Sunday, October 16, 2016

David 'Hammer' Macdonald Bringing Hells Angels to Nova Scotia

David 'Hammer' Macdonald
He’s well known in London as a longtime outlaw biker who helped change the criminal landscape of the city. Now, David ‘Hammer’ Macdonald is bringing the Hells Angels back to Nova Scotia.

Police say the London biker helped about 15 members of the Gatekeepers, a puppet club, move a key step closer to becoming full patch Hells Angels by awarding them hang-around status in June. The next step is becoming a prospect. With the Hells Angels moving into Ontario, Macdonald left his position as president of the London Outlaws and patched over to the rival club in 2001.

He took with him at least a half dozen other Outlaws, instantly consolidating the Hells Angels control over London’s drug trafficking trade. The Hells Angels had given an ultimatum to all Outlaws in Canada to join them or retire.
The Hells Angels lost their foothold in Nova Scotia in the early 2000s after police arrested most members. In 2013, Gatekeepers chapters began to surface.

In early June, one of those chapters held a welcome back party for the Hells Angels. Macdonald is originally from Pictou County, N.S., and is a frequent visitor to his grandfather’s residence in New Glasgow. Andrew Douglas wrote that about 12 of the new hang-around Hells Angels traveled to London in early May to receive the black vests carrying a red and white patch that reads London and signifies their status.

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