAVE done (in a Machiavellian world) was have a staffer call the cops. Then he would have some small measure of deniability at least. As it stands he is almost certainly donesky in politics forevermore, and that because of a singular, massive mind you, fukup.
On Thursday morning, Melanie Palaypayon picked up the phone and told the Liberal MPP’s staff she planned on squatting there and handing out flyers to protest against new provincial autism rules that mean her six-year-old son Xavier can no longer qualify for intensive behavioural intervention (IBI).

Around 8:50 a.m. Friday morning, the cops came to her door after Delaney’s office complained. She says the encounter left her intimidated and shaky. A part-time nurse, Palaypayon, and her husband Clint, a computer programmer, said the government’s move to cut children age five and older from being eligible for IBI paid by the province will mean more than 3,500 families who have been waiting half their lives for treatment will be removed from wait lists.

“We’ve been waiting 3 1/2 years,” Palaypayon said, breaking down in tears. “We’ve been waiting half of his life for this treatment and they just cut it off.
Delaney said he called police but didn’t realize they would go and visit her home. He denies it was an intimidation tactic, but rather he had an obligation to keep his office staff safe.

Well this un is like shooting retarded stinkfish in a barrel eh citizens? Lets just say if 'Bob' is this bloody damn fucking retarded he OUGHT to be picking up dogchit somewhere and NOT sucking uselessly on the taxpayer teat. Holy fuk dude.

Bob Delaney