Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Rise and Fall of the Rock Machine MC in Manitoba

In 2008 Manitoba started to become the stomping grounds for the Rock Machine. Rivals of the Hells Angels and infamous after a bloody 8-year biker war in Quebec that ended in 2002, the Rock Machine were expanding into the streets of Winnipeg.

After a number of busts by Winnipeg Police and Manitoba RCMP threw a wrench into the gears of the local Hells Angels, the Rock Machine graciously stepped up and were on the road to becoming the dominant group.

Dale Sweeney
In 2011, things started to boil between the Hells Angels’ puppet club the Redlined Support Crew and the Rock Machine who were engaged in a turf war. In March 2012 Winnipeg police initiative 'Project Flatline' led to the arrest of 11 suspects, including local Hells Angels president Dale Sweeney who received an 11-year prison sentence for cocaine trafficking.

The Rock Machine’s run in Winnipeg was a short one. Manitoba RCMP toppled the club as they were positioning themselves for a bloody take over of the city and province. On Jan. 30, 2013 the RCMP, along with 140 police officers wrapped up a six-month investigation known as 'Project Dilemma'. They raided a number of locations in Winnipeg, seizing a massive bounty of drugs, guns, explosives and biker vests from the Rock Machine, the Vendettas and the Hell Hounds, their puppet clubs.
Police seized 16 pounds of cocaine, half a dozen guns, two pipe bombs, and nine other explosive devices, along with 8 pounds of pot and significant cash.

Four full-patch Rock Machine members and a prospect were arrested, along with associates. The bust was enough to shake the organization to its core. Police used a full-patch member as an informant for a price. That creates a sense of paranoia among gang members.
The investigation revealed most of the drugs were coming from Montreal, a place the Rock Machine feared to tread out of respect for the Hells Angels. The new void in Winnipeg was very quickly filled by street gangs.

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