Saturday, July 16, 2016

Judge freezes Hell Angels East End and Kelowna clubhouses pending trial

Kelowna HA clubhouse at 837 Ellis St.
A judge has sided with the B.C. director of civil forfeiture in his ruling Friday to freeze the Hells Angels assets until the end of the trial, scheduled to start in May 2017. He rejected a bid by lawyers for some of the Hells Angels involved to allow the clubhouses to be sold “with the proceeds being free of any claims by the director.”
“Subject to this order, the defendants Hans Federick Kurth and Richard Christain Goldammer shall continue to enjoy their ordinary rights to use and possession of the Kelowna Clubhouse property pending disposition of this action.”

East End clubhouse at 3598 East Georgia Street
The bikers must maintain the condition of the clubhouses, keep the taxes up to date, and pay the mortgage and other bills associated to each property. They can continue to use both clubhouses.

The Hells Angels involved in the case must turn over some records about the biker gang, including “minutes of international, national and regional meetings,” and “any presently operative structural charts".

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