Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Costa Labos head of internal affairs for Montreal police under investigation

Costa Labos
The Montreal police head of internal affairs, Costa Labos, is under investigation because of allegations he lied to a judge, the Journal de Montréal reported.

In 2014, police officers reported to Labos that a fellow officer met a journalist at the Eldorado restaurant on Mont-Royal Ave. They took photos of the meeting and passed it on. The officer in question, Roger Larivière, was not giving confidential information, but rather telling the journalist about criminal complaints brought against him by his wife, who was also a police officer. The charges against Larivière were dropped, but the officer felt his reputation was harmed by the situation.
According to the report, Labos lied to a judge, saying that Larivière had access to confidential and highly sensitive documents, and was going to pass them on to the journalist. The judge granted Labos’s request to wiretap Larivière’s phones and to search his home and office.

In 1998 Labos was suspended for four days after pointing his gun at the head of the father of a suspect he was searching for, while on a raid at that suspect’s family home. When the suspect’s mother told Labos she didn’t know where her son was, he apparently said to her, “Shut up, you bitch!” and pointed his gun at the suspects’s father. Labos was recently promoted from commander to inspector.