Friday, July 1, 2016

Tow truck owned by Oz HA Peter 'Skitzo' Hewat impounded

Peter 'Skitzo' Hewat
An associate of notorious Hells Angels bikie Peter "Skitzo" Hewat is being investigated over the shooting of a police facility in Melbourne this week. About seven shots were fired at the Victoria Police impound lot in Preston at 11.50pm on Tuesday.

A tow truck belonging to a company owned by Hells Angels Peter Hewat – who is currently in jail – was impounded beforehand. It was seized after the tow truck driver was pulled over by police and tested positive for methamphetamine. The anti-bikie taskforce raided Hewat's company, 888 Towing, in Craigieburn. Two associates were arrested and three stolen cars were seized.
Hewat was sentenced to 12 months' prison in March after he pleaded guilty to dealing in $250,000 worth of stolen truck parts. The court noted the East County sergeant-at-arms had been committing crimes for more than 40 years of his life.

One of his more infamous convictions was for assaulting and standing over a kind-hearted grandmother who had taken in Hewat's lost shih-tzu terrier. The woman had put out posters of the dog after she found it near Hewat's Craigieburn home in 2013. When Hewat claimed ownership, she demanded proof before she handed the dog over. Hewat tried to force his way through her front door and punched her when she blocked his way in.
Hewat's heavy haulage company was reportedly closed after he was taken into custody. Media contacted 888 Towing for comment. A man who answered the listed phone number for the company said he "knew nothing" about a police raid or shooting.

No one has yet been charged over Tuesday's shooting. The investigation is continuing.​