Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Former Oz bikini model jailed for drugs trafficking

A Gold Coast bikini model, turned Houdini-style escape artist, has been sentenced for trafficking in ice, cocaine, MDMA, cannabis, oxycodone and ecstasy from her home.

Renee Elizabeth Tarbuck, 34, from Highland Park, appeared in court where prosecutors told the Supreme Court that Tarbuck ran her empire like a pro — hiring menacing debt collectors, accepting valuables instead of cash, and offering discounts and incentives.
Her arrest came three months after she escaped police custody by squeezing herself through a police car window while handcuffed. She was so proud of her escape she texted her friend copies of selfies of her wrists with a set of police handcuffs still attached.

She began working as an escort after spending three months as an exotic dancer in Japan. She used the $45,000 earned in Japan to fund cosmetic surgery and put a deposit on a house.

In 2008 Tarbuck was forced to stop working as an escort because her organs shut down, all her hair fell out and her skin erupted in blisters.

Tarbuck believed she was poisoned with anthrax hidden in her shower head. The court heard Tarbucks’ ice addiction had triggered paranoid psychosis.