Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hells Angels Shootout in Argentina

Leo Gatto
At least 150 bullets were fired outside a highway gas station as the Argentine chapter of the Hells Angels faced off against another local gang, Los Tehuelches. One witness said some of the bikers had a gun in each hand as they did battle on a Saturday afternoon at an intersection 70 kilometres west of Buenos Aires.

The four wounded included the leaders of both gangs, Dani Death (Dani Diaz Leon) of the Hells Angels and Leo Gatto of Los Tehuelches. Police arrested both men, along with eight others.

Dani Diaz Leon
Dani Death, 54, is a professional bodyguard who appears on reality TV shows in Argentina. He was hit seven times in the shootout despite wearing a bullet-proof vest. Los Tehuelches are a rival Argentine gang with neo-Nazi leanings with mainly police officers and retired policemen for members.

Paul Eischeid escorted by Argentine federal agents after being arrested.
Fugitive Hells Angel Paul Eischeid was captured in Argentina in 2011. He murdered a woman who insulted the group at a party in Arizona.
Eischeid was on the lam for eight years and was one of the 15 most wanted by the U.S. Marshals Service. The murder of Cynthia Garcia was chronicled by former undercover agent Jay Dobyns in operation 'Black Biscuit'

Jay Dobyns