Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Gate Keepers clubhouse raided hours after Hells Angels party - Update

There are seven chapters of Gatekeepers in Nova Scotia and several other official motorcycle clubs including Darksiders, says RCMP Cpl. Mike Kerr of the combined forces special enforcement unit. He estimates there are about 50 members of the Gate Keepers and their associated clubs.

It is believed about 15 members of support clubs were 'patched-over' and given the status of a Hells Angels hang-around, which is a step towards becoming a full patch Hells Angel. Some hang-arounds were wearing the patch prior to the party, and some got it during. It’s on the left breast of the cut, and it’s a red patch with ‘London’ in white writing.

Hells Angel Robert Barletta formerly ran 'Famous Flesh Gordon's' bar in London, Ont.
A New Glasgow biker gang clubhouse was raided by police within hours of a party celebrating the official opening of a Hells Angels' chapter. While Mounties kept an eye on the party, police raided the Gate Keepers' New Glasgow clubhouse early Sunday.

Around 6:30 a.m., Nova Scotia RCMP searched their address in MacLean Street. No arrests have been made.

Storefront of Twisted Needs and Novelties at 181 MacLean Street in New Glasgow
The Musquodoboit Harbour gathering was quiet and police did not expect trouble at the clubhouse as there's no turf war in the area. No neighbours complained either, police reported.

"Typically, [the bikers] tend to be fairly quiet when they're in there, They're not trying to attract police attention necessarily."

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