Monday, June 20, 2016

Closing submissions in Kelowna Hells Angels Cocaine trial

Hells Angel David Giles
Two Hells Angels and three of their associates on trial in a massive cocaine conspiracy case in B.C. Supreme Court have begun closing arguments. They are expected to last two to three weeks.

Hells Angels David Giles and Brian Oldham and associates James Howard, Shawn Womacks and Michael Read did not call evidence in their trial. The key evidence in the Crown’s case was intercepted calls, conversations, videos and electronic messages captured during a 2011 and 2012 RCMP reverse sting.

Hells Angel Brian Oldham

Kevin Van Kalkeren
Undercover officers, posing as South American drug traffickers, testified for weeks at the trial about the fake deal they set up with the accused for half a tonne of cocaine. The reverse sting involved meetings in Vancouver, Montreal, Mexico City and Panama. Police seized almost $4 million, money that came from Hells Angels associate Kevin Van Kalkeren, who pled guilty and received 16 years.

Two of Van Kalkeren's co-accused, Murray Trekofski and Orhan Saydam also pleaded guilty. Trekofski received eight years in prison while Saydam was sentenced to three years.

Kelowna Hells Angels clubhouse at 871 Ellis Street has been a target of the civil forfeiture office since 2012
The investigation, known as E-Predicate, led police to search five locations around B.C. in August 2012. The Hells Angels' clubhouse in Kelowna was among the police targets.

Police said the investigation started in January 2011, when they received information indicating that members of the Hells Angels were prepared to import and traffic 500 kilograms of cocaine. When a police agent introduced Van Kalkeren to undercover cops in 2011, he was keen to get involved ... the Okanagan man boasted that he had been involved in the drug trade for 18 years, producing 300 to 500 pounds of marijuana a month and then trading pot in Los Angeles for cocaine.
Kelowna Hells Angel chapter vice-president David Giles told undercover police officers that his “brothers” would take over his massive cocaine deal if anything were to happen to him.

Kelowna Hells Angels Sargent at Arms Brian Oldham, Giles and Chapter President Damiano Dipopolo were observed doing a 'walk and talk'. Damiano Dipopolo started working on the Vancouver Docks on May 24, 2012.

Kelowna Hells Angels President Damiano Dipopolo

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