Saturday, June 18, 2016

Robert Bruce Duncan - Career Canadian Securities Disgrace

Lets say howdy do, yet again, to career terd Robert Bruce Duncan. ('Bert' to his bestus friends)

Mr. Duncan has gained considerable infamy, over years, as chief dipchit of Canada Carbon - CCB.v. That dopey deal for dopes WAS all about graphite but now has something to do with Bert's marbles. Long story short is CCB.v is a fully ridiculous venture scamola, 'worth' less than zero.

Robert Bruce Duncan
We have followed Bert for many years and have recorded his MULTIPLE failures with the regulators vis-a-vis disclosure. Time after time (after time) Bert is spewing utter rubbish when he shouldn't be. The goal, as always, is to lasso 'new and improved' utter suckers for his scamola.

Through it all he and his paid minions have waged a daily propaganda war on Bert even posted threats against the public personally many times WITHOUT hiding his identity at all under the alias 'Smallcap52'. After 50 odd threats against the public he decided he probably shouldn't be doing that open securites crime ... quite so openly.

"WolverineTrader. The time has come for people to fully understand what is behind your posting behavior. As some of you are aware, Canada Carbon and myself have filed a number of criminal complaints with the Peel Regional Police in Ontario. Specifically, one of the complaints was filed against WolverineTrader.

Subsequent to the investigation which has been handed off now to a Criminal Cyber Unit, it will ultimately be decided by a Crown Counsel whether charges should be filed. I can confirm that Canada Carbon and its management has made it very clear that we will press charges."

"To: Arctic99 Date: 3/13/2015 11:08:54 AM Subject: Your Defamatory Comments are Duly Noted "Without Prejudice"

As you know, there are legal remedies for slander and libel and this inbox will serve as Canada Carbon's only notice to you. Absent a retraction and apology regarding your outrageous and egregious statements by Monday, March 16, 2015 Canada Carbon will review our legal options including obtaining a court order seeking your identification from Stockhouse.

Govern yourself accordingly.
Bruce Duncan, CEO Canada Carbon Inc"

Mr. Robert Bruce Duncan and/or his minions have been a fixture on the Zenyatta thread on Stockhouse. (ZEN.v) Constantly slagging Zenyatta, constant touting Duncan pure chit deals. The goal again appears to be to find new suckers. How does Bert get away with this?

Well, we can look to this gem ... "What you miscreants don't appear to know is that West Oak Capital was not only the agent for the transaction, they own over 19% of Stockhouse Publishing, the company. In fact, the principal of the acquiring company was the best man at Bruce Duncan's wedding."
West Oak Capital Partners is indeed connected to Bert, pee pee to azzyhole. In fact Bert's little woman, Olga Nikitovic, who also strokes beans on ALL Bert's scamola deals, is listed as the beancounter for West Oak Capital Partners.

So we have the explanation HOW Bert can get away with whatever securities crimes he pleases on ... and that extends to censoring every negative public word about his ongoing scams. Latest and greatest from Bert is the unmitigated touting of latest promo for pure dopos Evolving Gold (EVG.o).
Bert is a stinging indictment of the securities industry in Canada. Lately however the OSC has followed the lead of U.S. regulators and offers rewards for those turning in securities criminals. Bert has a file number ... #20160616-26287