Thursday, June 16, 2016

Police detain 3 men in latest Chinese air rage incidents

Chinese police have detained a man over an attack on an airline check-in clerk that left her lying in a pool of blood and arrested two others who charged the cockpit as their flight was taxiing for takeoff.

The man had apparently been enraged after the clerk told him she couldn't print out his friend's travel itinerary without the man's ID card.

The incidents are the latest in a long series of dangerous acts involving Chinese airline travellers who have developed a reputation for being difficult and often violent.

A statement from the Civil Aviation Administration of China said two men aboard a Hainan Airlines flight on Sunday demanded to be upgraded to business class as their flight was taxiing.

When told to remain seated, they fought with a member of the cabin crew and a passenger who tried to help, then pounded on the cockpit door. They continued to kick and punch after police boarded the flight and had to be removed in handcuffs, the CAAC said. They now face criminal charges for obstruction, it said.