Saturday, July 30, 2016

HA Kenny Bédard killed in Motorcycle Accident in New Brunswick

Kenny Bédard in 2000
51-year-old Hells Angel Kenny Bédard was killed and nine people were injured after their motorcycles crashed in a "domino effect" while trying to pass a truck hauling a camper trailer near Edmundston, N.B., on Friday night.

The accident happened at around 7:30 p.m. across from a campground in Saint-Basile. Police said the nine motorcyclists — eight men and one woman among about 15 from various biker groups, such has Hells Angels, Red Devils and Dark Siders — were attempting to pass a truck pulling a fifth-wheel recreational trailer as it was turning left into a campground.

Kenny Bédard became known in the early 2000s during the biker war. At that time, he was a member of the Rockers. Kenny Bédard was known to control the southwest sector of Montreal.

It was recently reported he had agreed to be transferred to the Trois-Rivières chapter to become the sixth member in good standing, the minimum number required to restart activities.
The nine other motorcyclists were taken to Edmundston Regional Hospital with multiple injuries.

They are expected to survive. The driver of the truck was not injured.
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Format Group - Babak Sarshar illegally clearcuts trees for Toronto residential development

A development firm that cut down a grove of mature trees in North York didn't have a city permit and should face a "very substantial fine," Toronto Mayor John Tory says. Tory toured the neighbourhood in the Bayview Avenue and Bayview Ridge area Thursday after news emerged that some 30 trees, many more than 100 years old, were cleared to make way for an upscale housing development.

Format Group is building what it calls "an upscale community comprised of two blocks of exquisitely appointed homes." Format Group's Sina Saedin said his company acquired the necessary permits. Tory dismissed that claim and said no application was made to the city to remove the trees, some of which were on public land.
The maximum allowable fine for improperly cutting down a tree is $100,000, meaning a fine in the millions of dollars could be laid in this case. There is, however, no precedent for fines that significant.
“A judge will decide what is appropriate but I will be advocating for a very stiff fine if the law has been broken here,” Tory said. “You have to send a signal to this person and everyone else that you can’t treat this as a cost of doing business or some minor inconvenience. If we did that with every law this place would be in complete chaos and there would be no trees left.”
“Obviously it’s devastating for the neighbourhood,” said Councillor Jaye Robinson (Ward 25 Don Valley West). “It’s really deplorable. I’ve had phone calls from people in tears.” Robinson described the lot as having been “clear cut.”

'Every one of our projects is unique in its style and lives in harmony with the existing neighbourhood and enhances the surrounding community.'

Babak Sarshar - President, The Format Group, President, Terracomm Development Inc.
The Format Group ( - bills itself as "a combination of Terracomm Group and Pegah, ( - with over 40 years of combined experience, in the real estate development and construction, in the Greater Toronto Area ("GTA")."

2341853 Ontario Inc. was issued the development permit for 103 and 108 Bayview Ridge.

Ali Mohtashami, Pegah Construction, Terracomm

Moiz Behar, M Behar Planning & Design Inc.

Mario Patitucci, landscape architect

Shakeel Walji, Walsh Marketing

Sacha Singh, Remax West Realty Inc
The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) approved townhouses and detached homes on the lots, each previously with a single-family home, at the north and south corners of Bayview Ridge at the intersection with busy Bayview Ave. Approval from the provincial appeal body came after neighbours objected to an application to the city for an official plan amendment and zoning bylaw amendment to allow something other than single-family homes.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Hells Angels Expanding in Ottawa

The Hells Angels are expanding its presence in the national capital region with the help of the Red Devils.

According to police, the Red Devils biker gang now has three branches here — one in Ottawa and two in Gatineau — and members are actively recruiting throughout the region, drafting newcomers from local biker gang Dark Souls.
The Ottawa North and Ottawa East sections of the Red Devils are based in Gatineau, and the third section is based in Ottawa. Police say that in its role as a sort of "farm team" for Hells Angels, the Red Devils do the dirty work in the region — dealing drugs, prostitution, and extortion — funneling money up to the Angels.

"It's the motive of every Red Devils member to become a member of the Hells Angels," said Isnor.

Trump Taj Mahal casino closing in Atlantic City - A bad bet

Donald Trump has been gone from Atlantic City for years, but his name has lived on in glowing neon on the facade of a casino he no longer owned. But later this year, the Republican presidential nominee’s name will disappear from the seaside gambling resort — along with 3,000 jobs.

