Monday, July 4, 2016

Internet Black Widow Melissa Ann Shepard - Update

Melissa Ann Shepard the "Internet Black Widow" is scheduled to appear in Halifax provincial court today. Police have alleged the 80-year-old violated the terms of a peace bond in April after an officer spotted her using a computer at Halifax Central Library. Shepard was charged with three counts of breaching a recognizance, including a ban on accessing the Internet.
Less than a month after she agreed to abide by certain rules following her release from prison, an 80-year-old woman dubbed the Internet Black Widow has been charged with breaching those conditions.

Melissa Ann Shepard is accused of accessing the internet at the Halifax Central Library on Spring Garden Road, in violation of conditions imposed by a Nova Scotia provincial court in March. Shepard left prison last month after serving her full sentence for administering a noxious substance and failing to provide the necessaries of life to Fred Weeks, her newlywed husband. Weeks fell ill at a bed-and-breakfast in Cape Breton in September 2012, days after marrying Shepard.
Fred Weeks was given Benzodiazepine along with tranquilizers Lorazepam and Temazepam .

Shepard and her second husband, Gordon Stewart
Shepard has a long history with the law. From 1977 to 1991, she served sentences for more than 30 separate convictions for fraud.

In 1991, she was convicted of manslaughter and served two years of a six-year prison term after killing her husband, Gordon Stewart, on a deserted road near Halifax.

Stewart was heavily drugged when she ran over him twice with a car.
Another of Shepard's husbands, Robert Friedrich, died of a cardiac arrest in December 2002, just one year after they met on a dating site.

She was not charged in relation to the death of the 83-year-old, who left her tens of thousands of dollars in assets. Friedrich's sons alleged in a criminal complaint that Shepard had killed their father with a prescription drug overdose.
In 2005 she was locked up for five years after admitting five charges, including theft, against 85 year-old Alex Strategos, from whom she stole $40,000. He claimed Shepard spiked his ice cream which resulted in multiple hospitalizations.
Halifax police allege she is a high risk to re-offend. The Crown argued Shepard is a cold, calculating woman.

"People who have contact with this lady should be careful," said Chief Justice Joseph Kennedy during sentencing. "How do you deter Melissa Ann Shepard? Let's be candid — this will not be a long-term factor."