Thursday, June 23, 2016

Anthony Braile suspended with pay for eight years appeals termination

Anthony Braile
A Calgary police officer who was paid $800k over nearly eight years while suspended from the force—and who was recently terminated—is appealing the decision in front of the Law Enforcement Review Board Thursday.

Sgt. Anthony Braile was suspended with pay in December 2008 after an investigation into professional misconduct was launched against him.
Braile was a District 2 supervisor when he was involved in a high-speed chase of a suspected drunk driver. The chase reached speeds of 145 km/h at some points and involved driving into oncoming traffic on one-way streets. Braile was never supposed to pursue.

A criminal prosecution resulted, with Braile ultimately pleading guilty to a charge of careless driving under the Traffic Safety Act (TSA). Braile was also charged last week in another criminal matter. That case will have no impact on this appeal.

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