The Trump Taj Mahal casino, opened 26 years ago by Trump, announced Wednesday that it will shut down after Labour Day. The business now belongs to Trump’s friend and fellow billionaire Carl Icahn, who decided he can no longer support a casino losing millions of dollars each month amid a crippling strike.
Icahn has lost nearly $100 million on the Taj Mahal in the past 18 months, including money he spent to keep it afloat during bankruptcy court before he even owned it. “It was a bad bet,” he said. “How much good money do you throw after bad?”

Atlantic City’s main casino workers union has been on strike against the Taj Mahal since July 1. On Thursday, the strike will become the longest by Local 54 of the Unite-HERE union in the city’s 38-year casino era, eclipsing the 34-day walkout it staged against seven casinos in 2004. The shutdown will reduce the number of casinos in Atlantic City to seven. The job losses will be in addition to 8,000 workers who became unemployed when four Atlantic City casinos closed in 2014.
Trump once owned three Atlantic City casinos, but cut most ties with the city by 2009. Having lost ownership of the company to bondholders in a previous bankruptcy, Trump resigned as chairman of Trump Entertainment Resorts, retaining a 10 per cent stake in return for the use of his name.
That interest was wiped out in bankruptcy court when Icahn took over in March.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Kathleen Landry of Langley arrested in California with 38 kg of heroin - Update II

Kathleen Landry
MODESTO, Calif. - Police in Central California have arrested a Canadian woman allegedly carrying 38 kilograms of heroin after a police dog alerted his handler to drugs inside her pickup truck during a traffic stop.

The Modesto Bee reports 63-year-old Kathleen Landry, of Langley, British Columbia, was arrested Monday in Modesto.
In 2006 Kathleen Landry was granted approval to subdivide a 3.75 ha (9.26 acre) parcel into two lots of approximately 1.94 ha (4.79 acres) and 1.81 ha (4.47 acres) at 21350 - 2nd Avenue, Langley.

All contacts were given as Azura Management Corp. 604 536 7333, 604 536 2130. Mr. Ewen Stewart is the principal. The company has been active in Kelowna. The address for Azura Management, 15561 Marine Dr, White Rock, BC appears to be for Craftsman Tattoo Parlour. A second address, 3033 - 232 Street Langley, BC appears to be that of an enterprise called 'Backyard Vineyards'
It is not known at this time if there is any relationship to high profile Montreal Hells Angel Frédéric Landry-Hétu, 47

Frédéric Landry-Hétu faced 29 charges including drug trafficking, gangsterism and conspiracy to traffic drugs when he was arrested in March 2013. According to the Quebec government's list of most-wanted criminals, Landry-Hétu also faces 22 murder charges.

He is considered a highly influential Hells Angels member, not only in his chapter but throughout the organization.

Frédéric Landry-Hétu

This space is doing work on establishing a possible connection to the Dominican Republic. In early 2015 the Toronto Sun reported that many of Quebec's most wanted criminals were hiding there.

A biker gang by the name of Los Barracos in the Dominican city of Cabarete became an official chapter of the Hells Angels in 2009.
The White Rock Chapter clubhouse of the Hells Angels is located at 21764 - 61 Avenue, Langley, B.C.

Donald Trump to Father of Fallen Soldier: 'I’ve Made a Lot of Sacrifices'

In his first response to a searing charge from bereaved Army father Khizr Khan that he’d “sacrificed nothing” for his country, Donald Trump claimed that he had in fact sacrificed by employing “thousands and thousands of people.” He also suggested that Khan’s wife didn’t speak because she was forbidden to as a Muslim and questioned whether Khan’s words were his own.

Khan also chastised Trump for seeking to ban Muslims from entering the country, saying that his son, U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan, would not have been able to serve under a Trump presidency.

“Go look at the graves of brave patriots who died defending the United States of America,” Khan said, addressing Trump. “You will see all faiths, genders and ethnicities. You have sacrificed nothing and no one.”

Trump said: “I think I've made a lot of sacrifices. I work very, very hard. I've created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs, built great structures. I've had tremendous success. I think I've done a lot.”

Paul Rieckoff, the founder and CEO of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, a non partisan group with close to 200,000 members, called Trump's comparison of his sacrifices with those of someone like Khan "insulting, foolish and ignorant."

Images from Hells Angels 'Canada Run'

Bikers unload cake