Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hunting The Wolf: Where Is Hells Angel David Carroll?

Those looking for him have been coming up empty for a decade and a half. Canadian authorities and Interpol agents alike are entering their fifteenth year in search of infamous Hell’s Angels outlaw biker David (Wolf) MacDonald Carroll, one of the world’s most sought-after fugitives.

Carroll has been on the run from the law since 2001 when he was indicted in a Quebec court for drug-dealing, racketeering and murder, alongside his boss and close friend Montreal motor cycle gang kingpin Maurice (Mom) Boucher.

Involved in over a dozen gangland slayings, Carroll was one of Boucher’s primary enforcers and street lieutenants and a member of his Quebec Nomads Hells Angels chapter that exercised unilateral authority in gang affairs throughout Canada in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Maurice (Mom) Boucher

David MacDonald Carroll was born and raised in Halifax, and joined a local outlaw biker gang called the 13th Tribe, which eventually became the Hells Angels’ Halifax chapter.
Carroll would go on to become president. Personally recruited by Boucher, he came to Montreal in 1995 and was placed in charge of narcotics activity in the Laurentians.

He had a reputation as a capable killer. He became Boucher’s most trusted hit man, taking part in at least 15 murders.

Carroll was arrested and charged in the Lennoxville massacre – but was acquitted by a jury at trial.
The Wolf did a year in jail for running a prostitution ring in Montreal in the mid-1980s. He didn’t intend on going back. When he got word in early 2001 of a major indictment he dissapeared. When heavily-armed police spread out across Quebec in Operation Printemps to arrest dozens, they picked up everyone but David Carroll.

15 years later, they’re still looking for him.
One of his last-known sightings was in Australia in 2012. He’s rumored to be supporting his travels by setting up wholesale drug deals in the countries he’s visited.

Maurice (Mom) Boucher, 62, is serving life for ordering the execution of a pair of prison guards and won’t be eligible for parole until 2027.

The Nomads chapter - August 5, 2000, just months before 'Operation Springtime 2001'. From left to right top: Michel Rose (sentenced to 22 years), Donald (Pup) Stockford (sentenced to 20 years), Gilles (Trooper) Mathieu (sentenced to 20 years), Richard (Dick) Mayrand (sentenced to 22 years), Denis Houle (sentenced to 20 years), David (Wolf) Carroll (yet to be arrested).

From left to right bottom: Walter (Nurget) Stadnick (sentenced to 20 years), René Charlébois (sentenced to 20 years), Normand Robitaille (sentenced to 21 years), Maurice (Mom) Boucher (sentenced to life)
Information obtained by the Journal de Montreal indicates detectives visited David Carroll at his apartment in February 2001 less than two months before the arrest of Maurice "Mom" Boucher. The two officers and Carroll spoke for several hours about different topics, including becoming an informant and his take on incidents during the Biker Wars.

Over 130 members of the Hells Angels as well as Hells sympathizers were arrested across Quebec a month after Carroll's meeting with police.