Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hells Angels mark 25th anniversary of Trois-Rivières chapter

150 Hells Angels, supporters and members of puppet clubs gathered Thursday night in St. Robert, near Sorel-Tracy, to mark the 25th anniversary of the Trois-Rivières chapter.

The party was held in a hall belonging to the mayor of Saint-Robert, not far from where the old clubhouse stood. He claims he did not know to whom he had rented his property.
Journal de Montréal indicates at least one biker was spotted wearing a Hells Angels Trois-Rivières 'patch' in February.

If accurate, that would mean three of the five Quebec chapters, Montreal, South, and Trois-Rivières, are once again active. The other two, Sherbrooke and Quebec are believed to be still frozen, a term used to indicate a chapter that cannot field at least six members to maintain operations. The Trois-Rivières chapter has not been active since the 2009 police operation SharQc that crippled the club's Quebec presence.
The Quebec government demolished the former Hells Angels clubhouse in Trois-Rivières one year ago. The Hells Angels built the red-roofed stronghold in 1989, where it was clearly visible from the road as drivers headed into Trois-Rivières on Autoroute 55.

The building halfway between Montreal and Quebec City was seized by Quebec in 2009 during a sweep of raids across the province.

Mario Brouillette
3 years ago Mario Brouillette and Claude Giguere, both leaders in Trois Rivieres chapter were among six to plead guilty to a murder conspiracy. The cases were related to Operation SharQc. In June 2015 five members of the chapter were sentenced to 'time served' and released, Jean-François Bergeron, 54, Marc-André Hotte, 43, Steve Rainville, 42, Gilles Robidoux, 62 and Bernard Plourde, 52.

Claude "Macho" Giguere