Saturday, June 25, 2016

43 charged in year-long Peace Region B.C. drug investigation

Forty-three people have been charged in a sprawling year-long police investigation into the drug trade in the Peace Region. Police are still looking for 14 people charged in the investigation. Twenty-nine were arrested in police "roundups" in Fort St. John and Dawson Creek.

It's believed the UN gang has suffered the biggest hit to it's operations in the city. 37-year-old Jamie Christopher St. Denis and Christina Marie MacKay, 30, were arrested in Dawson Creek on Dec. 5 2015 for allegedly trying to sell $39,000 worth of cocaine. St. Denis was sentenced to seven and-a-half years in jail after pleading guilty to trafficking cocaine, trafficking a firearm and possession of an illegal firearm. Also charged is 36-year-old Ryan Holden of Dawson Creek, who faces multiple weapons charges, including owning body armour without a permit. He is also accused of possession for the purpose of trafficking.
Seized Items:
• An AR-15 semi-automatic rifle
• One .22 calibre rifle
• A loaded 12-gauge shotgun
• 74 ounces of cocaine
• Approximately 700 fentanyl pills and capsules
• 3.5 grams of crystal meth
• 17.4 grams of "an amphetamine"
• Two percocets painkillers
• 1.75 litres of liquid GHB, "date rape drug"
• Approximately $70,000 in cash
Violent incidents in Dawson Creek over the past year appeared related to an ongoing drug war in the city. Someone fired three rounds from a shotgun into a multi-unit house in November and there have been multiple abductions and assaults which police believe are related to the drug trade.