Sunday, June 5, 2016

18 Hells Angels could be released next week

Over a dozen members of the Hells Angels arrested during 2009's biker crackdown could be released from prison next week. The Journal de Montreal indicates 18 Hells Angels members will be allowed to withdraw their guilty pleas following negotiations between the Crown and defense attorneys.

Conspiracy charges were the basis of Operation SharQc, the joint police investigation led by the Sûreté du Québec that, in April 2009, led to the arrest of almost every member of the world’s most notorious outlaw motorcycle gang in Quebec at the time.

Normand (Billy) Labelle
Last October, a judge ruled the Crown delayed on providing evidence favorable to the defense in the case of 5 bikers in Sherbrooke. The ruling led to appeals for a total of 36 members of the gang who were arrested as part of Operation SharQC.

The Hells Angels first planted its flag in Canada in Sorel in 1977 and the Montreal chapter’s members then helped establish other chapters across the country in the decades that followed. The gang appears to have regrouped since SharQc and recently assembled enough members to allow the Montreal chapter to restart. The Montreal chapter is likely to have significant reinforcements soon.

Guy Dubé