Tuesday, July 26, 2016

New Kelowna Gang small but dangerous - Kelowna Warriors

When RCMP arrested a member of a new street gang in Kelowna this month, it was a significant blow to the organization. “They are what we consider a low level street gang (present) only in the immediate Kelowna area,” police said. “You can count their members on two hands.”
The gang came to light last week when a cache of guns, drugs and a vest bearing an unfamiliar crest was displayed to the media by local police after a warrant was executed at a home in West Kelowna.

Tyson Bone was arrested and charged after multiple guns, weapons and drugs were seized from a West Kelowna home, along with a gang vest for the Kelowna Warriors.
The vest taken from the West Kelowna home included three patches, a central logo and the name of the city and gang above and below. “In order to wear the three-piece patch you have to get the consent of whichever outlaw groups control the area. In Kelowna it’s the Hells Angels.”

“One senior member has some past affiliation with the Manitoba Warriors,” he says. “They’re a well-established street level gang originating out of Winnipeg. They’re predominately First Nations.” Houghton however, stops short of calling the Kelowna Warriors a First Nations' gang.

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