Saturday, July 23, 2016

Pokemon Go players sent to Coquitlam Hells Angels clubhouse

Hells Angels clubhouse, 1041 Burnette Avenue
Pokemon Go players wandering around Coquitlam have been arriving at the Hells Angels clubhouse, which shows up as a designated gym, meaning Pokemon Go players are expected to congregate there for battles with rival players. B.C.’s anti-gang agency said that it’s totally inappropriate for the popular gaming application to send people to the clubhouse of the notorious biker gang.

Rick Cianarello in the Coquitlam clubhouse.
Pokemon Go gym sites are locations in the game that are super-imposed on top of real-world landmarks. The landmarks are usually historical or high-traffic sites. Police have raised concerns about the safety of players staring at screens distracted as they wander around city streets.

Earlier this week, a player jumped onto the SkyTrain tracks to catch one of the virtual monsters.

The same thing happened in Toronto.

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