Friday, July 22, 2016

Hells Angels 'Canada Run' - July 21st through 24th

Ottawa police are calling for backup to help deal with an invasion of hundreds of motorcycle gang members this weekend as the Hells Angels gather in Carlsbad Springs to celebrate 15 years in Ontario.

Insp. Michel Marin said Ottawa police are expecting at least 500 bikers to descend on the east Ottawa community between Friday and Sunday, and are counting on reinforcements from Gatineau police, Ontario Provincial Police and Sûreté du Québec.

"This is probably the largest gathering of motorcycle [gang] members ... in the history of Canada," Marin said.
Hundreds of Hells Angels from across Canada are descending on the nation’s capital for the club’s so-called Canada run, said the OPP’s top biker cop. “It’s a mandatory run. All Hells Angels have to attend,” Det. Sgt. Len Isnor head of the OPP biker-enforcement unit said.

Bikers are expected to begin arriving in Ottawa tomorrow for the four-day meeting, which is expected to include a large-scale ride. Members who don’t attend the gathering will face hefty fines from the club, Isnor said, adding the bikers use the face-to-face time to talk without the fear of police eavesdropping. The gang is expected to make its way to downtown Ottawa for a “family photo” on the steps of Parliament Hill.
Members of the public are warned not to approach the bikers, that they are “one-percenters”, a group who doesn’t care about laws or public safety.

The gathering is scheduled to run July 21-24.
The Hells Angels have chosen the Ottawa-area for a mass gathering of up to 1000 outlaw bikers. The event is expected to draw 390 HA members from across the country, as well as members of affiliated junior clubs including the Red Devils, Gatekeepers, 13th Crew and Iron Dragons from Eastern Canada, and the Tribal and Devil’s Arms clubs from the west.
Nomads 5th Chapter clubhouse is on Piperville Road, formerly 5416 8th Line Rd.The outlaw bikers, and members of their affiliate and puppet clubs, are expected to gather at the Nomad Clubhouse in Calsbad Springs for their “Canada Run” — an annual convention, of sorts. Every 4 years a major run is organized and all members are mandated to attend.
Trouble isn't expected as the Bikers know they are being watched carefully.
Ottawa police, with its partners, are putting together a police response for the planned event.

Similar runs in Saskatoon, where the last mandatory run was held in 2012, Langley, B.C., and Windsor, Ont. have all gone off without any major incidents in recent years.