Friday, March 11, 2022

Meatbag bus killer Tyler Newton busted again

A man who fatally stabbed a stranger to death on a Kelowna city bus in 2014 has been busted yet again. Tyler Newton plunged a knife into 55-year-old Caesar Rosales’s neck from behind in front of horrified passengers. Police say it was a random and unprovoked attack. Rosales bled out on the bus, dying before paramedics could arrive. Newton then ditched the weapon in some bushes and fled. He was charged with second-degree murder but pleaded down to manslaughter and was sent away for 7 years. (4.5 served) Newton had more than 50 criminal convictions.
Tyler Jack Newton

A psychologist’s report said that Newton had attacked Ceasar Rosales while in a state of 'psychosis' caused by heavy drug use.
5 years later and career bag of chit Tyler Newton was busted for a score of vehicle thefts and evading cops in a drug-fueled high speed chase.

Tyler Jack Newton

Caesar Rosales