Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dennis James Watson insults Hells Angels - "Little Rats", "Goof Troop"

Dennis James Watson of Surrey British Columbia was recently sued by full patch Hells Angel Damiano Dipopolo. While settling the action by paying $ 1500 and removing the defamatory material about Mr. Dipopolo, he continues to display many insults against the Hells Angels.

"Take a look at this recent photo of some Hells Angels from Ontario. I didn't photo shop it, I just added the arrows and circles. Take a look at the shorts, sneakers and the full face helmet. That is bizarre. People who ride motorcycles make fun of people who ride with shorts and sneakers. The only respect they deserve is a call to crime stoppers to get those little rats off the street."

Hal Porteous

Rick Ciarniello
"Vancouver Goof Troop. Meanwhile back in Vancouver Ricky Ciarniello is still a fat ass liar and Weird Hal Porteous is still a fucking idiot. He looks like a senior citizen on crack. It doesn't matter what bike Weird Hal buys, he'll always look like a fucking idiot because he is one."

Dennis James Watson

Dennis James WatsonDennis James Watson was banned for life from the Guardian Angels.

Dennis James Watson was banned for life from the Mormon Religion.

Dennis James Watson was fired for cause from Canada Post after an e-mail campaign against Moya Greene where he sent thousands of e-mails to co-workers pretending to be her.

Dennis James Watson was fired for cause from the Telus union after ANOTHER slag e-mail campaign against a female Telus manager.

Moya Greene