Friday, July 15, 2016

HA André Sauvageau Busted

André Sauvageau
André Sauvageau, 60, a leading member of the Quebec Hells Angels, was arrested while he was in a restaurant on the South Shore this morning. The Sûreté du Québec said Montreal’s Joint Regional Squad made the arrest as part of Projects Magot and Mastiff, joint investigations with the SQ into drug trafficking conspiracies run by the Mafia, Hells Angels and street gangs.

Sauvageau faces charges of gangsterism, drug trafficking, and instructing a person to commit a criminal offence. Two are still being sought: Jesse McCarthy, 39, of Montreal, and Patrick Williams, 41, of Mascouche.
Sauvageau was a member of the Rock Machine and was one of the first to become a member of the Hells Angels in Montreal in early 2000. He was sentenced to 26 months in prison in 2006 for conspiracy and drug trafficking.

Of all active members of the Hells Angels in Quebec, he is the only one not to have been charged in the SharQc operation.