Saturday, July 2, 2016

New Zealand Hells Angels Clubhouse becomes 'Pokemon Go' checkpoint

The Hells Angels have become unlikely participants of the new viral app 'Pokemon Go' after a New Zealand clubhouse was found to be a virtual checkpoint in the game. Avid fans of the latest cartoon sensation have been drawn to the Wanganui Hells Angels bikie gang clubhouse, on North Island, which features in the game as a 'PokeStop', a checkpoint where players visit to collect items.

Using your phone camera, the free app places Pokemon - fictional cartoon animals - in the world around you. PokeStops and Gyms are found at real locations such as monuments and historical markers, encouraging users to find them.
Pokemon Go users may feel enticed to pay a visit to the Hells Angels clubhouse in an attempt to pick up Pokeballs, eggs and potions - items that can then be used to battle other Pokemons. Users can only access the PokeStop if they are in a close enough proximity to the building, which means a bunch of New Zealanders could be getting up-close and personal with the burly bikers.

The NZ Herald said a man who answered the gate at the Hells Angels club did not know what Pokemon Go was, and said to 'go talk to the police.'